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‘Imagine if Alien Life Could Detect Health Problems of Humans through mental telepathy’ By Keith Burkholder, , Alien life is able to detect problems in humans via mental telepathy.December 4, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘The powerful and helpful voodoo doll’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about a voodoo doll that is great for people. It is powerful and helpful not mean and evil.December 1, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Human life evolving through time as time carries forward’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about human evolution through time.November 30, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Dead people that can communicate with dogs only’ By Keith Burkholder, , The dead are able to communicate with dogs.November 27, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘His powerful control using his mind’ By Keith Burkholder, , Charles can control minds of humans on planet Earth.November 24, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘A new life for the dead as planet Earth revolves around the sun’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about the reincarnation of the dead in outer space.November 21, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘He Leaves planet Earth for good’ By Keith Burkholder, , Jeremiah has had enough of planet Earth. He will leave the planet for good.November 14, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘A Hole in the wall that leads to a new world’ By Keith Burkholder, , This hole in the wall allows for this person to travel in time. It keeps his mind and options open.November 13, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘His powerful control using his mind’ By Keith Burkholder, , Charles is able to control humans through his mind. This is a powerful concept to understand.November 12, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘The Spaceship that lands in a world of crystals’ By Keith Burkholder, , This spaceship lands in a different world. It is a world full of crystals. They will explore and do research on this world.November 1, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Bisexual Aliens’ By Keith Burkholder, , These aliens are bisexual in nature. They go about and look like humans while on Earth. They are from the planet of Mars.October 31, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘While asleep on a beach, a guardian angel comes, and he greets him with open arms’ By Keith Burkholder, , Steven is greeted on a beach by what appears a homeless person. However, little does he know it is his guardian angel. They talk for some time and Steven is helpful to him. He feeds him a few sandwiches and something to drink. They continue to converse and then after a while, the homeless man walks away and then just disappears. Little does Steven know he is a guardian angel. For next five Christmases he receives $500 from this unknown person.October 27, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Helicopter Ride into New Dimension (A Universe Unknown to Us)’ By Keith Burkholder, , Robert flies his helicopter into a new dimension. It is in a dimension not known to him.October 26, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘He uses mental telepathy to grow taller or shorter’ By Keith Burkholder, , Mitchell uses mental telepathy to grow taller and shorter. This allows him to get out of bad situations.October 25, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘The Ventriloquist Doll Brings the Dead at the Cemetery Back to Life’ By Keith Burkholder, , This ventriloquist doll can bring the dead back to life. It is able and willing to do this at any cost.October 24, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Dragon’ By Vivien Huerta-Guimont, , The title Dragon is an homage to the term chasing the dragon. A line often used for heroin users chasing a high to escape the hardship in which life can sometimes erupt into. Danny, our protagonist, is a teenage girl with autism. She has a habit of breaking into odd reflections in the middle of conversations. Her life has been a series of conflicts ever since she was thrown out of her home at such a pivotal time in her development. Externally she wanted to steal her sister’s college savings to buy heroin. Internally she wanted to enact revenge on her family. She formulated a plan on the rooftop of a building across the street from her old apartment. When she is met with the ordeal of her choices, she is almost stopped by her father’s grip and her mother’s pleading. At this moment, she gets the confrontation she wanted to have with her family. A confrontation building within her for two years. To her dismay, she had hoped to run into the exact cruel words that broke her when she first left, but instead received the softness and regrets her parents held for her. Danny’s character growth develops in the wrong direction. At this moment, she chooses violence over forgiveness. At this moment, she chooses to go down a darker path.October 24, 2022Voteyoung-adultanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘The mouse and witch’ By Grahi, , The story is about a mouse and witch.October 19, 2022Votechildrensanthology-program contest-category-childrens-fiction short-story
