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‘Love nit untequited!’ By Irm, , How my true love came after a heartbreak.June 16, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Howahkan: My story. My Peace’ By Lorelie Lee, , A young girl tells of a story her grandmother once told her as she stands over her grandmother's grave.June 16, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘Inhumane Graduation’ By Frankie Sutton, , Six months shy of Saniya Montgomery’s 18th birthday and graduation, an ancient demon awakens within her. She experiences disturbing visions of unspeakable acts—whether day or night. Saniya exhibits insatiable hunger. Her attempts to focus on her final months of school result in escalating blackouts followed by a return to consciousness, nude and covered in inexplicable wounds. Like the women before her, the family bloodline has been cursed for generations—falling victim to possession upon reaching maturity. With little time remaining, she seeks the guidance of a disgraced priest-turned-occultist, one of the few adept at performing the archaic rites of exorcism. Should the succubus prevail, Saniya would have to sacrifice a loved one’s life to restore her humanity.June 14, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘Shaw’s Crossing’ By Cassandra Daniel, , A man finds his true path while experiencing the Wild West and civil war and the granddaughter who learns the truth of his life and retells it in her own time.June 13, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘The Undisputed Queen of Christmas ‘ By Gena Williams, , A woman with dementia is confused at the mall, thinking that she is still preparing for the holidays with her husband and children.June 13, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘We saw here !’ By Annie P, , Based on 2 children they walkef to school together everyday. They always passed by an elderly lady sitting on her porch. She always gave them a cookie. Then one day she wasn't there. The next day she wasn't there The young boys began to wonder.June 13, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-detective-mystery short-story
‘Before I was Yours’ By Cathy LaForge Tonkin, , This is a story of a kidnapping. A girl of 15 years old us taken from her home. All are rallied to search for her. It goes into details of the girls harrowing experience.June 12, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-detective-mystery short-story
‘Transparent Poppies’ By Oldmanwrite, , The USA and United Nations attempted to eradicate poppy by buying tractors for Afghans and having the local district governors plow the fields under. My story is a fictitious recounting of how this program worked in one district., coupled with the perspectives of two Americans--an Army Officer and DOS civilian, and one Afghan District Governor. Based on true events. Wait for the story's ironic twist.June 10, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘The Adventures of Panic man and Laughing Cathy’ By Robert Barrows, , Panic Man is a new kind of Super Hero who can help make the world a much safer place for us all. This is a story about the origin of Panic Man and some of his adventures.June 10, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-childrens-fiction short-story
‘Our Little Pentecostal Girl’ By Wanda George, , Being raised in a cult-like religion left its mark and a bad taste in my mouth. It took years of soul-searching to make peace with religion vs God. This is a story of survival and learning to thrive in my self-chosen belief system.June 9, 2024Votealive-from-the-core anthology-program short-story
‘Grandpap was a Klansman’ By Diane Balog, , In 1924, the Ku Klux Klan in Pa. Attempted to terrorize the residents of Lilly, Pa. My grandfather was one of 3-500 Klansmen who was involved in this event. I better understood why certain prejudices were present in my family.June 8, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘Winner takes all.’ By Laura Lane, , Salvation of the lost.June 8, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-religion-spirituality short-story
‘The Moonlit Labyrinth: Unraveling the Darkness’ By Tzangel, , The Moonlit Labyrinth: Unraveling the Darkness Soraya Avalon, High Priestess of the Coven of Solaria, was in the middle of a sacred Full Moon ritual when everything went dark. Now, she finds herself watching her own death and the grief of her coven from the spectral plane. Betrayed by someone within her own circle, Soraya’s spirit is cast into the Moonlit Labyrinth, a maze between worlds where shadows whisper and deceive. Guided by the enigmatic Zephyr, Soraya must navigate the labyrinth’s twisted paths to uncover the treachery that brought her here. As she journeys deeper into the fog-laden maze, echoes of deceit and visions of her coven’s anguish drive her forward. Each step reveals more of Marina's dark ambitions and the secrets hidden within the heart of the labyrinth. Can Soraya unravel the web of lies and reclaim her rightful place before the full moon wanes, or will her spirit be lost forever in the labyrinth’s shadows? "The Moonlit Labyrinth: Unraveling the Darkness" is a spellbinding tale of courage, betrayal, and the enduring power of unity. Join Soraya on her quest to expose the truth and lift the curse that threatens to engulf her coven. Vote for Soraya’s journey and delve into a world where magick and mystery intertwine, and where the light of the moon guides the way through the darkness.June 8, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Hell On A Hill’ By Michael Vallone, , At the Battle of the Somme, World War 1, a British charge ensues, right into German machine gun fire and artillery fire. Private Cillian Kelly charges through no-man's land with his comrades. On a small hill he meets destiny, that force beyond human control. War is hell, so is that little hill at Delville Wood. But hell isn't only the realm of the dead, but also of the living. And here war isn't the only hell, as Private Kelly soon finds out.June 6, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘Household Holiday Helpers’ By “Big” Ben Niemchick, , The world is over populating, and Santa cannot stop at every single house in one night. So, he uses his Christmas magic around Midnight to make the Christmas decorations in the house come to life. They eat the cookies, drink the milk, and place the presents Santa left by the fireplace. When 6AM arrives, the decorations head back to their spots where they were at and seize to freeze when the homeowners wake up.June 3, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-childrens-fiction short-story
‘Deneba Dynamics’ By rwspisak, , A problem isn't a problem, at scale. Its all a matter of perspective.June 3, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘BOGO’ By Gordon Gibson, , Alex and Julie’s relationship has fallen apart, to some degree, just as Alex hoped it would. Julie has moved out, and they can both move on with their lives. But there is one minor problem. Their cell phones are on the same account. They cannot divide the accounts online or over the phone. They have to meet in person with a company representative. Julie uses this opportunity to try to seduce Alex into giving their relationship another try. BOGO examines our relationships with devices and begs us to ask important questions about where our priorities lie.June 3, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-philosophy-culture-sponsored-by-planksip short-story
‘Stairs to Nowhere’ By Elaina Nicholas, , After her father dies Emily must move house. Before she leaves though she is drawn to inspect every nook and cranny of her home including a strange door, a door that leads to a dimension ravished by a monster. A monster Emily herself must face.May 31, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘SAVED AND STILL STRUGGLING ‘ By R Darnell Smith, , How the believer still strugglesMay 29, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-religion-spirituality short-story
‘No Time Left to Forgive ‘ By Sarge Carter, , Playing pranks and jokes is fun as kids, but when you're an adult, you become something else altogether. Henry has always played pranks, but at a Class reunion, someone decided enough was enough.May 28, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘Look Into the Eyes of the Lord’ By honeybun, , A nonbinary person gets called into the forest in hopes to help a kitten, what happens next ties into a bigger scene from a missing cold case.May 26, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘Hell On A Hill’ By Michael Vallone, , At the Battle of The Somme, World War 1, a British charge ensues, right into German machine gun and artillery fire. Private Cillian Kelly charges with his comrades. On a small hill, he meets destiny, that force beyond human domain. War is hell, so is that little hill at Delville Wood. Hell isn't only the realm of the dead, but also of the living, as Private Kelly soon finds out.May 25, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘Legend of Hall’s Hollow’ By Sarge Carter, , Kathy, Jack, and Stephanie navigate through a dense forest while being pursued by an unknown creature. The atmosphere is tense and eerie as they are on edge, unsure of their surroundings. Jack wants to protect the girls at all costs. However, Jack struggles to understand his own identity, which is revealed through unexpected powers. Jack's need could be coming to terms with his newfound abilities while grappling with the implications they bring. A flaw might be his impulsiveness when faced with danger.May 24, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘3rd Degree Envy’ By Rhianna G, , Just starting her career in sales for a well known cable company, Cassidy can’t wait to give her all and be the top sales person in her company. Until she meets Sarah, a seemingly sweet, simple young woman who infact has a cold and diabolical plan to “remove” Cass out of the company by any means possible. Immerse yourself in the true events of what jealousy, greed, and abuse of power can ultimately turn what could have been a positive turn around for the local cable company. Into someone’s demise.. in the end- We really don’t know anyone like we really think we do…May 24, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘Because Its’s Mine’ By Pete Devlin, , A young girl disappears on her 6th birthday. The police turn up no leads and no body. The distraught parents receive strange phone calls over the years, the caller saying that she is their missing daughter. On their annual trek to her gravesite on her birthday, the parents meet a young woman at the site, mourning. Is this the first time they are meeting her?May 19, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘The Robot Baseball League’ By Daniel Tierney, , A lonely orphan baseball-loving boy inherits a fortune from an uncle he’s never met. He hires a lawyer and fulfills a dream of building a life size baseball park, filling it with animatronic ball players and fans. But as his fortune dwindles the boy begins slipping into a psychotic state, finally believing that he is also a robot. A riveting story that warns of the dangers of fulfilling fantasies. the potential dangers of fulfilling fantasies.May 14, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘“The Reality Dealing with an. Gastrointestinal Disease’” By Rachel Pelka, , This story is about dealing with a stomach issue and, the struggles with finding the root of the issue. Constantly being told different opinions on what the stomach issue could or might be.May 13, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘Whispers Of Death’ By LaVern Spencer McCarthy, , A so-called friend pushes Corey into an abandoned well in the middle of nowhere. As he tries to survive, Death comes and cajoles him to come with Death. But Corey is a fighter, and he will not give up until he finds a way out and gets revenge on the one who did this.May 12, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘Hot Rod Heart’ By Brian Davis, , Vickie gains a reputation in her small town for having the fastest car after beating all the boys. Then comes the rich kid from the next town and challengers her to race him for the pink slip. His smart mouth flares up her temper and she accepts the challenge. Now she’s in trouble his car is way fast and she can’t afford to lose her 55 chevy to him. Loosely based on a story from neighbor lady and her sister, back in the 60s.May 12, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-adventure short-story
‘The New Yorker Hotel’ By Brandy Morang, , Very erotic with a twist if BDSM about two women having sexMay 11, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-lgbtq short-story
