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‘Echoes Through Time’ By Eon, , Jamie Lee was born with a unique ability, but growing up, she didn't understand it. She would hear voices in her head, and see things that others couldn't see. Her parents and doctors believed she was suffering from schizophrenia, and she was given medication to help control her symptoms. But in doing so, also suppressed her powers. As she got older, she learned to suppress her powers herself, but it still caused her to experience hallucinations and delusions. She became isolated and withdrawn, and her condition angered her. She realized that the voices she had been hearing were the "Echoes" of these trapped souls. With her new understanding of her ability, she started using it to help these souls find closure and move on to the afterlife. One day, she discovered that she had the power to travel through the Horizon Of Time and enter the Ethereal plane, where she could communicate with the souls of the deceased. These souls were trapped in a state of limbo, unable to move on to the afterlife because they were holding on to something from their past. She started to use her ability to travel through time to relive the lives of the souls she helped, and she discovered that by reliving their past she could help them understand the reasons they were stuck and guide them to the afterlife.March 25, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Take My Heart It’s Yours’ By goodtidingss, , Take My Heart It's Yours is a story about how Laila and Amir met each other and got separated along the way with love in their hearts. Will fate be able to reunite these lovers?March 25, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘The Strange Breakdown of ARCH13’ By Jessica Russo, , A malfunctioning robot, Archie, is sent off to the Ariel unit that specializes in articulated arm repairs. Suddenly, Archie is sending out false error messages, requiring Ariel to make unnecessary repairs. When the tech department orders the shutdown of Archie, they discover much more than faulty programming.March 24, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Forget About It’ By Jay Floyd, , Step into a thought-provoking future where memory is redefined by technology. Join a couple as they embrace the latest memory-altering innovations, only to discover that the humanity of their relationship is at stake. In this gripping tale, explore the struggle between cutting-edge advancements and the timeless bonds of love and connection.March 24, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-dystopian short-story
‘The Patron Saint of the church ‘ By Kara Cueto, , Historical fiction with a woman protagonist.March 24, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘Sins Of The Father’ By DesdeMona, , Finally Raycene Elwars, has a man in her life that loves and accepts her he is Harrison Glenn. Also she has the name of the driver whom was driving the car that hit her when she was 7. She has spoken about finding this man or a family member and make them pay for all the unhappiness that has caused. But when she finds out that Harrison is the man's son. Will she make him pay for the sins of his father?March 24, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘THE PITCHFORK MYSTERY’ By JOEL MILLER, , An ex-New York detective finds himself pulled into a large Montana ranch murder.March 24, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-detective-mystery short-story
‘I Gave Jane Austen a Ride but I didn’t see Elvis’ By Anne Godden-Segard, , Learning to drive at 55. The author had always been terrified to drive. Then a family emergency reared its ugly head and she finally had to learn. It took a while. A long while. A really long while. First, she suffered the horror of wondering if she would fit her plus size in the driver's seat and the terror of the first Spring Day at a popular Lake Michigan Beach with skate boarders, kids, cyclists and dogs and then halfway through her lessons, she realizes that the emergency is in Tampa, and she lives in Chicago. Then when she was just about to run out of lessons, she got it. Now at 77 she is making up for not driving as a teen and blasting music; she is now a cool rock and roll chick.March 23, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘The Thin Blue Line: A Father’s Love in the Face of Crime’ By Josiah Hendricks, , The Thin Blue Line is a story of a father and son, and the struggles they face as the son gets deeper and deeper into crime. The father is a cop, and he is forced to confront his son's criminal activities head-on. As the story progresses, the father is faced with the difficult decision of whether to protect his son, or to uphold the law. In the end, the father proves his love for his son by fighting him, showing that a father's love can be stronger than any criminal activity.March 22, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-true-crime short-story
‘The Truth Hurts’ By T.B. Leigh, , Are we all hypocrites as some church folks would claim? Aren't we all human? Don't we all say one thing then do another? Well, the answer is no. Absolutely not. Modern day Christians are absolutely dumbfounded by what seems to be, to them, an overwhelming onslaught of utterly unwarranted and nonsensical attacks on their belief systems and freedoms. Especially climaxing in the past decade. The unfortunate truth is, these retaliations are neither unfounded nor senseless, but long overdue. The twist? By whom this eye opening and dramatic account of what's really going on in today's American church vs. the lost is written: A girl who has lived in the trenches of both. The lost and the believer.....a riveting story based on true events. And the truth hurts.March 22, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘The Fall of the Supercilious Girl’ By goodtidingss, , The Fall of the Supercilious Girl is about a girl who doesn't care about anything other than living lavishly and going to parties. She has a best friend, whom she took like a sister and loves very much. Fate brought Noor, a straightforward guy unto her path, but at the same time, she found herself in some mysterious chaos, will Noor be her guardian angel or her downfall?March 22, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-detective-mystery short-story
‘The House Across The Lake’ By Josiah Hendricks Josiah, , The lake was a peaceful place, with a small dock and a few boats bobbing in the water. But across the lake, something sinister lurked. There was a house, an old abandoned house, that seemed to have a dark presence about it. No one knew who lived there or why it was so quiet, but the locals knew to stay away. This is the story of the house across the lake, and the terror it brought to the small town.   March 22, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘C World’ By Eugene Nelson, , Over a hundred years ago the world’s populous turned to cannibalism and never looked back. Genetic food destroyed the world’s crops. Fossil fuels were gone before we were ready. And the world’s livestock died off virtually overnight. Now whole families roam the Earth like pack animals looking for any source of food, and sometimes that includes each other.March 22, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘Shades of Grey’ By Joseph Pike, , After the "racial wars" people are forced to intermingle so that all children will be born within a specific range of skin tone. Children born outside that range are destroyed for the good of society. One couple's child is born outside that range and they must escape to save their child.March 22, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-dystopian short-story
‘Crystal and the Dream Monster’ By colmanthony, , Crystal cannot sleep as she has problems at school and will not confide in anybody. Will a Dream Blanket purchased by her mother in desperation be the key to unlock her fears?March 21, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Claudia’s Secret’ By Cyn Shayf, , True tale of Life on the Road with domestic abuse. Witten in a graphic nature, ."Claudia" captures 19th century romanticism (think Frankenstein) as well as the 1977-78 era. Detailed violence in part #11 and the story becomes fiction, representing the character's one final stance.March 21, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘Ten Second Start ‘ By Randall Rydell Russell, , A successful, yet selfish real estate agent grieving over the death of his estranged daughter, is given the chance to seek revenge against her killer through a shadowy organization.March 21, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘Miranda & The Bad Tempered Badger’ By Joseph Ward, , I write The Miranda Adventures which are books with morals for children. I have written a trilogy and this is the third book. Miranda lives in the Lake District in England. Her parents built a cabin in the woods there after leaving their careers in London. Miranda has adventures in the woods with the animals who live there. In this story, Miranda meets a Badger family, the Squirrels and Moles from her last adventure Miranda & The Tell Tale Tortoise and an Otter.March 21, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-childrens-fiction short-story