‘Life that has been witnessed and experienced in our universe’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about UFO that exists in the state of Iowa. It is hovering around the countryside to see human life.October 18, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘The Flying Priest’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about a priest who can fly in the sky. He has this great capability.October 17, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Skeletons in her Closet’ By Fizza Younis, , Mina is haunted by her past, caged by hatred, and sought out therapy. She thought it would solve all her problems if she could talk to someone, but things only worsened. What would happen when the skeletons in her closet came tumbling down on her?October 15, 2022Votemystery-suspenseanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘The adventures of a person with a life path of five’ By Keith Burkholder, , A person who follows numerology in this story and their adventures.October 7, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘The Gateway to a new Dimension of life’ By Keith Burkholder, , Bruce traveling to a different dimension from the universe he is used to.October 6, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Mother’ By Monique DuBois, , A story of codependency and the bond between mother and daughter and overcoming generational trauma in the face of hard timesOctober 2, 2022Votebiographies-memoirsanthology-program contest-category-motivational-inspirational short-story
‘the darling darklings’ By Gregory Barone, , A dark take on a sibling rivalry.September 10, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Dawnbringer’ By Jacob Moll-Luden, , (Warning: Swearing and violence) What happens to a "hero" after they have saved the day? Self sacrifice takes it's toll. Heroism can be a heavy burden, especially when you don't consider yourself a good person. Dawnbringer follows Jared: left a broken man after his world saving exploits, he seems content to drown himself in booze until a character from his past shows up and tries to remind him what he fought for in the first place.September 1, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Bloodlines’ By Bruce Boodoosingh, , Ancient beings come back during world war 2 and their interactions with humans brings chaos.August 26, 2022Votehistorical-fictionanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘The Witch Hazel’ By Warren Paul Glover, , A missionary disturbs the peace and equilibrium of a village when he imposes his religious zeal upon the populous, causing the mob to murder the local witch which in turn has disastrous consequences on the villager's futures.August 24, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Soldiers ‘ By Tracy Collins, , Short story about the most important people who serve, served and served to protect our family, friends and country. Just My experience from when my daughter served our country for nine years.August 17, 2022Votehorroranthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
’31st July’ By Ahmod Nusaiba Nawar, , The story is about my best friend who left the country. This story tells about the journey we had together on the last day before she left. And the reasons I will miss her for.August 13, 2022Voteliterary-fictionanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘The Legend of Sleepy Aiea’ By Doc Krinberg, , In a contemporary reimagining of Irving's 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' the story is now set in late 20th Century O'ahu with the terrifying headless Hessian now replaced by a fierce Hawaiian Night Marcher; a spirit of from a pitch battle in 1795...a new arrival from the mainland in the form of Ike Kurane, a teacher with a flair for hula dancing starts winning hearts and minds of the female staff at Aiea High and is most drawn to Kalina Aka Weiwei, a beautiful teacher and daughter to a rich developer much to the chagrin of Abraham 'Brah' Keoloa, a retired NFL player and asst. football coach who for awhile has been Kalina's steady beau. Being addicted to ghost stories, Kurane is swept up in fellow teacher Dr. Van Meter's tales of the haunting of R building, where both teach. The story of the headless warrior and testimony to its hauntings have led the staff to actually lock the benjos (bathrooms) in R building. Calamity ensues when Kurane, on Homecoming/Halloween leaves the festivities and goes to fetch a gift Van Meter and the math department bought for Kalina, alone and in the darkened R building.August 11, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘The Shrink With a Racoon Pet’ By Adélie Williams, , The room was blue. The top part of the walls was painted in a light grey blue and the bottom part of a darker blue, almost green. It was situated in the shrink’s house, at the very end of the corridor that was white, egg-white actually. The shrink would come and open the door himself, leading you into the blue room. He’s about 60 years old. Glasses. He has a nice vibe. And he has a raccoon pet.August 9, 2022Voteliterary-fictionanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘La Langagière – Part 1’ By Adélie Williams, , La Langagière: noun. French made up word designating a small book cabinet made out of wood, that also serves at a secret safe. 1766, France. A noble palace in Paris holds a secret. This secret has its roots in the Tower of Babel era. Of course, very few people really know about it, not even the Pope or any king do, and very soon, our three protagonists will. Sir Édouard, Marquis de la Seine, his friend, Godefroy Hermant the 3rd and Célestine, a witty sweet servant of the house, will embark you far beyond your reading spot. It all starts when our dear Marquis goes on a cleaning spree, deciding to declutter his massive book collection... when peculiar books appear, filled with an unknown dialect. Soon, they are men and woman on a mission to decipher the mystery, taking them first, the mystical coastline of Brittany.August 9, 2022Votehistorical-fictionanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘Loose Leaves In Tea ‘ By Psychic Jane or Ladybutterfly, , Jane is a psychic and medium . During a tornado 🌪 she meets a girl in spirit who tells her where her body is. Then she meets Brad ( an FBI agent) falls in love and helps the dead girl find her perpetrator.August 2, 2022Voteromanceanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘The Christmas Gift’ By Mike Sutton, , A story of will, determination, near tragedy and the Miracle of Christmas. As the holiday season approached and money scarce what was a young family to doAugust 1, 2022Votebiographies-memoirsanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘The Resonance of War’ By Kim Appelgryn, , It’s 1945 and World War II has finally come to its end and the world is rejoicing! Two years before the war ended, two best friends sign up to fight against the Italians and Germans in Sicily until the enemy bombs their compound. Being the sole survivor, Herbert goes back to his homeland in South Africa with a broken heart, having lost his best friend while others around him celebrate. Having dealt with such a blow and coming home as a decorated war hero, he struggles with life as a simple barber. Years pass and mysterious, chilling notes begin to appear at his shop and home. No one can identify whose sending these disturbing messages, but his family is now in danger and he can no longer put it off. With the police involved, many outlandish reports flood into the station of who the mysterious person could be. But one thing is clear: all the reports describe a one-legged man who is always seen in the shadows, leaning heavily on a crutch. What started as only eccentric police reports and public hearsay, now turn into certainty with deadly consequences.August 1, 2022Votemystery-suspenseanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘The Tall Woman’ By Hugh Jenkins, , The victim of a monster recounts the horror to her comrades.August 1, 2022Votehorroranthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘Darkness’ By Liz Reeder, , After becoming trapped in a cave and being plunged into total darkness, Jeff must contend with things around him. He cannot distinguish between his imagination and reality as he waits for rescue. He won't know the answer unless help arrives in time.July 31, 2022Votehorroranthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘Soured Ink’ By Liz Reeder, , What happens when a mischievous child finds a can of calcium carbide? Total chaos in his one-room schoolhouse.July 31, 2022Votebiographies-memoirsanthology-program contest-category-biography short-story
‘Out Of This World’ By Tony Murray, , What about cover art? Work made from recycled plastics.July 31, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘THE SHADOW’ By Altarra, , A girl should indeed be trapped in black and white to ensure that the color of the world does not fade. The girl is known as "Shadow." She'd been imprisoned behind a hill for far too long to be able to distinguish between day and night as well as feel fear. Nobody would take her out or even engage in conversation to her. Until one autumn afternoon, when a boy named Green ended up going to  the back of the hill, carrying a birthday cake and all his  complaints for the world. For the first time, the two struck up a conversation, and it's now telling you how the blue hour drove the Shadow Girl and The Boy to obtain their most precious gift. "What song are you singing, Shadow?" "Anything to free my voice."July 31, 