‘The Possibilities of 1969’ By Elliot Maras, , 15-year-old Marty Rollins begins his final year of junior high school full of hopeful aspirations against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights movement and the “Generation Gap” in 1969. Intellectual and anti-social, he begins climbing out of his shell, earning a seat on the student council. But when he witnesses an African American classmate getting harassed by the disciplinarian band director, Marty finds himself moved to seek justice. Besides seeking fairness for his classmate, Marty also wants to make his complacent white liberal community aware of its hypocrisy in allowing the mistreatment he wishes to correct. His victimized classmate prefers not to “stir the pot,” making it difficult for Marty to champion his cause. In addition, in working “within the system” to get his classmate’s mistreatment addressed, Marty confronts structural obstacles as well as his parents’ reservations about how far to press his cause. Once he finally states his case before the school board, Marty earns a level of social acceptance and a feeling of accomplishment. The school board investigates the matter, holds community hearings and invokes faculty discipline. Peers, parents and the community express their admiration. Subsequent circumstances, however, shortchange Marty’s success and force him to reflect on the personal challenges he must confront to earn a more complete sense of fulfillment.May 9, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘An Ode to Japan’ By Samuel J Pitzer, , I recently travelled through Japan. This piece is a reflection on the egg salad sandwich, and on the ignorance and delusional freedom we experience in the United States of America. This piece draws on the idea of western dominance and how it influences the rest of the world and my personal lifewhile travelling abroad.May 8, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-travel short-story
‘Running With the Cemetery Dogs’ By Donna Stevenson, , On a resort Island, a family’s pet dog, Cutie Pie, gets separated from her family. In order to survive, she joins the other lost dogs that live in a historical cemetery.May 8, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-childrens-fiction short-story
‘Alice’ By Leah Dewey, , Alice in the real world after her time in Wonderland.May 7, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Roadside Diner’ By Ron Robinson, , A half million in cash embezzled from white collar criminals. She’s unbelievable! # Using her creative bookkeeping skills, Ashley is a thief stealing from thieves. Now she’s on the run, branded as a fugitive from justice. # When Ashley finds herself pursued by a pair of assassins looking to recover a half million in cash, she takes refuge at a roadside diner on historic Route 66. But things get complicated when she connects with a deputy sheriff and spends the night with him at the motel next door. Realizing she’s made a huge mistake, Ashley must decide whether to stay—endangering the restaurant and crew—or leave the remote outpost and keep running.May 5, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-detective-mystery short-story
‘Vines Thorns and Roses’ By Mary Coppes, , A story of a.batterrd and abused from the day I was born and how my mother destroyed my life.May 5, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-motivational-inspirational short-story
‘The Spaceman’s Grip’ By David Leslie, , In search of meaning to their life, and an answer to the to the age old question as to " why am I here?", the protagonist believes he is the victim of a design/plan orchestrated by the Spaceman in the sky his estranged father had told him about as a young child.May 5, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Good Intentions’ By Teri Edwards, , A distraught woman's unexpected visit to her best friend's house in the middle of the night proves to be a terrible mistake with even worse implications.May 3, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘The Bakers Daughter’ By Scooter Bang, , Origin story for the Hansel & Gretal witch.May 2, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘The Cedars ‘ By T.A. Galloway, , He followed the tracks into the dense cedar swamp. Worry jumping up and overwhelmed his mind as he instantly recognized the tracks of the wolf. Finding safety behind a large cedar he focused on a clearing less than twenty yards in front of him. What his eyes focused on was beyond an description. Standing around a fire in the center of the clearing was a gathering of creatures of the cedar walking on their hind legs.May 1, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Coyote finds a home ‘ By Windfourwalk, , A creation storyApril 30, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Haunted Tales: Collection of Paranormal Stories’ By M. K. McCollom, , From mysterious phantom phone calls to chilling encounters with ghostly apparitions, this collection will keep you on the edge of your seat. Brace yourself for a spine-tingling journey through the realms of the unknown, where whispers linger in the shadows and secrets lurk around every corner. Are you brave enough to uncover the truth behind these haunting tales?April 29, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘The Mystical Barettes’ By Chris Smith, , The Guardian create and send a group of Mysticals to earth to assist those in need of urgent assistance and helpApril 28, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Mama and Me’ By Kelsey Edmond, , Mabel, known as Pooch in the neighborhood, is torn between the decisions to help out her mother Lisa after something traumatic happens to both Pooch and Lisa. Pooch depends on her neighbor, Chasity, to help when she has no one else to turn too. At just nine-years-old, Pooch has to determine some tough decisions as her reality is torn apart in just one day.April 28, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘A Minority of One’ By Brannon O’Brennan, , A story about a dystopia where a virus alters human character by attacking the frontal lobes of the brain, removing the capacity for conscience and creates a nation of sociopaths, save one unaffected outcast who copes with her situation in an intolerant world, and ultimately asserts control over her fate.April 24, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-dystopian short-story
‘Me, Her, US: Maybe everything does happen for a reason’ By Christina Thacker, , 3 part story idea - 1) (Me) my personal experience with relationships, loss, the darkness that consumed me after tragedy and the light that helped save me. 2) (Her) my partner's mirrored expereince. 3) (Us) the story of how my partner and I crossed paths many times in the past, but were not seen by one another until our moment of darkness. Our paths finally intersected during our darkest moments. Maybe everything does happen for a reason.April 24, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-lgbtq short-story
‘Zeno and the Soup Pot Challenge’ By Brechen MacRae, , Embark on a journey through the bustling streets of an ancient city in 'Zeno and the Soup Pot Challenge', a captivating short story that reveals the power of humility. Follow Zeno, a young and confident student, as he navigates the vibrant markets with an oversized pot of soup, determined to pass his teacher's unconventional test. With each attempt, Zeno learns that success isn't measured by speed or strength, but by the willingness to embrace humility. As he faces ridicule and setbacks, Zeno discovers a profound truth that leads to a triumphant conclusion.April 24, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-philosophy-culture-sponsored-by-planksip short-story
‘Tell me a spooky story ‘ By richard harp, , This modern day horror story set during the depression on a farm. It entails a small boy who finds a human toe in the family garden that leads him to the discovery that his family are hybrid cannibalsApril 19, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘Tell me a spooky story ‘ By richard harp, , This modern day horror story set during the depression on a farm. It entails a small boy who finds a human toe in the family garden that leads him to the discovery that his are hybrid cannibalsApril 19, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘Tomorrow God Spoke.’ By Brannon O’Brennan, , Jesus Christ’s return to Earth causes mass chaos as Christians react in wildly different ways to his arrival and shocking message, leading to an apocalyptic war that engulfs much of the Earth.April 18, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-dystopian short-story
‘Access’ By Amy Hornsby, , The narrator, an unnamed teenage girl, watches her mother become addicted to a new technology released to the public, which allows memories to be sold and exchanged. The more she 'accesses', the more she slips away from reality. We go on a journey with the narrator, watching the breakdown of their relationship as her mother slowly lose her memories and her mind.April 18, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-dystopian short-story
‘The Asian Dragon Princess’ By HuskieToonslady, , A little Asian Dragon Princess tries to fly like a kite by doing some different sources. But her grandfather, Reminds that the real key of flying is believing.April 17, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-childrens-fiction short-story
‘Only A little’ By Ares Luna, , Isabella/Richard is in a mental hospital but doesn't understand why. A psychological thriller. "Only a lier shouldn't own it!" They said suddenly snapping back to Richard.April 12, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘A time in Hollywood’ By Mayamba Maliki, , Elena and Alexander by serendipity in their love life of barely 3 weeks have decided to take things to deeper levels at a party, but they abruptly stop in suspense.April 10, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘She had Roaches’ By Kisha Emanuel-Durrell, , The story is about my fear of roaches and how it started as a child and fear of bugs followed me through adulthood.April 9, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-humor-entertainment short-story
‘The Patient’ By Richard Pulfer, , During a zombie apocalypse, rumor and misinformation proves just as dangerous as the hordes of the dead, with the fate of a bitten teenager hanging in the balance.April 6, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘Spooks’ By Richard Pulfer, , US soldiers in Afghanistan get more than they bargained for when they play host to a CIA team being pursued by enemies from beyond the grave.April 6, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘ALGIE AND PEBBLE’ By Emma Pelling, , Algie is a young tortoise who is caught up in a landslide. He finds himself hurtling towards the ocean and is miraculously rescued by another creature. But who, what, why saved him? Do they become friends or enemies? A heartwarming story about two unlikely creatures who are thrown together by chance.April 3, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-childrens-fiction short-story
‘Ash Wednesday’ By Síle Moore, , Ash Wednesday is about growing up in South Boston (Southie) amidst gentrification, generational curses, and coming to terms with those we love.March 28, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘Spidergeddon and the Bug Night’ By n/a, , True story of a bug-and-spider filled night on a Greek island, an amusing take on the trials of arachnophobia and the bemusement of a non-phobic friend.March 28, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-humor-entertainment short-story
‘Chronicles of a Nation’ By Heaven, , In the "Chronicles of a Nation," Pa Ogini stands as a weathered sentinel, gazing across the expanse of his life, feeling the weight of years settle upon him like a heavy cloak. His balcony overlooks a landscape steeped in memories, where the grass whispers tales of bygone days. As twilight paints the sky in hues of amber and gold, Pa Ogini reflects on the passage of time and the elusive nature of wisdom. Despite his age and experience, he finds himself grappling with the realization that true understanding remains just beyond his grasp. The wrinkles etched upon his face bear witness to a lifetime of choices, yet he still feels adrift in a sea of uncertainty. Beside him, his youngest children play, their laughter a melody that pierces through the silence of his contemplation. They represent a new beginning, a chance for him to leave a lasting legacy, yet he is haunted by the fear of passing on his own shortcomings. In the twilight of his years, Pa Ogini is torn between the innocence of youth and the harsh truths of adulthood. He wonders if ignorance truly is bliss, if the burden of knowledge outweighs the comfort of oblivion. As the sun dips below the horizon, casting long shadows across the land, Pa Ogini is left to ponder the mysteries of life and the elusive pursuit of wisdom in the "Chronicles of a Nation."March 22, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-history short-story