‘The Reasonable Man’ By Brittany Danese, , A reasonable loan shark returns to the house of Bram Fitz demanding full compensation for his boss. When Bram is unable to pay the sum he is given a last chance to meet the requirements surrounding his loan. But first Bram must choose the boy, or himself.March 20, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘Shipwrecked into Fantasy ‘ By Vansh Malhotra, , Shipwrecked into Fantasy sails the reader into a mirage of imagination, fame and appreciation. It is a light-hearted and entertaining dream poem which describes how the poet, Vansh Malhotra, rejoices while performing on the stage as a celebrity while eating the attention and pride of the audience. But in the end, it is deemed a mirage when his mother’s voice wakes him up from his fantasy, and he realizes he is just an ordinary boy who has to start his daily routine on time. It is also comical to see how the poet got shipwrecked into fantasy that spilled water on his hopes and expectations. The poem uses oxymorons, metaphors, imagery and personification, which make it all the more fun.March 20, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Santa Meets Red Riding Hood’ By Vansh Malhotra, , An adapted version of The Red Riding Hood with a Christmas touch as Santa meets Red Riding Hood. Read the story to learn more!March 20, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-childrens-fiction short-story
‘Siri and Alexa ‘ By Vansh Malhotra, , Siri and Alexa:- two women trapped in electronic devices through their misconduct and bad behavior. They had a habit of troubling others all the time with nonsense questions. Now destiny has served them their fate. Read the story to know how!March 20, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘The Water Well’ By Same, , Matazlan, small village with one well the community gets their water from. So did 15 year old Pablo who was secretly in love with Anna who lived on the other side of the water well where they met everyday, but never spoke a word to each other. But something happens that changes all that which will leave readers rethinking their relationships.March 20, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Sleepwatcher’ By Alexander Engel-Hodgkinson, , A woman lives alone. She eats alone. She watches TV alone. She sleeps alone. But she may not be the only one in the house, and she's their only hobby...March 19, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘Body Dysmorphia’ By KT, , Rocking back and forth. It’s kind of therapeutic Trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. Picking at my scabs Do they really itch, Or do I just want to pick? I kind of want the scar. Just 10 more lbs. I’m currently at 185 lbs. I can’t remember the last time I was this small. Clothes fit me right, But I still want them big. Comfy and cozy. No one can see what I’ve achieved. I am proud of myself. It took a lot to get here. But I still feel incomplete. What else do I need to do? To feel okay with myself, And be able to fall asleep at night.March 19, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-self-help-personal-development short-story
‘The ET Eel Infestation’ By E. W. Farnsworth, , A male New York detective specializing in detecting and eliminating extra-terrestrial threats with the help of his female sidekick must find and successfully defeat a mysterious and lethal ET eel infestation.March 19, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Cold Shoulder, Green Ribbon’ By Laura Holt, , Beheaded and beguiling, this retelling of the 17th Century folktale The Girl with the Green Ribbon puts a fresh, feminist spin on an age-old story that reminds us to beware the witch of the wood, no matter how pretty her smile might be.March 19, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘The Game’ By Davide Seidita, , "The Game" is a short story inspired by the tragedy of the shipwreck at Cutro, in the province of Crotone, where 86 people, including 35 minors, lost their lives between Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 February. the survivors number around 80.March 18, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-history short-story
‘Knock Knock’ By Dr. Manjit Legha, , Children need to have fun! They love an adventure and if that adventure is in the form of a trick in the summer vacations, it becomes even more exciting and relatable. A story that sets children thinking, imagining and perhaps creating one of their own. This story is bound to take even the adult reader back to their childhood days.March 18, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-childrens-fiction short-story
‘My Ultimate Fate’ By Andy Murphy, , In the Iron Age there is break in the burial record. What if the secret of immortality had been discovered then? What would happen to people who could not die?March 18, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Unemployment survivor’ By David D. Kipeta, , A young orphaned-college graduate, talented in painting fights for employment but decides to work on his talent. He later on met a boss on one of the companies who helps him get employed in it while continuing his painting business.March 18, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-motivational-inspirational short-story
‘Growing body parts for added strength against the enemy at large’ By Keith Burkholder, , Someone who can grow body parts if they get shot off by an enemy.March 17, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Air raid warning cancelled’ By Kateryna Kulyk, , The price we pay when we hear "air raid warning cancelled". A story about a Ukrainian HeroMarch 17, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘A father’s Journey’ By Rodney Thrasher, , Trials and tribulations of a father of 2 and divorced.March 16, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘My Great Uncles Money Tree’ By Brian Sluga, , This story is of my great uncle and a magical oak tree. My great uncle Thomas knew his life had no guarantees, but Thomas communicated through rain and sun with that oak. Whilst not a normal tree, but one that brings a generous dose of fortune.March 16, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Deer Hunter’ By James White, , A story of my personal experience with Deer hunting and the spiritual awakening I had when I shot my last Deer.March 16, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-adventure short-story
‘First Hand Account’ By Maxwell Hoffman, , Farmer Forbes of Ancient Britain has observed the invasion of his town at the hands of the Roman Empire.March 16, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘Highwaymen’ By Mia Hoppel, , A woman takes a roadtrip through middle America, reflecting on the life she's leaving behind, the life she's going to, and the strange things that exist between here and there.March 16, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘Poem Portfolio’ By Jessica Rechani, , Here are five of my best poems that I have written for my poetry class in college.March 16, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-humor-entertainment short-story
‘Truly Wonderful the mind of a child is. ‘ By Małgorzata Wachowicz, , 12 years old boy want his parents to be together. He go to buy Lego bricks. It introduct butterfly’s effect.March 16, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘The Becoming Woman ‘ By Esther, , To empower the woman next to you is to understand her story before speaking. It’s to take the time to listen to her, comfort her, strengthen her, protect her in prayers and remind her of her absolute confidence. She is the woman you sit next to everyday and wake up to. She is the woman that continues to strive and excel to be complete in who they are. Behind bars or trapped by several surroundings and circumstances, women face seasons when they are concerned, as if they’ve lost their power and is deflated. Remember that you haven’t yet arrived; you are still on the journey and that’s the beauty of it. Whatever the reason of your present situations, know that there is light of divine, unconditional love. No matter the stagnation and what you are going through, this book releases you from within to experience and enjoy the absolute woman that you are.March 16, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-motivational-inspirational short-story
‘Λευτέρης’ By Λευτέρης Σταματακης, , Καλημέρα σας αναγνώστες του βιβλίου.March 16, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘TODAY’S JOURNEY TO MYSELF!’ By MURAT TAŞ, , I have always loved to travel from one possible place to another. Doing this gives me pleasure every time, as if I were traveling for the first time. Let my mood dry! Such is my nature... I am such a person. Speaking of travel, I always think and dream of sitting by the window and watching the outside... Sometimes, the morning sun that hits my eyes, which have succumbed to tiredness, comes to life in my memory.March 16, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-self-help-personal-development short-story
‘An Unconventional Family Saga’ By Shashank Singh, , It is a very emotional & inspiring story based on my family.March 16, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-biography short-story