2022Votedystopiananthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘VOICES UNHEARD’ By Shield Nazo Philips, , Sandra loses hope of continuing school, gets raped by her own stepfather, but eventually gets saved by her friend's mother! Mr. Ali tries loses his big paying job and suddenly turns to a house boy in his own house. After enduring the inhumane treatments from his wife, he ends the marriage to have his peace. Dele who has been molested for two years by his father's wife, decides to end his life, but his father was on time to stop it! Mrs. Bella who has been abused in her marriage, endures it for a while. She gives up when she finds out that her husband raped her daughter.July 31, 2022Votemystery-suspenseanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘PAIN & PLEASURE’ By MJ, , A young woman with a rare disease gets caught up in an elaborate escape with a stranger that turns out to be not so strange, just trapped in a lot of strange shit.July 31, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘In These Dark Woods’ By J. C. Gentry, , A growing darkness haunts the borders of Mr. Wickham's small town. After all his mercenaries have failed to protect their settlement, he does something he never thought he'd do - he seeks out a young woman to finish the job. Clara is no stranger to the risks of monster hunting. It's in her blood, after all. Where the winding roads give way to the sharp, unforgiving lines of ice-crusted trees, she finds the creature that's cursing their land... And not for the first time in her career, she wonders who the real monster might be.July 30, 2022Votehorroranthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘114 1/2 Park Street’ By Joseph Rocco, , An alien invasion brings a married couple on the verge of a divorce back together.July 30, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘The Circle’ By Gregg Stone, , In the words of our storyteller, "It can be more literally true than one can imagine that the eyes are the window to the soul. It's not just some cliché for young idealists and lovers of poetry. For some, like me, the window is wide open. It can become reality in the form of a rare condition. About .000003% of the world's population has this "gift,” including me." The condition is, by all means, not a "gift."July 30, 2022Votemystery-suspenseanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘Starboard’ By Brittney Rittof, , Newlyweds Ian and Brittney decide to go sailing one summer evening. Ian, a skilled sailor, is thrilled. Brittney is just happy to be along for the ride. During their voyage, Brittney accidently finds herself captain of the trimaran. With the help of her husband (and a few arguments in between), she navigates a new world of sailing, partnership, and self-reflection.July 30, 2022Votebiographies-memoirsanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘Mason’s nap time Adventure’ By Tessa Underwood, , My story is about my cat going on a grand adventure to help his new fairy friends before his dinner time.July 30, 2022Votechildrensanthology-program contest-category-childrens-fiction short-story
‘The Fest ‘ By Jessica Johnson, , A young girl and boy visit their town's traveling fair for the first time alone. After hearing about the magical happenings at the fair, they sneak off to investigate but discover something more horrific than they could've imagined.July 29, 2022Votehorroranthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘The Girl’ By AC Soto, , One girl kills another to assume her identity.July 29, 2022Votemystery-suspenseanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘The Calculus Tales Part 1’ By A W, , Addressing given audience of the people receiving this transmission. This text is meant as a devotion to the exploration, espousal, and adherence to nature, which i believe is necessary for the improvement of our own peoples. As is to my current knowledge, we have discovered and documented forms of nature beyond our own understanding, and it is my goal to reach this level of understanding of nature, and the abilities to explore nature that they have. In return, i expect only donations, and the price for which this text is put up for, so that i may continue the work of my people currently, to unlock the forms of nature hidden away from us by our currently allotted forms of nature. This text is to be considered a holy text, its purpose is the pronunciation of the sacred vowels of calculus. For the sake of my protection, and the protection of my works, parts of any of my works will not be published here, in the case of this work, the full version will be posted to publishing channels soon. In the meantime, your donations makes up the majority of my subsistence. Thank you for any donations. All Rights ReservedJuly 29, 2022Votesports-outdoorsanthology-program contest-category-childrens-fiction short-story