‘Remembering Us’ By Chelle Phakwin, , College is a time to explore and make impacting relationships but what happens after college? Relationships break, friendships dwindle, and distance can become a brick in the wall laid out by both sides to make sure dreams happen. Ian wants to be strong than Jasper, his first love, and somehow; he's the first one to remember their time the most. Ten years pass, was time kind enough to give them a second chance or will they become ships that pass through the night?March 20, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-lgbtq short-story
‘Beautiful Country’ By Christophe Willermoz, , Both the visible and the invisible worlds exist side by side. How fulfilling is it to be able to relish both worlds.March 20, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Wild Wanderings’ By Amy Marie Ayres, , Madis Audrey is a seven year old physics prodigy. Her famous parents were responsible for the successful colonization of a binary star after Earth became a social dystopia. Madis happily gets her hands on an "ancient" invention that defies the laws of time a nature but its use has dire consequences for her teacher and fellow students.March 20, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-dystopian short-story
‘GOLDEN’ By Temitope Omamegbe, , A father's excitement about the prophecy that his firstborn would bring honor to the family turns into dismay when the child doesn't meet his expectations. He rejects the newborn, leading to a series of unfortunate events. The child faces mistreatment, loss of his mother loses his mother, and eventually discovers a prophecy about saving the land at a great cost. Rejected by his father and ostracized in the village, Atanda finds solace when he falls in love with, but their forbidden love faces challenges. Eventually, he is chosen to fulfill a prophecy to save the land, and Iyabo ends up with his child who in turn is prophesied to bring justice and reveal hidden secrets. GOLDDEN explores themes of destiny, rejection, and the potential for a brighter future despite hardships. Atanda's journey is one of resilience and acceptance, and the narrative hints at the cyclical nature of fate and destiny.March 10, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘FROM MEMORY’ By Temitope Omamegbe, , In a gripping tale of mystery and supernatural intrigue, the story unfolds with a young woman experiencing a sinister act. The setting is a meticulously locked house, ensuring that no one escapes. The assailant revels in her dark actions with excitement growing with each second. The protagonist, Lanre, and his partner Beko, respond to a distress call and a seemingly straightforward murder investigation becomes increasingly complex as they uncover a series of gruesome deaths seemingly linked to a couple, Debo and Sewa Alison, who have defied the passage of time and appear unchanged over the years. As the investigators delve deeper into the case, the true nature of their case becomes more evident revealing the supernatural nature entities from another realm engaged in a rituals. The investigators, joined by a mysterious expert, are tasked with unraveling the dark secrets behind the ritual and stopping the malevolent beings. Unexpected twists abound surrounding Iluyomade who has no memory of his past. As the investigators grapple with many revelations, they embark on a perilous journey to uncover the truth. From Memory blends elements of horror, suspense, and supernatural intrigue. As the investigators confront the unimaginable, they must navigate a world where myths come to life and the boundaries between the human and supernatural realms blur.March 10, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-detective-mystery short-story
‘THE BRASS LION’S BRIDE’ By Temitope Omamegbe, , A town on the cusp of transformation, finds itself marred by conflict orchestrated by elite outsiders. At the center of the turmoil is Obikwe, known as the Brass Lion, who unwittingly becomes the leader of a militia defending his town against ruthless investors and engaging in conflict that escalates, claiming lives and poisoning the land. Fueled by personal tragedy and a desire for justice, Obikwe's three-year war reaches a boiling point, and a surprising demand, the woman he loves, who is already wed and a mother of four. Clara, caught in the crossfire of family and duty, becomes the linchpin for peace. The Brass Lion's Bride is a poignant tale of love, sacrifice, and the power of reconciliation. The once-chaotic town discovers hope and healing through the unexpected union of two souls, transforming its narrative from one of conflict to a story of redemption and resilience.March 10, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘Good Morning, Morning! Hello…’ By Grammie Jas, , Jas was inspired by the birth of her first grandbaby baby in 2018 and of course the wonderful writings of "Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown! Since then she just can't stop writing, fun, sunny sunshine stories! Good Morning, Morning! Hello... in her “Sunshine Series”, the first book writer Jas “Grammie Jas” Whitney will be about Sunshine, we are drawn in by basic morning activities like getting dressed, brushing one’s teeth and eating breakfast. As the story develops it becomes clear, this story secretly teaches life-lessons with engaging firstperson accounts of likes, dislikes and how to go through each day with a positive attitude. Despite a cloudy, rainy day the main character, who loves the sunshine, grabs her rain boots and umbrella and plays in the rain, all the while waiting for the sun to shine through. In rhythmic style, the writer demonstrates to children and adults alike, you can have fun no matter the circumstances—even when it seems to be a dark, dreary day and you never know, the sun just may shine through! Whitney’s second book (in progress) is about farm animals (entitled Pop Pop's Farm), then the series will continue with Good Morning, Morning! Hello…Tacos, Weather, Feelings and much more! She feels the number of books in her series can reach as high as the sky! Colorful and delightful illustrations further enhance the experience and imagination of the reader!March 9, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-childrens-fiction short-story
‘The Adventures of Loli and Sky: Finding Harry’ By Lara Rosales, , Loli and Sky are two dogs, brother and sister, looking for their friend Harry, the cat.March 7, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-childrens-fiction short-story
‘Living Well with Cancer’ By thegurns, , After beating cancer (three times), life-threatening brain surgery (twice), and morbid obesity (just once but it was a heckuva battle), I feel better and healthier at 71 years young than at any time since I stopped playing hockey at 28! To find out how, please turn the page...March 4, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-health-wellness short-story
‘Being Six – Bolu Olopete’ By Beatrice Oluwaseun, , "Bolu's Adventures: Being Six" is a heartwarming tale set in late '90s Nigeria, following the adventures of Boluwatife Olopete, a spirited six-year-old boy. From playful interactions with his sisters to imaginative musings about the moon, Bolu navigates childhood with curiosity and resilience. His encounters with friends, family, and the world around him paint a vivid picture of innocence, wonder, and the timeless joys of growing up. Despite facing challenges like bullying, Bolu's unwavering spirit and dreams of the future shine through, making for a charming and relatable story of childhood in a Nigerian neighbourhood.March 4, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-biography short-story
‘Being Six – Bolu Olopete’ By Beatrice Oluwaseun, , "Bolu's Adventures: Being Six" is a heartwarming tale set in late '90s Nigeria, following the adventures of Boluwatife Olopete, a spirited six-year-old boy. From playful interactions with his sisters to imaginative musings about the moon, Bolu navigates childhood with curiosity and resilience. His encounters with friends, family, and the world around him paint a vivid picture of innocence, wonder, and the timeless joys of growing up. Despite facing challenges like bullying, Bolu's unwavering spirit and dreams of the future shine through, making for a charming and relatable story of childhood in a Nigerian neighbourhood.March 4, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-biography short-story
‘The Antelope’ By Beatrice Oluwaseun, , "The Antelope" is a gripping tale set in the village of Ipetu, where Oguntade returns from the future to stop the onset of his mentee, Laolu, from becoming a dangerous serial killer known as "the antelope." Oguntade, burdened by guilt for neglecting the signs of Laolu's descent into darkness, seeks redemption by intervening to stop his former pupil. With the help of Adio, a teacher in the village, Oguntade orchestrates a plan to send Laolu to seek psychological help from missionaries. As he prepares to leave Ipetu forever, having made a deal with the mystical entity Olokun to correct his mistake.March 4, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘Brazil’ By E Eugene Jones Baldwin, , A middle-aged man obsessed with moths, describes his mother as a giant hawk moth. He recalls his childhood when Mother would sneak into his room at night and, using her probing moth tongue, went through his clothes, books, etc, looking for inappropriate material. Just as he is moving Mother to a trailer park, she accidentally blows up her house.March 2, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘Veilwalker’s Labyrinth, or just Veilwalker’ By Sherry Leclerc, , NOTE: Names are tentative "Veilwalker's Labyrinth" is a captivating urban fantasy short story that delves into the uncharted realms of magic, mystery, and the thin veil that separates our reality from the fantastical. When Livia Vale, diagnosed with a supposed mental illness, discovers her unique ability to traverse between the human world and the enchanting realm of Eldrysta, she is thrust into a struggle for her identity, power, and the balance of two interconnected worlds. Guided by the mysterious Dr. Theron Obsidian, Livia must navigate the complexities of her newfound powers while uncovering a sinister plot orchestrated by the Obsidian Enclave, a cult-like organization seeking to merge Eldrysta with Earth. As Livia unravels the mysteries of her existence, she must confront her own fears, make sacrifices, and ultimately stand against the forces that threaten to shatter the boundaries between reality and fantasy. "Veilwalker's Labyrinth" is a tale of self-discovery, resilience, and the enduring strength found in embracing one's uniqueness. With a blend of dark intrigue, compelling characters, and a fantasy world that sparkles with enchantment, this short story promises readers a journey that transcends the ordinary.February 29, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Kids Day’ By anyjah jackson, , A Mysterious Fantasizing story about a group of elementary school pre teens having to embark together in leader ship positions in order to save and help the younger, their school and other schools. embarking a A HUGE faith journey for the very first time alone.February 28, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-religion-spirituality short-story
‘Here’s the Plan – First I’ll Kill Him, Then I’ll Kill Myself’ By Dave Lutes, , It was my first day on the job as a newly ordained minister. A father and son living together were at a crisis crossroads. The father was a long-term alcoholic and the son had called his sister to say he had reached the end of his rope and was going to kill his father, and himself, if the father wasn't admitted to rehab clinic by the end of the day. Social services needed to become involved - and the police, and other hospital authorities - bureaucracy hell! The son had a loaded gun. I had less than a day to try to solve the problem. Oh, and did I tell you...? This was my first day on the job.February 22, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘Twin Horizons’ By Athos D. Lasso, , Hans is an arch psychic who has decided to witness and register strange events that are suddenly happening all across his universe. Something has started a chain reaction of reality altering events, and Hans is the only one who can do something to diminish their impact.February 16, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Missing Light’ By Ishma Ockerman, , October, 2017. The year that would soon change Calinskyn’s whole life. Getting called in on a new case, four girls had gone missing just two days earlier. The only thing the girls had in common was they lived in the same town. Wavemeet, Ohio. While working the case, Calinskyn and Sheriff Padalecki found out the case they were currently investigating had been connected to a case that went unsolved 3 years earlier. With only 12 hours to find the girls, Calinskyn and the Sheriff keep running into more dead ends. As they get closer to finishing the case, a new twist turns them back around to question whether they caught the right or wrong guy. Had there been a partner involved during the whole crime? Where might the case lead the officers? Will they find the girls before the time runs out or will they be too late?January 29, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-detective-mystery short-story