‘The African Mother.’ By Reginè Perry, , The pregnant leopardess tossed herself into the moist earth of the savanna fields, like a radiating topaz shining bright in the calm whispering winds, apes with their long fingers smelling mimosa leaves and chewing on the twigs, the bison herd chewing the field grass merrily and the hippopotamus lazing in the thick sludge. The wild revolved peacefully. An olive-skinned poacher with his rifle spread fear with his movements, confidence gleaming in his eyes, he knew his catch was a golden mine. The secretary birds stayed still with their dilated pupils, apprehension spreading down their tails. Not for long, the wild felt restless, brushed swiftly into the golden grasses glowing under the sun, the radiant gazelles pranced into the coffee brown waters with glittering hoofs and frightening tremors. Before his hunt, an old man from a tribe told him that the African Mother will love everyone who respects her children and gift more love for those who hurt her. He now stopped for a sip of water for the dry winds chapped his lips. Legend holds that this land was the cradle of the African Mother, the mother of all our races; she wasn't a goddess with charms. Her skin was dark as the night and her smile made hundred freckles against her dry cheeks. She wore huge anklets that made loud sounds, her hair was grey - held by twigs and goldenrod flowers and her face had grey streaks flowing from her eyes. Some say she cried and cried when her children left the savanna lands and others say she wept immensely while breastfeeding the gazelles during the drought, she prayed to the gods to send rain before flesh left bones and bones left ashes. The leopardess was bleeding and she began to push her claws into the moist mud, the poacher knew this was easy. He aimed the heavy loaded rifle at the delivering leopardess while the rest of the wild fled with their heavy bellies, panic flowing through their spines. Three cubs were out covered in blood and mucus and their mother continued licking the slime off their faces and they began to mewl like helpless kittens; she didn't move - nor did she arch her back against the poacher aiming his weapon at her, she continued to stare right into his greedy eyes. Her tail curled against the cubs while she continued to look into his eyes. He was mesmerized with the golden sheen on her brown fur and the spots spreading all over. The leopardess' eyes gleamed, and from beneath these eyes, grey streaks flowed down to either side of her face, now looking placidly at the poacher. The leopardess had the very same streaks that the African Mother was known for. Could this be.....? His eyes met with rest of the wild, and he saw that they all had the same streaks of the African mother - the apes, the bison, the secretary birds, the gazelles, the hippopotamus and all the other animals. He let down his rifle gently and pushed it back. The leopardess sat patiently while the cubs began to snore against her warm fur. The African mother herself is everywhere in this wild; she probably wasn't a human or an animal but an omnipresent incarnation - to continue the breath of the wild, knowing every being in the savannah lands, the spirit of the wild itself. The poacher moved into the orange burnt skies leaving his rifle down the grasses as the wild revolved peacefully - with life, with breathing - with no bullets or tranquilizers. This is silence, but a chaotic silence.March 15, 2023Votealive-from-the-core anthology-program short-story
‘Broken And Amended’ By Angela Ashley, , Inspired by a true story. Broken and Amended is about a woman, Esther, who, after being broken, was amended and brought back to wholeness. Esther represents many women who go through various struggles in life, especially those in ministry. It's the story that both women and men experience in one way or another, but are ashamed to tell. This book is for those who have no idea how they will come out of their darkness. Readers will be inspired and empowered to bridge the gaps and put the pieces of their lives back together again. Everyone has a story, but life is about how you come out of the darkness and allow God to amend the broken pieces in your life.March 15, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘The Other Brother’ By christiana Perkins, , Anyone who knows Isabelle thinks she has a perfect life. A perfect doting husband, a perfect house on a cute little neighborhood, and she's blessed with incredibly good looks. Little do they know that Isabelle is really good at hiding. Hiding the bruises her husband gives her, hiding how lonely she really is, and how she cries almost everyday. She unexpectedly finds solace in her brother in law when her husband ends up in a coma after a terrible accident. Isabelle feels conflicted and guilty for feeling the way she does. She should be worried about her husband instead of enjoying the fact that he's not around and the company of his brother.March 15, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘We Unremarkable Few’ By Evan Sims, , Against all odds, a German soldier in WWI survives the First Battle of the Marne and walks through the ravaged landscape in search of safety. Wounded, dehydrated, and totally exhausted, he comes to a French farmhouse. The owner of the farm welcomes him with the business end of a shotgun. Will the residents of a country which he helped invade learn to trust their enemy, or will his body be added to the pile?March 14, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘Listen please! ‘ By Chris Metcalfe, , Tell me why you think you are good enough...March 14, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘My Sisters Gamble’ By Nancee Harrison, , My Sister's Gamble. Dianna had planned a life with Jerry. But his lifestyle had a different answer. Only after time did He come home for a life with Dianna.March 14, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘The Anxious House Officer’ By Meg Ray, , Alone. First time. And the young intern gets their very first call from the Emergency Department of the city's second largest hospital, bustling with all kinds of human pains and trepidations. "Dr. Ray, we have a case for you to review. Kindly hurry up because we have been trying to contact you for ages." Adrenaline courses through Megan as she scrambles to pull on her white coat and hurry down, worrying that even a minute late could be fatal for the awaiting patient. This is not what I had in mind, Megan thought, distressed as a stretcher rolls in front of her and the attendants look on expectantly. A deer caught in the headlights...March 14, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘Happy Are Those Who Mourn: The Paradox of Christian Joy’ By Jeremy Mallett, , As Aristotle might say, everyone desires to be happy. What confirms this is that Jesus, in his first public teaching about the kingdom of God on earth from the mountaintop begins with blessedness--happiness. "Blessed are the poor, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs." What is common to both of these approaches is they begin with the end. Therein lies the paradox. In order to be happy, one does not need to start off in tragedy, sadness, or grief. Happiness is not some long-term goal or achievement that comes only after many years of herculean labors. It is found in the tiny but correct first steps we take toward acceptance of the truth of human nature. The beatitudes, the teachings of Jesus from the mountain top, are not commands or ordinances directly regarding how we are to act. They are a description of a happy albeit broken mankind. The signs of our happiness are found in the places we do not like to look.March 13, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-religion-spirituality short-story
‘The Inheritance ‘ By j.worn, , A young man’s wife has quit him. He has inherited his father’s earthly possessions. Unfortunately, they are in Baja California. He has an exciting and unexpected time claiming his inheritance.March 13, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘God, Awake, Name’ By Envykat, , Three short poems; one about God, one about schizophrenia, and one about being trans. One to make you think, one to make you feel, and one to make you understand.March 13, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘A Slumlord’s Last Christmas ‘ By Rene Diedrich, , A slumlord with escalating concerns about his standing in a corrupt community and his own fading powers celebrates his final Christmas with his wife and the 3 stooges he has working for him. The rundown rentals he owns all over town are a source of money and power which he secures by way of said stooges who don't fix things or deal with property problems. They bully tenants and steal from the renters at their boss's command. Like the policy he's made for the rental units, the Slumlord's holiday traditions are best described as deviant. This includes hard drinking, reckless drugging and playing board games with the slumlord and his wife These people are genreally despicable and deserve a scrooge type nightmare, but this isn't how real life works. There is, if we're honest, rarely anything that resembles justice or even balance in this world if ours. Dark comedy prevails as the over indulged stooges make a mess of the day and their boss discovers his antics have not ever been punished because his wife never resents his tremendous transgressions because her life is so much better than it would've been with her own father a former stooge himself. Unnerving and unpredictable, this Christmas story careens into stranger contexts as the aging couple encounter storms, familial compromises and awareness of feelings they've blurred and betrayed as they've become estranged from their own humanity. Its a perverse story that makes one question our misguided delusions about life as the pleasures of the damned lead to what may be redemption Please note that it's hard to name a genre for this entry and you may revise my choice if necessary.March 13, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-philosophy-culture-sponsored-by-planksip short-story