‘Tentative: The myth of creation and rain’ By Comfort Mordi, , A very long time ago the earth was dark, empty and so shapeless. Nothing lived on earth. There were no trees, farmlands, animals, houses, or humans like we have today. Everywhere on earth was very still. One day the great one looked down from his home in heaven and saw how dark, empty and shapeless the earth was. He wasn't happy about how dark, empty and shapeless the earth looked. So, he decided to do something about it. The Earth was part of his handy work and since he loved perfection, he wanted the earth to have a very perfect look. Great, right? First, he imagined the wonders he wanted the Earth to have. He thought of what he could make out of Earth's shapeless nature. After much thought, he drew a plan. He showed the plan to his servants and asked what they thought of it. Servant Gabriel said it looked good while servant Micheal was very amazed at the beautiful art Eleduwa had drawn. All other servants also thought the plan looked great. In Eleduwa's plan, there were beautiful trees, water bodies, amazing creatures, and lots more. After confirming that the plan was an amazing plan the journey to earth began. The journey to recreate and redefine the earth. As soon as Eleduwa's feet touched the earth, his presence brought light to the dark earth. Then step after step he began making the earth look beautiful as he had already drawn in his plan. He spoke first to the roof above the earth and created the clouds. Then after that, he made the sun, moon, and beautiful stars. When he was done with that he spoke and brought to life all kinds of birds and ordered them to fill the clouds. It was indeed a beautiful sight to behold. As the servants cheered at the beauty of creation, Eleduwa felt something was amiss. What could be amiss? Can you guess?July 29, 2022Votechildrensanthology-program contest-category-childrens-fiction short-story
‘Dust in My Crevices’ By Michele Jaenke, , When embarking on a road trip of self-discovery, Michele finds herself stranded on the road, receiving help from an unlikely source.July 29, 2022Votehumor-entertainmentanthology-program contest-category-adventure short-story
‘The Cormorant’ By David Lloyd, , Based on the true life Edwardian love story of Stephen Reynolds, fisheries expert and Harry Painter, a trawler man The Cormorant is a tale of remembrance and loss, reflecting on presence in absence with the landscape acting as a trigger for reminiscence. Set a year after the tragedy of the Spanish Flu it speaks of the bond that existed between two men at a time when such relationships were forbidden.July 29, 2022Votehistorical-fictionanthology-program contest-category-lgbtq short-story
‘The Bee His Club: Battle the Bully’ By Gem Lieser, , Four elementary age students band together to form the Bee His Club. A club that utilizes Biblical teachings to help their peers and family combat everyday life issues, as well as trauma. The group meet weekly for backyard fun and worship. Come along and join in on the first of many adventures of the Bee His Club!July 28, 2022Votechildrensanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Can I Sue My Parents For Birthing Me Without Consent ‘ By Vanessa Wambui, , When life’s absurdity unfurls, it crashes the very essence of who we thought we are. The foundations we lived by in our childhood shatter and reality cripples us, leaving our dreams and our prior learnt motivation (often famous quotes) an illusion. Anger and confusion submerge our reflections and the first light through our window turns us into maniacs. I find myself at this point in my life where everything I learnt and thought that prepared me for life, no longer comforts me and the walls are closing in every day. I find myself unable to conquer my darker side as I did before with every rising sun. I find me stuck in loops of what I thought my life would be at this age and chapter. I constantly find myself waiting for night’s merciful darkness, unlike that cruel light of day that mocks me. I am drowning in the routine bareness of my existence. Sometimes I know exactly what I should do to face this new reality. At others, I don't care, I rather hide. My reality is far from the utopia I had thought I would champion and I am bruised and damaged by my fallen fantasies of art, beauty, dreams, fairness, justice, freedom, love, truth, and poetry, that I chased in my naive youth to a crippling quick end. Has my horizon reached, I wonder? Have I spoiled before I sprouted? Is this the beginning, middle or end of my life’s book?July 28, 2022Votedystopiananthology-program contest-category-dystopian short-story