‘Path to oblivion’ By Antonio Madrugada, , In "Path to Oblivion," Luna Park shares a chilling diary entry from a post-apocalyptic world in the year 3000. The narrative delves into the consequences of human actions, including nuclear warfare and the devastating effects of radiation. The protagonist reflects on the downfall of capitalism and the cyclical nature of history, highlighting the tyranny that arises when power goes unchecked. The story emphasizes the importance of understanding and respecting the ever-changing nature of the world, shedding light on environmental concerns and the impact of human greed. Luna's perspective serves as a cautionary tale about the destructive path humanity may be unwittingly following.January 23, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘In a second’ By Riley Baker, , Love needs to be developed over time, but what happens when you realize it can be taken away in just a second?January 21, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Whippoorwill’ By Lauren Rosson, , A young school professor travels alone to a secluded area of woods in order to locate a rare omen bird to add to his gallery collection but ignores the dangers in finding it.January 19, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘The Night Caller’ By Kris Martin, , Wendy never expected her night caller to be THIS person! I wrote this as a solve-it-yourself mystery and turned it in to a magazine in the hopes of publishing it. I hope your readers will enjoy it.January 13, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-detective-mystery short-story
‘Mistaken Identity’ By Kris Martin, , Can the detective find the real thief? I wrote this as a solve-it-yourself mystery in the hopes of being published by a magazine. I hope that your readers will enjoy it.January 13, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-detective-mystery short-story
‘Mystery Caller’ By Kris Martin, , The person at the other end is not who she seems. I wrote this as a solve-it-yourself mystery in the hopes of being published by a magazine. I hope your readers will enjoy it.January 13, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-detective-mystery short-story
‘Hangman’s Noose’ By Kris Martin, , This story has an unexpected twist! Stay tuned! I wrote this as a solve-it-yourself mystery for a magazine originally. I hope that your readers will have fun with this one!January 13, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘My Poems’ By Kris Martin, , This poem is entitled Snow. I hope your readers will enjoy it.January 13, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘My Poems’ By Kris Martin, , This is a collection of poems I've written. They're short and sweet. This one is called Happy. Enjoy!January 13, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘The Remarkable Tiger ‘ By Triston, , My Story about a teenage boy who gets super powers from an unknown serum. The young boy gets turned into a teenage tiger boy who faces difficulties and villains during his time as a mutant tiger.January 9, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘A written account of Cleon the Grat: Mighty when least expected’ By Eric Weston, , A written account of Cleon The Great: Mighty When Least Expected Written by: Eric Michael Weston Narration: In this time and place, there is firm faith for everyone; every man and woman exercising their faith-based walk in life's pathways and obstacles. Everyone desires and prays for a champion, a hero, a powerful deliverer from pandemonium infesting this world. Powerful ones are bred, not from birth, not from privilege, but from rough experience, from the tides of all things crooked attempting them from every side. A week, even meeting a person, a random man, or woman not aware of the champion within, can do a wide measure of deeds about heroism. Story: A young man by the name of Cleon is a person who isn't well-versed in anything revolving around power and deities; Cleon is an ordinary and silent man with a calling to assist those in his path. The world is coming to a rapid final, and times are tough for all humanity. His story comes to life in the 21st century; Cleon is attending his own business, and whatever his hands can do, he does it. Cleon's beginning and monumental life start best on the coast of the eastern part of the United States. Violence, natural disasters, and pestilence are frequent. Cleon is sitting in his home near the coast, observing the waves; it dawns upon his being to turn on the TV; as he does, he hears pastors on the news urging all to adhere to spiritual writings, Bibles, and commentaries; Cleon is therefore astounded by the preaching of such things. He then recalls his elderly relatives attending church and memorizing scriptures for beneficial purposes. Evil is watching Cleon; the man evil dreads will take on prime evil to the tee without hesitation. Evil stirs up a violent storm, developing a dreadful and tormenting hurricane. The hurricane is embedded with spirits, violent and tormenting spirits dating back to the earliest ages of Earth's history. Cleon, as he peruses the sacred texts, sees deep wisdom and defense against particular instances. Cleon takes the time to learn the texts according to the circumstances; Cleon comes to know and trust that all things are possible and done to them that possess courage and offense. The multitude of spirits unify in the hurricane, forming horrid faces, and cries unknown to man's ears. In time, the evils that we are now within Cleon's awareness. Cleon, now boosted with all virtue to illustrate it all into effect, solemnly approaches the hurricane from the coast. "Cleon, O, Cleon, young and mighty Cleon, wit and might are your hands and will, indeed it is you who shall wipe out havoc, it is unto you, O, Cleon to gird up and take it to the opposition to usher it's defeat." The hurricane. Is as if it knows its own. Now, a morbid face forms in the hurricane, uttering in a horrible tone Cleon's name; the great young man named Cleon raises his head, hands to the sky, he says, " I know Thou didst assign me with power to throw away the tempest." The One who chooses men and women to become renown is beckoned; the face-off is the climax of this passage. Light, endowment, and might now uphold Cleon, but he's unaware of it. The unclean spirits, even more in the horror of chosen Cleon; Cleon peer fiercely at the approaching hurricane and say, "Thou wave, lo, thou art but a matter for the time being, by ane in the name of The Command, die tempest! And come forth never again !" This, Cleon preserved a minute of lives from death when the hurricane obeyed and dissolved backwards. After this act from Cleon, the young and mighty man did more for those in his way than he'd ever believed. Witnesses on earth and heaven bear record of Cleon. On earth, his name is etched in stone, in the heavens, his name goes arranged in stars by The One. Glory and might always be attributes towards The Divine, by this will all come to the knowledge that it is He who always and perfects His ways in minimal man; renown are they who are the least expected, mighty when least expected.January 8, 2024Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Good Morning Morning, Hello… SUNSHINE!’ By Snazzy Jazzy Jas, , I've been writing as long as I can remember. Whether it was journaling, speeches, greeting cards, poems, songs or short stories. I was inspired by the Birth of my first grandbaby baby in 2020 and I just can't stop writing, fun, sunny sunshine stories! All my short story books, (I have two completed so far) will start with this title, and will be part of my "Sunshine Series". My 1st book is about Sunshine. 2nd book is about Farm Animals, Then Tacos, Weather, Emotions etc. I have several subjects started and the number of books in my series is unlimited! You'll have read the 1st page to see who or what I'm saying "Hello..." to! Thank you for sharing my Joy, with all ages!December 22, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-humor-entertainment short-story
‘Crime and Punishment’ By D.L. Jennings, , In an AI-driven future, suffering is a thing of the past: machines have determined that only a finite amount of suffering exists, and criminals serve out their sentences for the good of mankind. But what is the true extent of pain one can undergo for the good of one’s species? And what if all it took was one man?December 21, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Love’ By Catherine Gill, , My idea of what love should be; what it should FEEL like.December 18, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘A glimmer of hope among everlasting chaos’ By Kyler Gray, , Go into the mind of a detective as he scans the evidence of a murder investigation of a brutal crime scene, determined to bring justice to the culprit behind the crime and any others that come forth beyond the current one.December 18, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-detective-mystery short-story
‘The Witness of Never’ By JC Whitfield, , After losing her husband to the black virus--Cancer--Connie Van Schidt seeks the help of two vampires to break into a prison facility to obtain the body of her love before the mad scientists can turn him into a slave to their army of synthetic humanoids.December 14, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘The Odyssey of the Astral Nomad’ By shamel bazadough, , Embark on an epic journey in "The Odyssey of the Astral Nomad," where renowned astronomer Professor Aurelia Stonewind discovers an ancient Astral Compass, setting the stage for a cosmic adventure. Guided by celestial alignments, a diverse team of adventurers ventures through enchanting realms, facing trials of reflection, mastering Aetheric Manipulation, and confronting shadows within. As the Astral Compass unveils prophecies and impending catastrophes, the team must forge celestial weapons and make sacrifices to save the multiverse. With a cosmic entity at the Convergence Point and a celestial rebirth at the Eclipsed Horizon, this odyssey weaves a tale of sacrifice, legacy, and infinite beginnings, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of the cosmos.December 4, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-adventure short-story
‘Nightmares of Nyx’ By Syren, , Nyx used to be a lost soul, wandering through the land where dreams are, angry and alone. She was known throughout the dreamscape as a savage warrior, a bringer of chaos, and a powerful sage. With no memory of who she was or why she possessed her strong abilities, dreams used to be scary, confusing, and lonely. Nyx finds her purpose in the carnage of a burning battlefield when she stumbles upon a crying child. The child is the spirit of a dreamer, who finds himself in a nightmare each time he falls asleep. Nyx knows she has to help him, and she begins a journey teaching more and more children as she goes how to defeat their nightmares and navigate through the dream world. Based on wickedly deep nightmares I've had myself, Nightmares of Nyx is a story that is not only captivating and deep, but also engaging in a way that it's readers can use Nyx's dream world strategies of manifestation, focus objects, awareness, and thought re-direction in their own dreams. Nyx gently guides each small soul she encounters through their darkest struggles- mental illness, trauma, bullies, parents, and more - and helps them understand the terrifying monsters they face in their dreams are important indicators of the ways our daily challenges are really affecting us. And of course they also kick it's butt! Someday I hope to be able to encourage young readers to write letters to Nyx if they are struggling with a nightmare and then be able to read along as she defeats it.December 3, 2023Voteanthology-program short-story who-will-save-the-hero-tales-of-chosen-ones-slaying-the-demons-within
‘Realizations that are hard to understand’ By Keith Burkholder, , Connor's mind continued to work even after a coma.November 28, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Heightened Awareness’ By asignaturewriter, , The ethics of the rich drive a wedge in the passion between a wealthy investment advisor and her young personal assistant on a quiet night in her midtown Manhattan penthouse.November 12, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Traveling through a Snow-globe: A Cross-country Tale’ By L. B. Grata, , This is a nonfiction tale of two people trying to move across the United States in the middle of December. The two main characters are a husband and wife who had lived apart for a year and a half due to their careers. They are finally able to be together if they move from PA to Seattle with their 5 animals. What they didn't realize was the winter vortex of 2018 was about to hit.November 7, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-travel short-story