‘The Thief And The Monk’ By Brechen MacRae, , Driven by desperation, an honest villager is compelled to climb a frozen mountain under the moonlight hoping to rob hunters or travelers. Little does he know that the only bounty awaiting him is a profound lesson in empathy.March 13, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-philosophy-culture-sponsored-by-planksip short-story
‘Mr. Beale’ By Denise Warner Gregory, , A young girl and her music teacher share a special bond.March 13, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-lgbtq short-story
‘Midnight Two-Step’ By Chere R. Hampton, , A woman, devastated and shocked by her husband leaving her earlier in the evening, goes to a bar for a drink and attempts to process what went wrong in her marriage. She meets a man in the bar who is also grieving a personal loss. Through sharing drinks, and a brief dance, the two make a connection that just might help them cope with and heal from their losses.March 12, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘The Willows’ By Kimberly Spransy, , The Willow's is a steamy LGBTQ+ thriller where nature exacts cruel justice for a young woman's father's careless progress. Grieving her mother's sudden death, Willow Green is attacked by nightmares and PTSD. Now an orphan, only Morgan (the love of her life) can soothe her bad dreams. Haunted by her past, reliving her brother's death, and the curious similarities that also took her mother and father's last breaths, she declares vengeance upon the lake and giant tree that possibly killed all three.March 12, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘The Blue Samsonite ‘ By Gwen Hicks, , When the contents of a blue Samsonite suitcase purchased at the weekly Friday night Amish auction are revealed, the game is on and where it leads is an even bigger mystery .March 12, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-detective-mystery short-story
‘Screaming Banshee Orgasm ‘ By Christopher Metcalfe, , Supernatural tale of a one night stand.March 11, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘The Truck Driver’ By Mona Helene Eidem, , Dette er en ferdig skrevet novelleMarch 11, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘How the world changes’ By Lee, , Diana, a twenty-year old freshmen college student, has been diagnosed with anxiety and now, she has to navigate how to cope while also in college for her teacher major. While there, she meet with a guy, Joe who is struggling with his behind the scenes and his classes as a sophomore. With the tutoring help from Diana and a support team, Diana and Joe will find love within each other and peace in the most lowest period of their lives.March 11, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘The Promise Land’ By Thomas Stewart, , In a broken, desolated city, a little boy dares to venture out into the quiet, dangerous outside world in search for a fabled amusement park.March 10, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-dystopian short-story
‘The Hybrid Queen’ By Scarlett Goldstein, , A girl who always had to run because of who she is finally gets her parents dying wish of living happily and not having to hide anymore.March 10, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Little Red Riding Hood’ By Michael Priv, , The old beloved fairy tale is set straight. Little Red Riding Hood marries Wolf, they have 18 hairy, well-behaved children together. Grandma marries the Hunter. They all live happily ever after. So, what is the story and who is the villaine, you ask? Suffice it to say, the message of this health-related fairy tale is not approved by the American Medical Association.March 10, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Mother Nature’ By Michael Priv, , A dead hanging flower pot outside your window, a pair of doves, a hawk, a family. What else does one need to unearth the path to happiness?March 10, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘Corridor’ By Martina Teeny Collender, , A young woman looks at how her mother is accepted into a pysch wardMarch 10, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘Escape from life in the fast-paced world’ By Keith Burkholder, , This gent wants to leave Earth. He is tired of his career and wants to leave and go to a new world.March 9, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘lost family in pandemic’ By naki, , It's been long I haven't seen my family and I haven't speaking to them for a long time ,I hope they will let me out so I can contact with my family.Ive got 4 kids and my miss is not healthy and she took my kids with her...March 9, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘What Life will take over Earth billions of years of from now?’ By Keith Burkholder, , What life will take over in billions of years? This is hard to say or even answer.March 8, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘House, not Home’ By Sasha Lu, , An empty house on a cold winter night that never seems to end leads a broken doll to contemplate the family that once belonged to this house and its relation to the house and the family. This short story was written as an abstract expression of queer trauma, particularly regarding one's sense of self, sense of family, ande sense of home.March 8, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-lgbtq short-story
‘Sparks’ By Evinee Tullos, , This is a short story of love between two people the feeling of love described.March 8, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Trapped on the A-Train’ By Ricky Colon, , The malfunction on the A-Train leads to a considerable amount of damage that causes the destruction of the train. A group of survivors band together to try and save themselves from this wreckage. With time running out, Rob who may be delusional, steps up to lead the passengers trapped on the A-Train to safety.March 8, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Rent’ By David Carroll, , A homeless man is awakened by a woman's screams as she's being abducted by persons unknown. Once she's snatched and removed in an SUV, the man attempts to return to sleep only to be questioned by an unlikely character. Will he do the right thing or return to his desired sleep?March 7, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-humor-entertainment short-story
‘The Ditch’ By David Carroll, , Gary's got a job working for county maintenance. He's required to dig a lengthy ditch the old-fashioned way, by hand. Along with another employee of the county, they dig until they're unexpectantly distracted. The Ditch presents a moral litmus test for anyone questioning man's integrity.March 7, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘One NIght’ By David Carroll, , A young girl is awake from sleep one night by her mother's screams during a home invasion. She's not sure what to do if the intruders come upstairs searching for riches. If only her father would come home before it's too late.March 7, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘How Groundhog saved Planet Earth’ By Alan barysh, , When the Supreme Court of Mars decides that Planet Earth presents a clear and present danger to the solar system they dispatch two Martians to the home of what they think is the home of Percival Z Fanowski a well know civil rights lawyer. However, for one reason or another, they arrive with the summons at the home of another Percival Z Fanowski who is not a lawyer but agrees to take on the caseMarch 7, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Two For Love ‘ By Rebecca North, , Marty was just going through life,part time vet tech and semi pro woman's hockey center position. Her best friend and teammate Shelly was all she needed,then ref Donnavan caught her eye and life was just about to get interestingMarch 6, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘The Robber’ By Sandy, , This story is about a man that went to rob in the night. He viewed the earth with a split viewing humanity in two races describing them as the Rich and the Unfortunate. However, they took him by surprise in the dark. He saw himself with the fundamental right to rob to strike a balanceMarch 5, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘The Blue Samsonite’ By Gwen Hicks, , Things get very interesting when a slightly used blue Samsonite suitcase is purchased at the weekly Friday night Amish auction and when opened reveals an arm with hand attached & $30,000 in cash.March 5, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-detective-mystery short-story