‘HANS AND THE DWARF’ By Kai Cofer, , After rescuing a dwarf from imminent peril, Hans, a poor farmer's son, is blessed with enormous wealth and cursed with an enormous beard. And if he should ever shave that which he holds most precious will belong to the dwarf. Within a year, Hans marries the Princes Agatha and they have a son; that which Hans holds most precious. Agatha, who hates beards, threatens to take the child away unless Hans shaves. He caves to her demand. Big mistake for as soon as the beard is gone the dwarf comes to collect the child. What must Hans do to rescue his child?July 27, 2022Votechildrensanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘A Christmas Story’ By Susan Barr, , A single mother by choice describes her journey to becoming a parent 20 years agoJuly 26, 2022Votebiographies-memoirsanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘The Magic of Christmas’ By Chimnese Davids, , The magic of Christmas is a story that could truly make one feel the presence of what Christmas means to us. It passes and changes through time. When Paxton found himself questioning life, his goals, and everything that once meant something to him. He is on the road to self-discovery, but what he does not know was that his entire world including his perspective of life will change. Only one night, one childhood heartbreak. It's all it took.July 26, 2022Voteliterary-fictionanthology-program contest-category-positive-social-transformation short-story
‘The Adventures of Grandma And Me’ By Chimnese Davids, , The Adventures of Grandma and me is based on a story about a little boy who lived with his grandparents. He lost his parents at an early age and had to live with his mother's parents. Due to the fact he grew fondly of them, he was taking on fishing adventures with his grandpa while grandma told him stories about herself when she was younger. But there were other grandparents that wanted him, but the only place he wants to be is with the grandma that loves him and makes him feel safe.July 26, 2022Votechildrensanthology-program contest-category-childrens-fiction short-story
‘STARLIGHT POEMS’ By Ellyne, , Poems about society, politics, and the difficult situation of LGBTQ. A little drop of melancholy, a dose of happiness, surrounded by social walls, yet knocking down barriers, the poet tells my words about my feelings.July 26, 2022Votelgbtqanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Metaphor of love’ By Sajini N, , Some love stories aren't meant for ever ever, but they can walk on parallel roads forever. Eventhough love reflects,their life would have diverged. Leyla and hafiz are in such knots. To know more about them life let's peep into their life.July 26, 2022Voteromanceanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Between Two Souls’ By Kairin, , A vampire who needs human blood once a month is forced to hide behind a tree in desperation but a crippled girl gives the vampire her blood because she thinks he's just joking. But the incident changed the girl's life forever.July 25, 2022Voteromanceanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Return of Capstone ‘ By Chad Adams, , Prophetic vision of modern events entrapped within common culture ideologies.July 25, 2022Voteliterary-fictionanthology-program contest-category-adventure short-story
‘Who Are You?’ By A. A. White, , Who are you? A simple, three word question houses so much weight. During Owen Carter's senior year of college, he is not sure how to answer this question confidently. Instead, he spends his time watching his professor, unsure of whether he likes him or would like to be him. It is only when Owen can answer this question that he can sort through his feelings for his past professor.July 24, 2022Votelgbtqanthology-program contest-category-lgbtq short-story
‘The Captive’ By Shrutidhora P Mohor, , A storyteller's narration bears uncanny resemblance with his professional life and as he gets interrogated and penalised by powers that be, he discovers himself to be as trapped as his captors are in the web of unreliable narratives. The Captive is an unsettling tale of hegemonic discourses, entrenched normativity, and the rage of a misfit soul.July 24, 2022Voteliterary-fictionanthology-program contest-category-dystopian short-story
‘My Lady’ By Angelici, , A young girl is looking for a place to stay and finds herself repeating the same story multiple times. The story usually ends with death and destruction.July 21, 2022Votehorroranthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘The Train Ride’ By Salty Skipper, , A man wakes up on a train and doesn't remember how he got there, who he is, or where he came from. As he searches the train cars he finds it difficult to communicate with anyone and is unable to find out anything about the train. He also begins to notice the train is picking up speed when he moves from car to car.July 21, 2022Votemystery-suspenseanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘Inside the Shadows of Her Castle’ By Lavender Violet, , fairytale about a princess and a monster, with deep meaning and inspiration...July 21, 2022Voteyoung-adultanthology-program contest-category-motivational-inspirational short-story