‘“The Pearl Handled Grip”’ By Frits Fairhurst, , A red-haired gay man in his young thirties had made a solid commitment to care for his Dad. Acquiring a hard drug habit overseas in Okinawa after the Vietnam War ended, his pop knew how devoted his son felt. Angry because his partner spent too much time caring for his Dad his lover Amitri began to argue about his commitment to his drugged out father. They right there and then decided to separate breaking up their monogamous relationship. Tea knew he would return to his home in Kansas eventually to check on his Dad. At present he packed his bags to head to India on a meditative quest. It was in the middle of the Ganges River in India when Tea visualized such vivid recall of his uncle’s accidental suicide. As a young soldier before he married his dad had just finished his term of duty in Vietnam. He was deeply in love with his hometown sweetheart back in Kansas, infamous tornado country. Back on his family’s farm, when he was only nineteen, he had spied a sparkling shiny pistol with a pearl handled grip in the window of his town’s general store. He had to have it. Returning to his family farm he asked his father if he could purchase it. His mother wary about violent weapons interjected on the spot. She said no that there were enough guns around the home. Meanwhile he had already purchased the pistol. At that very moment he held it tightly under his right arm pit. His younger brother asked him what was in the cedar box that he placed on the living room’s coffee table. He told his brother that it was a gun he bought against his parents approval. Being a young rowdy teen, his brother opened the box and started handling it as he sat at the dining room table. His older brother tried to wrangle it away from him. Pointing the pistol directly at the middle of his chest his kid brother pulled the trigger. A bullet hit its target dead-on smack dab in the middle of his heart, bleeding out all over the dining room floor. Grabbing the cedar box with the pistol, he ran out of the house away from his family farm with nothing but the clothes on his back. In Okinawa on the day of his discharge an old Japanese man had sold him a strand of remarkably exquisite pearls. These he gave to his betrothed. Tucked into the box of the pearls were several white packets of strong heroin. His wife knew he had an addiction but remained faithful to her hard working husband for thirty years. Divorced and downtrodden his hard core drug usage nearly killed him when Tea his only son visited him back in Kansas after hus divorce. By dragging his dad’s ass into the cold shower he had saved his life. Over in India Tea began to meditate more and recite Hindu prayers. On his return home he found his old partner waiting for him at his Massachusetts loft space. There at the door his man placed those pearls his father had given to his mom, over his head to adorn his chest. They smiled realizing they never would ever part again. Back in Kansas his father resides at a flea bag motel. Among the cocaine and amphetamines on the dusty kitchen table rested the cedar box holding his abhorrent obsession an attraction that had determined his destiny forevermore. This is the take of …” the gun with the pearl handled grip.November 6, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-lgbtq short-story
‘Green Thumb’ By DML Meyer, , All Henry was hoping to do was help out his elderly neighbor for a few weeks. Who knew nature would be at the root of so many headaches? It was hard to imagine a way of explaining himself out of this mess!November 1, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-adventure short-story
‘The Pearl Handled Grip’ By Frits Fairhurst, , A man becomes addicted to hard drugs when a packet of white powdery substance comes with the pearls he bought for his wife in Okinawa, Japan after his tour of duty innVietnam. His only son embarks on a relationship with his father regardless of his addictive personality. His mother shared with her son just how she dealt with his substance abuse for over thirty years, it all started by him buying the gun with the pearl handled grip against his parents desires. Throughout his life in Kansas his family had saved themselves from the fiercest most destructive tornadoes. Now the tornado of his self-destruction settles within him as he keeps that weapon of death always within his eye sight. Going against his parents wishes caused the death of his younger brother who accidentally fired the weapon a direct hit to his heart, thinking it was not loaded. His brother’s death is what drew him to hard drugs. Never can he forgive himself from the killing of his younger brother. Filled with unending guilt he self-excommunicated his presence from Kansas and his family farm. He joined the marines to make his way. His gay son will not forfeit his marriage to his man but will always see to it that his father stays in hospice. An argument about his commitment to his father’s live causes a separation between his partner and himself. As a result he plans a trip to India. His son realizes the truth that the death of his father’s younger brother was an accident. His son is the only family left in his life who does not judge him for his past faults! Love without violence is what his son and his partner choose to fulfill once the pearls that his father gave to his mother arrive mailed to his partner. Once his partner could not comprehend why he loved his father so. Yet in the end they reunite after his trip to India, where the revelation of his fathers behaviour in the accidental shooting of his younger brother. India’s beliefs in living within each moment honoring all life is the lesson he learned from his travels. It’s the blood filled moment of his uncle’s death that comes to his mind in the middle of the Ganges. Father and son along with his son’s partner watch over the obsessive need for his father to always keep the gun with the pearl handled grip: the killing weapon he revers for a male stereotypical belief that guns empower American manliness.October 19, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-lgbtq short-story
‘A Creation of a New Cure for a terminal illness in a different world’ By Keith Burkholder, , Creating a cure for a terminal illness. This is what this story entails here.October 18, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Mika’s Leap of Faith’ By Jasmin Collado, , Mika is a determined 19-year-old Japanese girl training to compete in a dangerous skyscraper climbing competition called Best Gecko Pads: Tallest Tower. The winner will receive a scholarship to help achieve their dreams. Mika has trained relentlessly for this competition on August 14th, 2037 and is confident she can win, despite the other ruthless competitors like Joshua who will do anything to sabotage the competition. On the day of the event, Mika double-checks her gear and prepares to make daring leaps up the tower. She almost slips to her death but is saved by her safety ropes. Joshua struggles at first but it's a bluff to get Mika to help him, and when she does he pushes her off. Though frustrated, Mika gathers her courage to keep climbing. She makes another bold leap up the tower, nearly catching up to the treacherous Joshua. Despite the setbacks, Mika is determined to out-climb the others and win the scholarship for her engineering dreams.October 14, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘Queen of the Kingdom’ By Jasmin Collado, , Amelai, one of the diseased, decides to leave the safety of her people to venture into the city. She hopes to find work and blend in, as well as bring back the scarce resource of bread. Amelai now must balance her loyalties to her people and animals with her tenuous place in the kingdom. Her magic may protect her, but it could also lead to her downfall if she upsets the social order.October 14, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘The Expedition of Yira’ By Haley M. Forté, , In the deep expanse of space, a violet planet hung idly between two moons. Dr. Tal Ashr is on a mission to discover the mystery that surrounds the planet of Yira, a distant world that has sat dormant for centuries. Or so some believed. When Dr. Ashr recruits his cousin Kol, a former solider of the Galatic Forces, and Dr. Anson Moreau, a professor of Galatic History, the trio ventures to the planet's surface in search of a legend. What they find may not be simply just a rumor after all.October 10, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘can I invade your space’ By brandi, , poems can I invade your space? can I upset your peace of mind? will you allow me to corrupt you if I keep you as all mine? will you show me softness when the world only knows your strength? can I be your secret weapon to protect you at any length? will you come to me and trust me when life seems to fight against you? will you let me help with any battles that are thrown out to prevent you? can I help you overcome your insecurities and doubt? if I show you what it means to have a love that holds real clout? can I hold you thru the night? can I compromise your dreams? will you calm me when the the nightmares creep help me to quiet these subconscious fiends? can I whisper in your ear all the ways that I adore you. will you help me learn to trust myself til I know that I'm the best one for you? will you teach me what I need to know about your body, soul and mind? will you stay up late to laugh with me? will you always hold me when I cry? can we play dirty in the bedroom? can we always try to fight clean? can we promise not to let the world separate or come between? can I make you laugh and be flirtatious when the situation becomes oppressing? will you stand and know I've got your back when everything seems too depressing? will you take me thru this life with you? will you find me in the next? will you keep me as all yours forever? can you promise nothing less? __________ ____________ _____________ I want to write a poem on your body with my lips I want to paint on you a dream using just my finger tips let me build for you a fantasy where we live up with the constellations where we exist and reign together without any limitations. let my soul entwine with yours come move into these unfilled places let me feel you breathe inside of me erase the nightmares and hollow spaces and now dance with me... amongst these petals made of flame caress me to my depths... until I am breathless by your name let me ignite you... setting loose the sparks within your mind but give me a sword, and hold my crown, I'll protect you for all time! spin me a web of promises... with the silk to lay our bed. lay with me and loves on me passion made on every thread. let your doubt be like a wisp of smoke for with a wave it disappears. let my lips bring you poetry, let my tongue catch all your tears.October 10, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Only One Can be Faithful’ By J Prose, , The story is about the challenges women face in dating when it comes to attention, temptation and indulgence. It is challenging because everyone loves joking around but no one likes to be the butt of others jokes. It is like asking a man to stop gossiping but, you are a woman! Meaning you actually believe women are allowed to gossip but men are not. This is a late entry. I will enter again next year to post the rest of the story.October 7, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘The Big Snow’ By Charles Wiegand, , It's been snowing cats-n-dogs and the stuff has piled up to one's knees. The girls want to go out and play in it, but Mom and Dad won't let them because of the late hour. The next day school is canceled but Dad still has to go to work. He gets there and finds the building empty. He later goes out for lunch, only to find all the restaurants and other businesses closed and empty. The town plaza is empty, the streets are empty, there's nobody anywhere in sight. He finishes his work and starts his way through the snow to his home, feeling uncertain about what he'll find - will his family be there? Or will the house be as empty as the rest of the town appears to be?October 4, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘Cherry Red’ By Brianna Whitener, , Step into the memories of a man who longs for his past love. A love with the potential to last a lifetime if it weren’t tainted by alcoholism and an ultimatum. Instead he finds himself trying to move on only to be haunted by the cherished moments of a lingering love.September 26, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Bumpty Bumpty Ben’ By Cede Rubin, , A story of true love.September 23, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘ “The Midnight Caller” ‘ By Samiya Khan, , Chapter 1: A Chilling Message The city of Darkwood was known for its grim history, a place where secrets festered in the shadows and nightmares lurked around every corner. In this eerie setting, Detective Alex Monroe received a call that would plunge him