‘The Bargain Struck’ By Richard McFarlin, , A man’s wife has terminal cancer. At his wit’s end he walks away from the hospital to get some peace. He meets a peddler who offers him a bargain; a cure for his wife’s cancer for a favor later. The man agrees, but was he ready for what the little peddler really wanted?March 5, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘Pretty Letters in a Row’ By Nichole Allen, , A young woman, on vacation with a friend, falls in love with a married man. Their love spans over twenty years - primarily through love letters. Do they find one another again?March 5, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Hotel DelMar’ By Marie Colicchio, , Turn of the century romance.March 5, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Autumnborne’ By TaiYaunna Burress, , Sienna has been raised to take over the role of dignitary of the Autumnborne ever since she was 7, but will she continue following her fathers orders after finding out a deceitful secret?March 4, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘A sense of fulfillment ‘ By Laurie Mistretta, , The creatively of making a kite to the physics of flying a kite, many philosophical lessons were taught.March 4, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘Naked Eternity’ By Jose Flores, , After a man’s mother dies he is left alone with no wife and no other remaining family members he decides to take a chance and move to Los Angeles to try and find some kind of meaning. This short story is a dive into the life of a horribly miserable man with a twist ending that will leave you existential and morbid.March 4, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Watch out you get what you think about NOT what you wish for.’ By Claribel Ramirez, , In life you marly must forget about wishing upon a star those are fairly tales story that do not come true unless you are constantly thinking and that wish became a true desire in your daily life. A person becomes what he thinks about day in and day out. Just as you are what you eat in the same way you become what you think. Let me show you this verse in Proverbs 23:7 (KJV) For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; But his heart is not with thee. Today you might wish upon a star but tomorrow you are thinking that the wish you have will never come to pass, you just said in your mind and the day after you think the same thing consciously or unconsciously it doesn’t matter you attract what you think. Here I can show how to figure out the negative patterns and how to turn it around for your own benefits one day a t a time. Jump from the negative patterns that are here to trap you and keep you captive into a freedom state of mind soul and body guide by the spirit with in and without you, he is here to help you all the day of you life. You are not alone.March 4, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-motivational-inspirational short-story
‘Room at the Table’ By Michelle, , There's enough oom at the table for all women to dine at the same time.March 4, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-motivational-inspirational short-story
‘Smell of burning flesh’ By Jack White, , Cop deals with the death of 10 children and one adult in a murderous arson fire.March 2, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘The Wolf in the Wood’ By Harold Straugh, , A nice farmhouse, continuously goes up on the market, until one day Michael and his dog Wiley buy the place. With acreage, woods and a barn, it was the fresh beginning Michael needed. There was always something off about the woods on the property, Michael always got the heebie-jeebies when he looked into the woods and Wiley never went into them. One night, a creature came a knocking on his door and after that his world was turned upside down.March 2, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘The Rise Of The Black Gods And Goddessss’ By Latoya Barnett, , When The god became who they once were from the beginningMarch 2, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘The Army’s Original non- Camouflaged Tank’ By Dan Rogers, , Semi- celebrity Gregory Sparks is tired of the whispers he can feel. "His wife left him." "No wonder he drinks so much." " Ain't he pitiful?" His wife really hated his long hours, low pay, and car! She called it a POS. he called it 'the Army's Original Non- Camouflaged Tank'. His old haunts have become tiresome. He tries a new watering hole. And there is a waitress with a flower ( don't ask the name of it-he can't remember) behind her left ear. After the two for one pitchers of beer special and a plate of cheese fries something interesting happens.March 2, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Savage tales of Vanhellmont book 1’ By nathan B maldona, , Prologue in the beginning second account in the beginning when God created man and woman the first created man the man we all know as Adam after God created Adam he gave to him apartments domination over all his creation and the garden of Eden as a home to attend it and keep it but God gave one restriction Genesis 2:16 17 and the Lord God commanded the man saying of every tree of the garden you may freely eat but from the tree of knowledge of God and evil and you shall not eat or in the day that you eat of it you shall Shirley die Adam would know what it meant to participate in evil and the results would be banished and death is separation from God 6 months has passed since God has created Adam s 218 24 and then the Lord God said it is not good that man should be alone I will make him a helper compatible to him out of the garden the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every bride of the air and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them and what ever Adam called each living creature that was its name so Adam gave names to all cattle to all the birds of the air and to every beast of the field but for Adam there was not found a helper compatible to him and the Lord God cause a deep sleep to fall on Adam and he slept and he took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh in its place then the rib which the Lord God had taken from man he made into a woman candy brought her to the man and Adam said this is now bone of my bones and flesh of My flesh she shall be called woman because she was taken out of man therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and they shall become one flesh and then the Lord God said to Adam and Eve now that you too are one flesh you will be known as Adam and Eve of VanHellmont.March 1, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘The Girl in the Bird Cage ‘ By Erycka Dorean, , Metaphorically speaking, one in a cage cannot fully express who they were always meant to be. A caged bird sings a different song than a bird living freely in its natural habitat. Just as a woman who was once caged by domestic violence, me, could've never lived to my fullest potential, raising my daughters peacefully, until I was set free.March 1, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘Putting the Heart Back in Healthcare’ By JM Donnelly, , My true life experience about navigating the healthcare system as a disabled person. I also have some tips for other disabled people. using the healthcare system and how kindness and caring from a healthcare professional can make all the difference in persons over well-being,March 1, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-health-wellness short-story
‘Scarred ‘ By Tina, , My survival of being scalped with a 6 inch fillet knife, by then, boyfriend and my journey of PTSD suffering surgeries , nightmares of the attack and physical therapy memory loss and brain damage, while he went to prison ,I had to find strength within myself the situation left scars physically and mentally but taught me patience and forgiveness and most of all taught me strength within myself and to help others understand domestic violence.March 1, 2023Votealive-from-the-core anthology-program short-story
‘How Groundhog Saved Planet Earth’ By NA, , After seeing that the environmental crisis on planet earth might evolve into a crisis that might involve not only the solar system but the universe the highest court on Mars decrees a death sentence for this planet. Realizing the defendants need a good lawyer the Martians dispatch two Martians to give Percival Z Fanowski a well-known civil rights lawyer. However, due to some sort of mistake, they serve the summons to the wrong Percival Z Fanowski a fellow with the moniker of Groundhog. Will Groundhog take the case? Will he save this planet? Find out in How Groundhog Saved Planet EarthMarch 1, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘The Painted Mirage’ By Vashti, , Rachel is a young lady just trying to please her family and pursue her dreams. However, it seems impossible to do both without guilt, struggle or sacarfice. Rachel will soon learn things are not what she perceives it to be and she will have to make tough choices. Will they be to pleased her family or achieve her goals? Find out in the Painted MirageMarch 1, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘Old Friends’ By Steve Raws, , 3 friends reminisce about growing up together.February 27, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘First wake’ By Gloria James, , About a young girl left behind to live with her grandmother discovering her spirituality and describing how she began her journey growing up in church in her first experience with death in the black church the rituals and discovering that she was / is a church girl.February 26, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-religion-spirituality short-story
‘A Gentle Rain ‘ By Ladyk, , As contemplates become overwhelming in every aspect of my life. I suddenly feel a tranquility of peace surrounding me .Jeremiah 29:11" For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you plans to give you hope and a future, I walk by faith because of my assurance. In my higher power I confide in him all my burdens, fears and struggles. I embrace a sense of serene. A gentle rain to ease the pain;A gentle rain in this quiet storm A gentle rain against my windowpane. As I reminisce over the sentiments I prefer to keep hidden inside. A gentle breeze of sun soothes me. A gentle wind blows me away. A gentle rain to cleanse the stain.As I look into your eyes I feel your innermost and outermost admiration. I'm intrigued by your relentless attitude. A gentle rain pours down like tears of joy whenever I'm alone with youFebruary 26, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-motivational-inspirational short-story