into a case unlike any other. It was a rainy night when his phone rang. The voice on the other end was distorted, the words spoken in a low, haunting whisper. "I know what you did, Detective. I've been watching." Alex's heart raced as he tried to identify the caller. "Who is this? What are you talking about?" The voice continued, "You thought you got away with it, but the past always catches up”. Chapter 2: A Dark Secret Alex couldn't sleep that night. The chilling message had awakened memories he had long buried. Years ago, he and his partner, Sarah, had been involved in a case that had gone horribly wrong. A dangerous criminal had escaped justice, leaving behind a trail of bloodshed. Sarah had disappeared soon after, and Alex had been haunted by guilt and unanswered questions ever since. He had always suspected that someone within the police department had betrayed them, but he had never been able to prove it. Chapter 3: A Race Against Time The ominous calls continued, each one revealing more about the past Alex had tried so hard to forget. The caller seemed to have an intimate knowledge of the case and an eerie ability to predict Alex's every move. As the body count began to rise, it became clear that the killer was recreating the crimes from that fateful case. Desperate to stop the madness and clear his name, Alex delved into the dark underbelly of Darkwood, searching for clues that would lead him to the truth. Chapter 4: Unraveling the Mystery With the help of an enigmatic hacker named Lily, Alex uncovered a web of corruption and deceit within the police department. The killer was someone with a personal vendetta against him, someone who wanted to expose the truth about the case that had destroyed so many lives. As the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, Alex realized that the key to solving the mystery lay in confronting his own past and facing the demons that had haunted him for so long. He had to track down Sarah, the only person who could provide the answers he needed. Chapter 5: The Final Confrontation The trail led Alex to an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Darkwood. There, in the flickering light of a single bare bulb, he finally confronted the killer, who turned out to be a former colleague driven mad by the secrets of the past. A tense standoff ensued, with Alex trying to talk the killer down while keeping a gun trained on them. In the end, it was a heart-wrenching confession that shattered the silence. The truth about that fateful case was laid bare, and justice was served, but at a heavy cost. As dawn broke over Darkwood, Alex stood alone in the cold, empty warehouse, haunted by the events of the past. The chilling caller was silenced, but the scars of the past would never truly heal. The city of Darkwood may have seen the end of one nightmare, but in its shadows, others still lurked, waiting for their time to emerge.September 22, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘”Love on the Seaside”‘ By Samiya Khan, , Chapter 1: A Chance Encounter The sun hung low over the horizon, casting a golden glow over the tranquil seaside town of Harbor Cove. Sarah, a young woman with chestnut hair and a smile that could brighten the gloomiest day, had returned to her childhood vacation spot for a much-needed break from her busy city life. She had always found solace in the sound of crashing waves and the salty breeze that filled the air. As she strolled along the wooden boardwalk that lined the beach, her gaze was drawn to a man sitting alone on a bench, his eyes fixed on the vast expanse of the ocean. He had a rugged charm about him, with a tousle of dark hair and a strong jawline. His name was Daniel, and he was a writer in search of inspiration for his next novel. Their paths crossed when a sudden gust of wind sent Sarah's hat tumbling to the ground. Daniel was quick to retrieve it, his fingers brushing against hers as he handed it back with a warm smile. "You dropped this," he said, his voice like a gentle sea breeze. "Thank you," Sarah replied, feeling a blush creep onto her cheeks. She couldn't help but notice the intensity in his eyes. There was something magnetic about the stranger she had just met. Chapter 2: A Shared Connection Sarah and Daniel's chance encounter soon evolved into daily meetings on the boardwalk. They would share stories of their lives, their dreams, and their love for the ocean. Sarah, an aspiring marine biologist, was fascinated by Daniel's tales of his adventures as a writer. She admired his passion for capturing the beauty of the world through words. In return, Daniel found himself captivated by Sarah's intelligence, kindness, and the way her eyes sparkled when she talked about the wonders of the sea. He felt a connection with her that he had never experienced before, as if their souls were intertwined by the same ocean that had brought them together. One evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon and painted the sky in shades of pink and orange, Daniel mustered the courage to ask Sarah out for dinner. She accepted with a smile that felt like a promise of new beginnings. Chapter 3: Love Blooms Their first date was at a quaint seafood restaurant overlooking the harbor. Candlelight danced on their faces as they shared laughter, stories, and plates of freshly caught lobster. The hours melted away, and it felt as though they were the only two people in the world. Days turned into weeks, and Sarah and Daniel's love blossomed like a seaside garden in full bloom. They spent their mornings watching the sunrise, their afternoons exploring hidden coves, and their evenings sharing dreams and aspirations under the starlit sky. But it wasn't just the picturesque setting that deepened their love. It was the way they made each other feel alive, the way they inspired one another to chase their passions, and the way they found solace in each other's arms. Chapter 4: Facing the Storm As the summer drew to a close, a storm began to brew on the horizon, mirroring the turmoil in Sarah and Daniel's hearts. Sarah's responsibilities in the city beckoned her back, while Daniel was torn between his love for her and his need to find inspiration elsewhere. One stormy evening, with rain pelting against the windows of their beachfront cottage, they sat in silence, each lost in their own thoughts. Finally, Daniel spoke, his voice trembling with emotion. "I don't want to lose you, Sarah, but I also can't bear to hold you back from your dreams." Tears welled up in Sarah's eyes as she took his hand. "And I don't want to leave you, but I know I have to follow my heart." Chapter 5: Love's Promise In the midst of the storm, they made a pact to support each other's dreams, no matter the distance that separated them. Sarah returned to the city to pursue her career as a marine biologist, while Daniel continued to travel in search of inspiration for his novels. Their love, tested by the miles that separated them, only grew stronger with time. They wrote letters, shared late-night phone calls, and counted the days until their next seaside reunion. Their love story became a testament to the power of love and the beauty of following one's dreams. And every summer, as the sun set over the tranquil seaside town of Harbor Cove, Sarah and Daniel would reunite on the same boardwalk where they had first met, their love as enduring and boundless as the ocean itself.September 22, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘There’s Nothing In The Woods’ By Skylier Jones, , A friendly camping trip goes wrong in this thrilling horror.September 19, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘The Chasm’ By Skylier Jones, , Adam, the First Man, and Adam, The Last Man, collide in this epic Science Fiction Masterpiece.September 19, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Red Dress’ By Phillip Hoehr, , A woman finds herself in a mysterious ballroom during a masquerade. She has to find out what is happening before it is too late.September 18, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘The Phoenix and his Act of Courage’ By Keith Burkholder, , This phoenix is powerful and can save lives on planet Earth. It is known for its total greatness and overall abilities.September 13, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘The End From The Beginning’ By E.Allen Roge, , What stops you from fulfilling everything you are meant to do in life? I can show you that it's simpler than you have ever imagined. In these pages, you will find the principles that God himself uses to accomplish all the things he has done or will do. God created you to be successful not a failure. Read these few chapters and you will understand that when you begin at the end of a thing, you bypass all the excuses and circumstances that were previously standing in your way.September 11, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-motivational-inspirational short-story
‘The Mistress’ By Francine Lee A, , Discarded by her parents and left to fend for herself at 14, Eris, now a middle-aged Mistress, is not just fighting to stay alive. She's fighting to become the leader of the rebellion, but can someone who appears to live a life of luxury convince the other half of the enslaved to side with her? TW: Sex Trafficking and ViolenceSeptember 7, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-dystopian short-story
‘Repairs’ By Elke Barter, , Her days are long and lonely, but she has found a way to fill her calendar with the names and numbers of men who, upon payment by check, are willing to come and share a quiet moment together. September 7, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-positive-social-transformation short-story
‘Justice is Served’ By Scott Ludwig, , A prosecuting attorney takes advantage of his position as an agent for justice.September 7, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-detective-mystery short-story
‘The Pull’ By Isaiah Williams, , A boy who can see the supernatural tries his best to ignore those visions, but something keeps pushing him to warn others about them.September 6, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-religion-spirituality short-story
‘Female predator on the prowl’ By Keith Burkholder, , Linda goes on the prowl to get blood and flesh from her sexual escapades.September 6, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘White Lies And Lipstick ‘ By Jae Franklin, , College sweethearts, Kevin and Laila, have the perfect marriage. Kevin, an executive at a lucrative marketing agency, spends all his time investing in work -allowing Laila to be a stay home wife. Laila, although loves her husband, is secretly frustrated with her husband’s workload. She finds herself partaking in a secret, passionate romance with a young lesbian woman, Natalie. Natalie is a gorgeous dominant, feminine woman who possesses an undeniable love for Laila -but there’s much mystery to the young, exotic lover. As twist and turns unfold, a family is turned all the way around.September 5, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-lgbtq short-story
‘There is Something At the Door’ By Tina Herranen, , Something lurks outside Wendy's home, but she has an unexpected ally.September 5, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘Sex (Cells, Sells, Sales)’ By Terence Davis, , It's 2033, the sex industry is booming, and twins, Zeta and Zeus are trying to take over the business, globally. Sex runs the world and mastermind Dr. Zeta Philips has a plan to control the whole enchilada, with her genius brother, Zeus, they set out to control the industry and then the world.September 4, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘WORKING GRACE’ By Joshua O, , Once upon a time, in the small, picturesque town of Baale on Lagos Island, there lived a boy named Cherish who, for the early years of his life, seemed to have everything he ever wanted. His aged parents, Architect Tunde and Mrs. Adesewa, were affluent and provided for him with the utmost care. The house they lived in was a castle, and Cherish as a kid was showered with toys, gifts, and extravagant holidays. He had never known the taste of want, and the world appeared to be at his feet. But as time passed, life had a curious way of throwing unexpected challenges. The family fortune dwindled due to a series of financial setbacks. Cherish, who had grown accustomed to abundance, found himself facing a world he had never known before; a world of austerity. Cherish watched his parents' relentless dedication, and though he didn't fully grasp the gravity of their situation, he admired their unwavering determination Architect Tunde and his wife Adesewa struggled to maintain their lavish lifestyle as they went out to the banks for huge long-term loans using their house as collateral before their demise. Cherish's journey was challenging, and he often faced moments of despair. He encountered setbacks and disappointments, but he never gave up. His resilience and hard work began to pay off as he earned a degree in Computer science. As he looked back on his journey, he couldn't help but smile. Working Grace had finally brought laughter and prosperity back into his life. Cherish, once a boy who had known only abundance had become a man who had learned the true value of hard work, determination, and family. he had triumphed over adversity, proving that even in the face of the most daunting challenges, the human spirit could prevail.September 4, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘For the Love of Dogs’ By Angela Coulson, , After her marriage fails, Angie takes her family across the country for a fresh start. With a new job, a teenager and volunteering with her therapy dog, there's not much time for romance. With some help of her furry friend, Lily, she meets a man that makes her feel things she's not sure she's ready for. Will her fear keep her from taking a chance on love, or will fate keep throwing him in her path?September 3, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Stoneport Ghost Stories’ By Jennifer Bassett, , "Stoneport Ghost Stories” uncovers the layers of a neighborhood's history through the narrator’s memory as she delves into the memories of childhood innocence. A glimpse into a past where unity reigned, and the bonds between families were unbreakable. Until things took a darker turn, revealing the shocking events that shattered the idyllic tranquility. Follow the reminiscing narrator through the tumultuous aftermath of a double murder that rippled through the heart of the close-knit Laotian American community. With each passing year, the neighborhood transformed into a ghost story itself, a haunting reminder of what once was, of the laughter, camaraderie, and shared moments that now exist only as echoes. "Stoneport Ghost Stories" presents a gripping exploration of how tragedy can reshape lives, redefine relationships, and leave an unforgettable mark on a place and its people. The narrator weaves together the threads of memory and loss, crafting a ghost story that transcends the supernatural, and digs into the enduring power of community, memory, and the lingering presence of the past.August 30, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-detective-mystery short-story
‘Unpravaield justice!’ By Maria Alston.Inner city angel, , This story is about a young mother who raised 5 children alone & one day she went to pic them up from school to find out c.p.s.took them .5 years after slaving to get them back .The c.p.s worker admitted to lying on the paperwork to obtain the children...# I am her.August 30, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘Fanciful ‘ By Bellakat, , Clients in an assisted living facility soon realize they are not alone when they discover fairies residing within their facility.August 30, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘GRANDAD WAS AN AIR RAID WARDEN’ By Anne Godden-Segard, , A short bio of my British grandfather who was an air raid warden during WW2 in Southampton, UK. He was a tough guy. He vowed that if the Germans landed on British soil, “I will go after them with my pitchfork." Years later I learned that he never owned a pitchfork.August 30, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘Flex Out ‘ By Bobbie Bell, , A short story in which a young man finally understands why God told us to be kind and compassionate. When he thought he knew everything and realized he had a lot more growing and learning to do.August 30, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘As above, so below.’ By Bobby Bell, , Based on a true story. The reality of a relationship that was not meant to be.August 30, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘To Kvetch or To Kvell, That is the Kvestion’ By Phyllis Cohen, , An essay (hopefully humorous) to understand how Yiddish became so prevalent in American English.August 30, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-humor-entertainment short-story
‘Spectre’ By Crimson Skizz, , Waking in the dead of night, I notice things are not as they should. As I move through my mansion, reflecting on my past, I ponder who may be here with me-and what they are going to do once I find them.August 30, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘Sweet Detriment down Corridors ‘ By Robyn Ginnie, , This story tells a mystical tale of a chemistry shared between two people. The story is written from the admirer’s point of view and surrounds an infatuation by a lecturer with one of his students, Lilea. After a series of fateful events, his infatuation is returned. This cosmic connection forms by means of fate and destiny. The love for the two people have for each other is both effortless and undeniable, beautiful and bittersweet.August 30, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Ruby and the Turbo Tree’ By Michelle Oakley, , Follow Ruby on a journey through a meadow, where she discovers a magical tree. This special tree grows something very different. Rather than flowers or fruit it grows kittens. Follow Ruby and her kittens on their adventures to Cat City.August 30, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-childrens-fiction short-story
‘Seventeen years asleep and the awakening’ By Deana Kiser, , Meet me: the real life Rip Van Winkle. No, I wasn’t literally asleep like him but I was asleep for many parts of my life for nearly two decades after an accident followed by debilitating chronic pain. It was not a painless restful slumber. In addition to pain it was filled with: opioid addiction, immobility, weight gain and obesity, clinical depression, and an reclusive existence … and then a single moment in time awoke me and propelled me to reclaim time and life. It’s been a physical and mental transformation while coming to acceptance that this nerve/pain disease is an unwanted companion in life I must co-exist. This is a journey of reconciling what was and dreaming new old dreams again versus the nightmare of the dark slumber now that I’ve fought and clawed my way back into the light of day Like Rip I tell my tale of the many years of sleep to all the village. I invite you in…August 30, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘Hoarder Bob’s Mom’ By Deborah Watts, , Bob's house and property was one of the worst hoarding nightmares I have ever seen. His 96 year mother died.. supposedly in a care home. That wasn't the truth he had her buried under a pile of hoarding crap to cover her up. He just did want to let her go. He thought people in other countries keep the dead bodies in the house. Eventually to hide the smell of he has to put her in ONE of his numerous freezers. Now the time it come to slowly clean up his horrific hoarding mess. Bob bought a meat grinder and ground up his beloved Mother. Bob repackaged his ground up dead Mom in big rotten hamburger packages and fed the rotten hamburger to the dogs. Then he dumped the rotten smelly package in the dumpster. Bob knew If anybody would encounter the rotten repackaged meat that looked unopened.. the smell would be blamed on the hamburger. No one would ever know.August 30, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘The toils of man’ By Keairah Leftrick, , In the life of man, there are many joys and sorrows. There are trials and hardships as well as causes to celebrate. This is the lot man must contend with.August 30, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-religion-spirituality short-story
‘Wrong Target’ By Lana Bradstream, , People in Trier kept to themselves, but loved to know one another's business. They gathered information through watching, listening, whispering. Their eyes, ears and tongues descended on Thomas, a young man whose hands were sticky. Their vindictiveness and judgments took Thomas from a life on the streets to something much worse.August 29, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘God’s Plan’ By Grace Kerner, , A raw perspective of religion, faith, and loss through the eyes of a young girl named Ruby. As her questions and feelings about the afterlife and God persist, so do her home struggles, internal battles, and heartbreak; which help her come full circle on how to feel about the religion and ideas she was raised with.August 29, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
”Confessions of a non-Best-Selling Author’ By Thomas McKenna, , Can a somewhat computer-challenged Boomer navigate his MacBook Pro and the realm of indie publishing to fulfill a lifelong dream of creating his first book? Can he conquer those pesky copy/paste commands and those never-ending 'hard-returns?' Find out in Mr. McKenna's hilarious short-story, 'Confessions of a non-Best-Selling Author.'August 29, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-humor-entertainment short-story
‘Daniel’ By Lorri Smalls, , The story starts from the perspective of Geneva Britt, a former high school sweetheart who's anxious to reunite with her unrequited love, Daniel Hall, at his book signing. Will the two of them get back together, or will they part for good?August 29, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Shitty Day Sonnets’ By Michelle Lisan, , While Sonnets usually bring to mind the floral romance of Shakespeare, I prefer to give my complaints a jaunty meter so it feels less sad. But also, definitely more sad.August 29, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘Why You Shouldn’t Flip Off Strangers’ By Liz Frame, , A dysfunctional family goes on a well intentioned vacation, but to there misfortune, after flipping off a stranger driving a semi, everything takes a turn for the worse. Will the family reconnect and resolve their feud?August 29, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-adventure short-story
‘The Toymaker’s Secret’ By Brianna DeLong-Brown, , 18 year old Juniper York is desperate for a new beginning where she can prove to the world she can make something of herself. That’s when she found a flier for Jack Robert’s toy shop. A nice little starter job is one foot in the right direction. Or….is it the start to something more sinister?August 29, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘Lady In Red’ By Rory McKenzie, , Home alone on her five-year anniversary, Erica resigns herself to another boring Friday night in. But when a mysterious package arrives at her door, she’s thrust into cryptic game of Simon Says, where losing could mean having her intimate secrets exposed.August 29, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘The Collective Man’ By Corey Ramsey, , An impetuous act by a young scientist is seemingly responsible for near global genocide. He now races against the clock to save perhaps the only life remaining on the planet; himself and three reluctant companions.August 29, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Nine Months’ By Lana Bradstream, , In the not-too-distant future, victims of sexual assault have to endure further torture. If the assault results in pregnancy, they are not given a choice whether or not to carry. The women with enough value and money are given an additional choice - stay awake through it all or select an induced coma.August 29, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Zepeh Brotherhood’ By Christophe Willermoz, , An utopian world beneath Uluru which works directly with extraterrestrial civilisations.August 29, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Who Told You Life Was Fair’ By Karen Hontz, , A countries tragedy opens the innocent eyes of a ten year old girl, who learns that the good guy doesn't always win; changing her sheltered world of black and whites to an ambiguous grey.August 29, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘The Holiday Witch’ By Melissa Bowden, , Anandrea loved Halloween so much every year she would prepare for the next Halloween all year long she decoratied her lil cottage for the special changes of each mthAugust 28, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘The Simpleton And The Bronze Unicorn’ By Cass Hawkings, , Lucinda is the daughter of a blacksmith, but she and her best (and only) friend, Maria, are treated poorly because of their skills. Wanting to change the trajectory of their lives, Lucinda decides to spin wool on a spinning wool and with the help of her father, Papa Saz, creates a beautiful creature.August 28, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Silence ‘ By Monica Howard, , Recurring dream leads to a realization of infidelity and ends fatally.August 28, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Water in the Desert’ By Hannah Marie., , A small business owner flips the weakness in her body and emerges into a passion for cooking by growing a bakery. Baker Heather Dillard’s body rejects itself and she has a brush with death, but she refuses to let that stop her. She learns about healing through foods and shares her own recipes in books and baking. Her vision for the future continues to grow, and she refuses to submit to the conventional, striving to push beyond barriers.August 28, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-motivational-inspirational short-story