‘HES GOT PAPERS ON ME’ By Ladyk, , As I contemplate how deep.. The devotion between us means it .defines the monogamy we share.between these sheets. I'm assured in my mind,body and soul. That you have everything I need and want he's taken me away from my priorities and commitments he's got papers on me. Something like twisted and vindictive. Hes got papers on me physically, mentally and sexually he's got papers on me financially, verbally, and emotionally. He's got papers on me I only exist in his thoughts. He's got papers on me my love for you enhances my visions of understanding he's got papers on me. Whenever I'm alone with him I crave your bitterness my baby boy he's got papers on me. Until the point of self control he's got papers on me at times I feel trapped please untie the chains of bondage he's got papers on me I must break away to be set freeFebruary 26, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Kingdom of Forbidden Dreams’ By Camryn Abigail, , In a kingdom lives a teenaged princess who have the ability to dream the future. In a kingdom where dreams are forbidden.February 25, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘”Greetings from shvibzik,”.. ‘ By Stan Strikolas, , Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia tells the Contemporary people of today, the story of her life. Gives the reader two myths to believe in.February 25, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘Scorpion in a Gauntlet’ By Dean Baxter, , Marie Avanti Gillette-Ying, also known as Scorpion, was a Countess in the UAE (United African Empire) and somewhat of an adventurer. The Crown dispatched her to quell a terrorist cell that was causing deadly problems in a mixed colony of humans and extraterrestrials.February 25, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘This Ain’t What You Want’ By Terry Davis, , Lifelong friend zone tenant, Rico finally gets his chance to ditch the "zone", but another "friend" places an interesting problem for him to solve before he can succeed. Question is, does he really want to?February 25, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-humor-entertainment short-story
‘My life’ By SISI Simon, , Becoming 30February 24, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘What is happiness’ By Sisi Simon, , Lost in america in 2023February 24, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘Heaven took another soldier’ By Sisi Simon, , My uncle died this month. Goal keep chasing my dreams. I dedicate this art of words to him. 302 views on all I miss him so muchFebruary 24, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Note to myself’ By Sisi Simon, , Note to myself. I wrote playing as it was Harry stylesFebruary 24, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Feb 14 2023’ By Sisi Simon, , My 1st valentine that is not family .February 24, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Dear Depression’ By SISI Simon, , Living with depression over 20 yrs.February 24, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘Jimmy’ By Paige Lohr, , An essay about my life so farFebruary 24, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-self-help-personal-development short-story
‘Burned To A Crisp’ By Evangelina Chavez, , The handsome young Sheriff must use his quick-thinking with his best friend to find who could have burned his house down and killed his wife, before the criminal takes his three year old daughter as well. Little does the Sheriff know, sometimes it isn't the ones who are strangers to you but rather the one who is the closest that will destroy the people they love...including themselves. Can he solve the case before it is too late?February 23, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-detective-mystery short-story
‘Secret Of Time’ By Ace Camacho, , Have you ever thought of time travel? All it takes is one thing to go right. A man driven by love and science forces himself to discover time travel. David has found the one thing to turn his life around, time travel. The ideas run through his head but all he thinks about is the love he lost. The love that drove him to be the person he is. He keeps going back but his body can't take the physical toll of time travel. Can he get the girl he loves back? Or will his obsession grow to the brink of self-destruction?February 23, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Love story’ By Chris streiff, , About a girl in Houston that meets a man on vacation and ends up moving to California! Good story about life, troubles and triumphFebruary 23, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Cheaters ‘ By Freedom writer, , Two married couples finds joy in each other’s companyFebruary 22, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘The Amish Christmas Carol’ By Eli Beachy, , Christmas Eve, so long ago, in the valley I called home. With the people of tradition, Our People, that year when some knucklehead decided to do something new. It was the year we all learned to fear change.February 22, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-humor-entertainment short-story
‘THE UNTAMED ‘ By Simba, , The untamed. A story reflecting about our reality in a much creative way. A story of two distinct characters who are going through pain in life. The pain moulds one character and destroys the other character(s). The untamed is themed on parenting, misery, education among other themes. An interesting read, it is.February 21, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘The Story Teller’ By Tobin Frost, , A young writer suffering writers block wonders into a book store where he meets an old regular. The old man engages the young man and tells him magnificent stories that intrique and horrify him.February 20, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Favorite Words’ By Brenna Franklin, , A collection of poetry based on my favorite words and the romance of the seasons.February 20, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘The Boogeyman ‘ By Hopie, , Students face off with a villain, all too stubborn to give up on the fight. He shows them how strong he truly is with chance of winning.February 19, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘My imperfect yellow ‘ By Tyran Lee Ingram, , What it was like to be able to come out, with a shade, that helped a lot of people.February 19, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘Phone Calls ‘ By Calcifer Benitex, , A childhood friend, an artist walking down the street, a little girl in a supermarket aisle, or a football player in love. Human beings are what this radio host covers. He talks to distant listeners in the dead of night about the conditions of life and love and ends up meeting an oddly familiar stranger.February 18, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-lgbtq short-story
‘The Painted Mirage ‘ By Vashti, , The story of Rachel, a young mother in a relationshp with the father of her 3 children who controls her with his money and abuses her with his mouth. What can Rachel learn about herself from this expereine? Will she leave? Will Racchel stay? How will this impact Rachel's 3 children? Can Rachel continue smiling although she feels like she want to cry?February 18, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘A Million Dollar Baby: An Essay About Self-Worth’ By Laura Moseley, , This is about how people perceive their worth after being in a relationship with a narcissist, but what they are actually worth without them.February 18, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-philosophy-culture-sponsored-by-planksip short-story
‘Experiencing Extra Terrestrial Life on planet Earth’ By Keith Burkholder, , John saw extraterrestrial life on planet Earth. This amazed him greatly.February 18, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘The Poet’ By John Nuck, , Whilom, upon the pilgrim's path to Canterbury, there journeyed a fellow, a most curious soul, whose tale was lost amidst the japes and jests of Chaucer's band of merry travelers. He was a man of slight stature, with eyes that shone bright like the stars above, and a voice that rang out clear as a bell. He walked with a lightness in his step, as if he carried no burden save that of his own thoughts. And yet, beneath his gentle demeanor lay a wisdom that belied his years. This humble pilgrim's journey, though forgotten by many, was no less wondrous than those of his more famous companions, and his tale was one that could have brought tears to the eyes of even the most hardened of listeners.February 18, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘The Day Technology Died’ By Lauren Evans, , Dani is a young girl like any other who lives her life day by day. She goes to school, goes to work, does her homework, sleeps, rinse and repeat. But one day, that had to stop. The day technology died. Dani was prepared. The rest of the world was not.February 18, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘How Groundhog Saved Planet Earth’ By Alan Barysh, , The Martian equivalent of the World Court decrees that Planet Earth poses a great danger to the universe. After deciding that this planet deserves a trial the Martians go to Planet Earth and give a summons to Percival Z Fanowski (AKA Groundhog) even though they have confused this Percival Z Fanowski with another world-famous civil rights lawyer. Against all odds, Groundhog agrees to take the case and using the examples of political trials to try and save the planetFebruary 17, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘How Groundhog Saved Planet Earth’ By Alan Barysh, , When the Martian Supreme Court equivalent decrees that Planet Earth is not fit to be a planet, and decrees a death penalty on this planet, Percival Z Fanowski (AKA "Groundhog ") is chosen to defend this planet. Even though the Martians have confused this Percival Z Fanowski with a famous political activist lawyer, Groundhog has the plan to turn this trial into the equivalent of a political trial.February 17, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘There Came a Knocking’ By DJ Robbins, , A man discovers a leprechaun standing at his door and the leprechaun gives him an opportunity to reunite with an old friend if he has the courage to step out his front door.February 17, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Easter Dinner’ By G.M. Kidder, , It's Easter Dinner at Grandmother Cataldi's house. Myra Cataldi and her best friend Father Benedict navigate the damaged roads of beginning again at middle age. Surrounded by Myra's family, these best friends find the fun in-between the obligation and devour conversation like they do their cheesecake.February 17, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘RAP in the City’ By powerhouse, , The story is of a character 'Balloz who is entangled in a dispute over money he got from a show overseas. The government wants a share of his money, which cost him his life. His death remains a mystery as Mutua investigates this mysterious death. The organize a music event in honor of the fallen rapper/CEO of Black Prime Entertainment.February 17, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘Letters to my love.’ By Bentee, , A series of unfortunate events.February 17, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘Somebody cares’ By Sunday Bostick, , Children’s storybook Living and loving during Covid! family dancing Singing and fun coping with what we saw on TV The displaced families In The War in Ukraine! Our prescription for making a difference in the world!💖💪🏽😎🌈💐💝👍🏼February 16, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-motivational-inspirational short-story
‘Mannequin heads that keep corpses alive in a morgue’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about how mannequin heads keep corpses alive in a morgue.February 16, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Familiar’ By C.A Helmling, , A boy recieves his grandfather's grimore from his parents estate after their deaths and attempts to summon a familiar. It does not go as planned.February 16, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘The Irish Letter’ By Steve Darnell, , Historical fiction about the rebellions in Ireland in the 1800's. Follow the secrets the letter holds on the upcoming revolution.February 15, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘You Should Smile More’ By Oma Ann, , Becca is always being told she should smile more; that she'd be so pretty if she just showed everyone her pearly white teeth. None of them understand. There's a reason she doesn't smile, that she barely talks; and the more the goad her, the more she wants to show them exactly what they're missing out on.February 14, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘Herny The Night Wolf ‘ By Tyshondra Barnes, , My story is idea is turning my story into a horror film which is about a young teenage boy who was born in a small town and raised by his parents. He was an only child turned out to be good kid and as he got older he started getting bullied mistreated and feeling unwanted in addition, He started practicing witchcraft . He started getting into deep into the dark world and became obsessed with werewolves until he became one moreover, Killing off his rivalry yet others.February 14, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘If I Could’ By Conner Toy, , A young child wanting to change her dysfunctional family to a safe and secure one with mother and father.February 13, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Dancing Together’ By erika oney, , Brianna is a goal-oriented dancing teen. Jacob is the popular, soccer captain wanting to be a hip hop dancer. Shardeena is the bully who doesn't like the fact that Jacob likes Brianna instead of her. Brianna thinks she is in heaven being with Jacob, until she realizes that she has been putting her dreams aside in the process. Each kid has their problems. Can each kid's problem be fixed to where they can be friends?February 13, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘Blades of warriors book 2 the black death 1346’ By Nathan B Vandrick, , Two elves 4 enchanted swords and one known enemy and an army of monsters when the evil bloodthirsty wizard arrived in Europe in 1346 now controlling the devil's stone bounding that to the stuff of elements and the water relic of the elements now bound to it as well, Europe lays waste to all that stands in his way, the red wizard creating and controlling armies of dragons hordes of monsters and now bringing sickness and death to the hundreds of thousands of millions of people in Europe "the black death" and the Mediterranean seas . Zandar Vandrick an elf ranger alongside him, his rogue brother Zad Vandrick and their trusted companions find themselves in a wasteland of destruction, sickness and death, their blades hack and Slash and their feet trample the wastelands of Europe even they may not survive the black death of 1346 and the Wizards army.February 13, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Blades of warriors staff of elements and a legend of two brothers’ By Nathan B Vandrick, , an epic adventure full of sorcery magic and chaos with unknown races and creatures only our dreams and imaginations could bring to life the, staff of elements ends up in the wrong hands of an evil wizard as he builds an army of dragons creatures and henchmen to do is bidding on his quest to conquer the 11th and 13th century of Siberia, Russia and Asia "main character" Zandar, teams up with multiple races throughout his journey battling giant beasts and creatures created by the Wizards sorcery and black magic , zandar's journey begins in the 11th century in a city deep below the surface of Siberia known as Shadow city.February 12, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Broken Hearts Mending’ By Phillip Maynard, , From childhood to Marine Corps back and forth till home all in three months for nothing. The bad ways hurting feet can become a horrible experience of disbelief and pain.February 11, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘I Need Your Love’ By LuLuTibz, , Husband and wife grow apart because of the demands of his professional life. Can they ever be back to what they once were?February 11, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘The Power of Letting Go’ By Charismaenigma, , This captivating story follows a woman on a journey of self-discovery as she learns to navigate the complexities of love, loss, and letting go. Through her struggles, she discovers the true power of love and the ability it has to heal even the deepest wounds and bring joy back into her life.February 11, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Water in the Desert: A Journey’ By Hannah Marie., , A small business owner flips the weakness in her body and emerges into a passion for cooking by growing a bakery. Baker Heather Dillard’s body rejects itself and she has a brush with death, but she refuses to let that stop her. She learns about healing through foods and shares her own recipes in books and baking. Her vision for the future continues to grow, and she refuses to submit to the conventional, striving to push beyond barriers.February 11, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-motivational-inspirational short-story
‘The Cure for the Common Cry’ By Jerico Olivari, , In the near future, a young adult reflects on the events following the scientific proof of no afterlife, which led to the mass suicide of religious fanatics across the world. This insightful look at the power of groupthink showcases the flaws—and triumphs—of the human condition, creating a future carved out of patterns and natural progression of the human race.February 10, 2023Votedystopiananthology-program contest-category-dystopian short-story
‘Shadow Hunter’ By Susan Murrie Macdonald, , Why do cats hunt shadows? Why were cats worshipped as gods in Ancient Egypt?February 8, 2023Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Human Behavior Being Controlled by Imaginary Forces from the Heavens’ By Keith Burkholder, , The heavens are controlling human behavior in this story.February 8, 2023Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Feral Pigs’ By Charlene Mertz, , Wild pigs seeking Enlightenment --or vice versaFebruary 7, 2023Voteliterary-fictionanthology-program contest-category-philosophy-culture-sponsored-by-planksip short-story
‘For Love Or For Granted’ By EC McMillan, , A couple's life has a terrible life changing development when one is arrested for embezzlement. But while one is incarcerated the other has move on with his new life. Years later Terrence has been released only to find that Luka has a new lover. Will Luka chose his past or stay in his new relationship?February 6, 2023Votelgbtqanthology-program contest-category-lgbtq short-story