‘Locust ‘ By Sibyl R Cooper, , The Chimera Programme was a scientific failure but a creative success. Scientist Dr. Glen Lanstern merged the consciousness of twelve writers with an animal of their choice to report on their experience outside of human thought under animal law. Unfortunately, the writers were all driven to madness and muteness once returned to human form, but they produced creative work about their experiences. From this failure, The Chimera Collection of Short Fiction was born. Author Gareth Harlow's contribution to the collection, 'Locust', is of great interest to the academic community. Reprinted frequently after the collection's initial release, scientists, anthropologists, and philosophers are still baffled by Harlow's contribution and continue their attempts to decipher the layers of his retelling.August 28, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Boy’ By Stephen Conrad, , Can a boy be born bad? Some kids get to be kids, others never will. In a world separated from the free world, kids who believe they're men commit grown up offenses. Some boys navigate what it means to be a man while having never been a kid. What can you learn about life if there's no one to teach you? What if your future hangs on the decision of one judge and 12 jurors? You begin life hoping for the best, but quickly find that all your hopes, dreams and desires have slim chance of ever becoming reality. For boys who are not yet men, hope slowly fades a bit more everyday. There are no children here.August 28, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘The Watchers’ By Louis P Cervone, , The Watchers is a Trilogy of a world that may actually exist somewhere in the world hidden from mainstream view. While the locations of these unseen societies is vague the reader may find similarities to their own communities.August 28, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-dystopian short-story
‘The Watchers’ By Louis P Cervone, , The Watchers is a Trilogy of a world that may actually exist somewhere in the world hidden from mainstream view. While the locations of these unseen societies is vague the reader may find similarities to their own communities.August 28, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-dystopian short-story
‘There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Boy’ By Stephen Conrad, , Can a boy be born bad? Some kids get to be kids, others never will. In a world separated from the free world, kids who believe they're men commit grown up offenses. Some boys navigate what it means to be a man while having never been a kid. What can you learn about life if theirs no one to teach you? What if your future hangs on the decision of one judge and 12 jurors? You begin life hoping for the best, but quickly find that all your hopes, dreams and desires have slim chance of ever becoming reality. For boys who are not yet men, hope slowly fades a bit more everyday. There are no children here.August 28, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘Death Stood in the Doorway’ By adriano garcia, , After years of escaping his bony hand, I have my final showdown with Death.August 28, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘S.A.D.A.C.A.B.A.C.O.B.O.T. Yeah, I’d want to know too!’ By Trace Ole’, , I'm going to vibrantly illustrate the crazy, cruel, hilarious, painfully honest way I have come to know and understand this life. It's with no exaggeration, a gripping tale that is seemingly foreign and yet very relatable. If I hadn't lived it myself, I'd swear it got ripped off from some fictional character made for TV. Tragic, Funny, Dramatic, Psychotic. All Truth, all Semantic, No Filter. Why? Because Somebody else out there is Constantly Blind-sided as well. I just don't want them thinking their alone.August 27, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘ Sadacabacobot- Oh Yes, I’d Wanna Know Too.’ By Trace Ole’, , The idea here is to illustrate the challenges and difficulties facing many people today. From a sea of distractions to learning how best to live. I'd like to showcase many relevant and relatable problems that no prior generation has any experience with, hence no advice. The spotlight will focus on addiction in it's many forms, reminding everyone that hey, we are all on the same rock and basically need and want for the same things. So my intention is to lead the reader to walk down paths they may never have even considered, by dissolving that illusion many subscribe to; that they and their experiences are somehow more important than someone else's.August 27, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘The Little Black Book’ By gloria lockridge, , When person's curiosity causes them to imagine all sorts of things and eventually leads them to explore. Their curiosity is satisfied when strange events are revealed to them..August 27, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-childrens-fiction short-story
‘The Masseuse’ By Scilla, , The ions and jolly masseuse came to work for the rich, old man, yet seemed to had ulterior motivesAugust 27, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘To the Father of Cats’ By BC Charles, , A young man leaves his family to try his luck in the untamed wilderness with a magical cat as his only companion. When his cat is injured he must determine what he will do to save her.August 27, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Divine Intervention from Above ‘ By Paula Zahratka, , God in my lifeAugust 27, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘Unexpected Love’ By Helaine Hunt Martin-Jack, , When you think all is lost, love blossoms out of pain and darknessAugust 27, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Memoir of Devil’s mind ‘ By Nettie Martinez, , The cruelty of a Dark Narcissist man to his supposedly love ones ... What I have done to you to deserve all this painful treatment that keeps over and over with your thoughts, your words and actions I remain with laceration in my mind, soul, and all over my body Over years past by... she was able to scape alive and successful reinitiate her wounded life.August 27, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Angels posing as humans on planet Earth’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about angels posing as humans on planet Earth.August 27, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘The Murder Of Viola Beck’ By Cass Hawkings, , Murder victim Jocelyn Beck tells the story of how she helped to dig deeper into the mess of a mystery that is the murder of her grandmother, Viola Beck. Knowing she will need help, Jocelyn recruits Erin Naylor, the resident crime journalism student in their small hometown of Ernst alongside a crew of helpful townspeople.August 27, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-detective-mystery short-story
‘Izzy’s Ink’ By Izzy Wilson, , I. Genesis...a poem about the inception of domestic violence and incest that shaped my young self. II. Consequence...2 poems about my return--despite helping hundreds of other women escape family violence as a social worker (and knowing and ignoring the red flags)--to submissively accepting multiple forms of abuse. III. Phoenix Rising..."The misogyny--that foot on my neck--held me down only till I was pissed enough to fight back tooth and nail!" --Izzy WilsonAugust 26, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘The Homecoming(from The Outsiders Adventures)’ By OSYM1, , This story, is a part of a collection of short stories, in a volume about 2 Brothers, that are mercenaries. They only do jobs for the benefit of society and good people. This story follows the Brothers in their early days of training, centered around the older Brother, Scott, who is having a training session with the Painted One, (P.O.) in their private dojo and home, in a secluded mountain, far away from society. They're suddenly visited by a former student, who brings good and bad news about an old friend of P.O.'s.August 26, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-dystopian short-story
‘Izzy’s Ink’ By Izzy wilson, , Collection of 3-4 autobiographical poems; one on being silenced, one on childhood abuse/family violence, one about a former domestic violence counselor who fell in love w an abuser.August 26, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘Blink’ By Kevin Holmes, , These are what happens when the person blinks. Stream of consciousness bits in between.August 26, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘The Adventures of Abraxis and Graymite’ By Corpus, , There is a School that still burning Green Fire: the people are STILL BURNING AND SCREAMING. She has trouble bathing, writing and understanding many things, but she's one hell of a Conduit! The Contaminants are rising. Can Lady Abraxis and her team deal with inner demons, desires and their past at the same time?August 26, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Die for me’ By Peter Lehmann, , True Tale of a boxer who won Gold in Olympic games, first for his country, turned professional and was killed in his championship fight. Die for me was the last words his trainer said to him as he entered the last round.August 26, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘Die for me’ By Peter Lehmann, , True Tale of a boxer who won Gold in Olympic games, first for his country, turned professional and was killed in his championship fight. Die for me was the last words his trainer said to him as he entered the last round.August 26, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘BTW No Judgement!’ By Sarah Hinkes, , recently read an article in the New York Times regarding the subject of coercive control. U.S. Congresswoman Cori Bush spoke of her own personal experience with a “HIM”, and furthermore applauded Scotland, while admitting that the United States has a lot of catching up to do to take this very serious reality, and make it a true criminalized act. It’s time I’m brave enough to share my own journey. As you know from reading this, I am 3 out of 10 that got out, I am still today 1 out of 10 that SURVIVED! If my story helps just one woman see the signs before the abuse, then all of this will be worth it. This was written at that time. I am open to a larger project but it has taken me seven years to get this far. In the last three years between open heart surgery for an aortic aneurysm, and in June of 2020 a brain craniotomy due to a rather persistent meningioma. Meeting and escaping “HIM” was the most intense and terrifying experience of my young life of 42 years. For these past seven years I have let myself recover physically, emotionally, and in some cases spiritually. I have built walls around me, and over time trusted family, friends, and recently a significant other to at times break through. I am still amazed at how much I tend not to trust when in fact I have the best of intentions to do so. Even though I am not broken, I have won, I do not believe that there will ever be a moment in my life when I will ever feel truly free. That is what this does to you, so let’s together help anyone out here who has or is in this situation, give them a voice, give them strength, respectfully I am still alive, still healthy luckily, so I have to believe that this truth is meant to shared. Thank you for your consideration.August 26, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘The Cuckoo Clock ‘ By Sarah Hinkes, , This has been destined as similar to The Tell Tale HeartAugust 26, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘The Adventures of Stripey the Fish! ‘ By Sarah Hinkes, , Starlight, a blue fish that shone bright like the stars, swam over to see what’s the matter with her friend Stripey. She listened and agreed that something must be done to help him. Starlight called the other fish together for a fish emergency meeting. Stripey spoke about how sad it made him feel that all the other fish in the tank had a brother, or sister fish that was of their kind. Stripey also explained that he was all by himself, and we wanted to believe that somewhere out there, his family was waiting for him. With his fin, he pointed to the sky up above Lewis’s fish tank that expanded out over a vast, big, and new world. The meeting was very promising, all the other fish promised to help Stripey find his family. All through the week the fish saved bits of fish food for Stripey, Starlight helped to make a sack out of seaweed for Stripey to carry things in. One very big problem remained. Once Stripey was out of the tank, he couldn’t swim in the air, what was a fish with fins, gills, and fishy eyes to do?August 26, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-childrens-fiction short-story
‘A Pond’ By Dan Amego, , He was worn down to the end because of the isolation from the sickness. She talks him out of it.August 26, 2023Voteanthology-program contest-category-self-help-personal-development short-story