‘The Leapling’ By EC Mcmillan, , An Urban Legend creature that is said to return every Leap year to terrorize anyone born on such an odd date, February 29th. If IT chooses you, you have 24 hours to try to defend for your life. Can you survive ITs' terror that seems unstoppable. It dares you to try!!!February 6, 2023Votemystery-suspenseanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘test test test’ By test, , test test test test test test test test test test test test test test testFebruary 6, 2023Votebiographies-memoirsanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Frigid’ By Mike R. James, , Pete Meyers is on a desperate journey! A homeless man who slept beside the Taco Bell dumpster in frigid temperatures. Now he must drag himself through to find warmth and help.February 6, 2023Votehorroranthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘A new life for the dead as planet Earth revolves around the sun’ By Keith Burkholder, , A new life for the dead in our universe as it is.February 6, 2023Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘The Number Tattoo’ By Hank Landry, , The Number Tattoo Synopsis In the middle sixties a young altar boy encounters a priest unlike any before. While the altar boy has always been infatuated with WW ll he has never heard the story this priest has lived. The priest is past the age and health of maintaining a parish full time. He is sent from one parish to the next giving relief to pastors as they take vacations and sabbaticals. A friendship develops over two summers between the priest and the young altar boy. Each day during summer Hank rises early to serve daily mass at his local parish four blocks from his home. Father Hickey, from Ireland, takes his annual trip home leaving the parish in the hands of Father Fenstad. While he is a caring priest, he cannot carry out his duties due to an injury he suffered as a young man in his homeland of Poland. One morning, after mass, Father Fenstad shows Hank something that is said in Latin each time the prayers of consecration is said. Hanq Igitor. Hank is told this word is his name in Latin. It is a part of the mass that can never be changed. The good father tells Hank he has been chosen. His name can never be taken from the prayer of the mass. Upon Father Hickey’s return for Ireland, Father Fenstad returns home. Hank is told that the visiting priest was touched by Hank for his service on the altar. The newly refreshed pastor tells Hank of Father Fenstad injury and why he is burdened physically. A year passes and the visiting priest returns as he did the summer before. The friendship of the altar boy and the priest is renewed and continues to grow. Near the end of his stay the priest arrives at church for morning mass in pain from his injuries. Hank must be his legs and stand by the priest side on the altar for mass to be performed. Miracles take place during the mass. Once mass is concluded Father Finstad relates to Hank the tragedy that befell him as a young man, and that of his kid brother as well as they were captive in the Auschwitz prison during the war. It is gut wrenching, and the two share the experience that will now affect both of their lives.February 5, 2023Votemiddle-gradeanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Skyline’ By Alison Mead, , A woman finds solace in a seaside town on the Kent coast. She has endured an impossible relationship with her abusive partner and is now free of it. Or so she thinks. On night her finds her and takes her hostage. She is found on the shoreline the next day, barely alive. A long stay in the local hospital and she recovers both body and mind slowly and with caution. The detective assures her the abuser is safely behind bars and she leaves the hospital with caution. Her life alone is ahead of her and she cherishes her freedom. But always in the remote past is the dark possibility that he will find her once more.February 5, 2023Votemystery-suspenseanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘A Shot Across The Bow’ By scott winkler, , life as seen and experienced by a young man named Beuaregard in late 21 st century US city on east coast ravaged by a nuclear bomb about 5 yrs prior. this community and the wider world are coming apart . Society is heavily surveilled by the government , disintegrating socially, economically , crime is run amok, the ground emits radioactive heat and climate change from above. the government has a terrible dirty secret that Beauregard finds out the hard way when it directly affects his mother. he Beauregard, unwittingly participates in this dehumanizing government program to thin the ranks of the elderly, which is the final straw, leading him to fight back against the machine.February 5, 2023Votedystopiananthology-program contest-category-dystopian short-story
‘Play the Fool’ By A’One Poetry, , This is talks about the other side of a motivation coin. It inspires the reader to find inspiration from within themselves.February 3, 2023Votehumor-entertainmentanthology-program contest-category-motivational-inspirational short-story
‘Love is a myth (Poems)’ By Blessing Mhlanga, , What happens when we don't take a chance to love? or when we love and get hurt? Is love a chance worth taking or it's a pain to avoid? From the gaze of charm to the warmth of its embrace, love is a story that can recreate the universe instantly. But also, it can destroy it in a blink of an eye.February 3, 2023Voteromanceanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Dead people that can communicate with dogs only’ By Keith Burkholder, , The dead are able to communicate with dogs in this story.February 2, 2023Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Your Disability Doesn’t Affect Your Ability’ By Arthur Mitchell, , It’s about me growing being diagnosed with an eye disease at the age of 6. I was visually impaired. I was bullied , rejected, and I was able to turn my pain into purpose to now help people find their purpose through hearing my story. Understanding that your disability doesn’t affect your ability.February 2, 2023Voteyoung-adultanthology-program contest-category-motivational-inspirational short-story
‘The Creative Alien that is a known writer in the solar system’ By Keith Burkholder, , This alien is known as a writer in the solar system. He is known for such creativity.January 31, 2023Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Brain function controlled by alien life form’ By Keith Burkholder, , Brain function of humans controlled by alien forms.January 30, 2023Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Portrait of a Blue Sun’ By Ichabod finch, , A collection of poems from a Ghanaian girl who the passion to love and the will to keep at bay, the world and everything in it. These poems paint a picture of what goes on in her heart and mind and untie the psyche of a melancholic phlegmaticJanuary 25, 2023Voteyoung-adultanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘The Danger of silence ‘ By Ajibola Mafikuyomi, , It is about the experience as an immigrant and the effects of immigration on children in our society today.January 22, 2023Voteyoung-adultanthology-program contest-category-motivational-inspirational short-story
‘Something a Lie Becomes the Truth’ By Lucy Hughes, , In a world where you are ageless from the day you turn 18 until you find your soulmate, some people will do everything in order find or not find their 'other half'. Some decisions make a reputable amount of sense, but Ashleigh's makes not a lick of it. Faced with Nick, the person with whom she shared the greatest friendship of her adolescence, Ashleigh reciprocates his declaration and feelings of love... as far as he knows, anyway.January 17, 2023Voteyoung-adultanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘Alive again after being in the comatose state’ By Keith Burkholder, , He is alive and again after being in a comatose state. His mind continues to work while in this state.January 17, 2023Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘The Last Train ‘ By Niki Hatzidis, , A young woman narrating her family's journey from north Florida to higher ground. She describes walking with other climate refugees, staying in camp in Georgia and what happens when desperate people reach their limits. She ends up on her own, trying to get to a train station in Tennessee where there have been rumors that there are trains taking refugees to Illinois. But there is also a rumor that there will only be one more train to higher ground.January 13, 2023Votedystopiananthology-program contest-category-dystopian short-story
‘We are NOT Okay’ By Kris Bird, , Do you feel like your health is not quite right? That you are settling for fine instead of thriving? This is the story of how I overcame severe life-threatening health issues through being more assertive with my health plans. It examines what I have learned about how the health industry treats women and particularly how the health industry keeps people in the revolving door as opposed to treating the underlying causes of issues. It also offers advice for people who are currently settling for fine and how to get a better handle on what it actually means to be healthy.January 10, 2023Votebiographies-memoirsanthology-program contest-category-health-wellness short-story
‘The Utopia’ By Nick Maynard, , Queer story of future perfections.January 9, 2023Votelgbtqanthology-program contest-category-dystopian short-story
‘THE LAMENT’ By Nick Maynard, , A queer hybrid work set amongst the dark Louisiana bayou.January 9, 2023Votelgbtqanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘The Homunculus’ By Nick Maynard, , Queer horror story.January 9, 2023Votelgbtqanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘the Coat’ By Nick Maynard, , Cleaning out a closet... I comes across a coat, and back return the memories of a love that was lost.January 9, 2023Votelgbtqanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story