‘Bread and Gravy’ By Kevin Ahern, , Bread and Gravy tells my story of being a teenager growing up in a poor family in rural Illinois. We had to subsist on bread and gravy when times were tough, but through a poignant life lesson, I learned what it meant to be loved and to appreciate everything I had, including bread and gravy.July 21, 2022Voteyoung-adultanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘The Swoozlemonger’ By Michael Rohr, , In this wonderful adventure, readers learn about “Zsofia The Monster Hunter” (written in honour of my daughter Zsofia), a brave young female, lead character. They follow Zsofia (pron- Sofia) on a dangerous quest to find the dreaded Swoozlemonger of Nippateetee Island in the south pacific, a dreadful monster of the deep. There are funny moments thrown in and the story has kids and parents giggling while they connect with Zsofia. The Swoozlemonger has been terrorizing the village and has made them resort to eating nothing but Brussels sprouts. But is the Swoozlemonger misunderstood? Never judge a book by its cover.July 21, 2022Votechildrensanthology-program contest-category-childrens-fiction short-story
‘Moon over water’ By Ysabel San Pedro Schuld, , It is a story of a woman ,Guita, who after several years working in Hong kong decided to return home in Mount Banahaw , Quezon Philippines to get her autistic child Maru . She left him in the care of her stepmother’s sister , Nimfa and then when Nimfa died, her step mother , whom she calls Aunt Norma took custody of her grandson, Maru. In her short stay there she found out the eye cannot be trusted and she was appalled at what she discovered . Figure out what happened to her boyfriend and half brother Julio as well as her father, Andres Juan and her step mother’s sister Nimfa. Is there any way we can stop the waxing and waning of the moon over water as it walks in our midst?July 21, 2022Votemystery-suspenseanthology-program contest-category-religion-spirituality short-story
‘The roto-Rooter’ By Michael Priv, , You are what you think. Miracles are commonplace, and who is better to make them happen than old Al, the Celestial Plumber with the Roto-Rooter! He's been dealing with our crap forever. And truth be known, after the first seven days on the job he acquired a great sense of humor.July 20, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Dragons Instead of Butterflies’ By Ani Vanderploeg, , My battle with mental illness has not been an easy one. In 2020, my depression and anxiety became so bad that I wasn’t able to leave my room, I went from hardly eating to gorging myself, I slept all day, and my grades were suffering. I was miserable. Now that I’m medicated and doing much better, I wanted to reflect on my experiences and create something beautiful from my suffering. While I was going through this difficult time, I met my current partner, and the experience of falling in love while wanting to disappear is very unique. He has supported me through some of the worst times of my life, but I’m plagued with the constant reminder that he can’t fix me, and that it is up to me. And I’m working to make myself the best that I can be, not only for him, but for myself and everyone who cares for me.July 20, 2022Votebiographies-memoirsanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘A Little Princess Lost In A Tiny World ‘ By Anthony Reyes, , A young princess lost in the adult fantasy World of war and seriousness finds an escape through a made up Kingdom of magical wonders.July 20, 2022Votechildrensanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Us.’ By A. Moth, , How and why to stay tender: A glitter rat's perspective on the US zeitgeistJuly 20, 2022Votedystopiananthology-program contest-category-positive-social-transformation short-story
‘Inheriting Venus’ By Marley Korzen, , In a haunting narrative, Inheriting Venus is a story of how one woman's experience in grieving from a tragic accident influenced a lineage of daughters to discover inner strength.July 20, 2022Voteliterary-fictionanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘Addict’ By Gillian Johnson, , A young man manipulates a GP into renewing a prescription for a narcotic.July 20, 2022Voteliterary-fictionanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘The experiences of a talented chef’ By Thomas Lawlor, , Ever wondered what its really like to be a professional chef travelling the world This is my story rawJuly 20, 2022Votebiographies-memoirsanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘Event Horizon’ By Tia Burch, , This is part of a companion poem using scientific metaphors to connect with the reader's heart and soul. Pining over someone is both captivating and anxiety inducing. Before you know it, you've stepped too close there's no escaping the weight of the situation.July 19, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Glowing In the Darkness’ By Thomas Provencher, , Summer nights are magic. The world is cloaked in darkness. Everything takes new shape and begs to be explored. Two young men are about to find every reason to fear them. As they stumble into the woods they find an unearthly glow. Something is out there- and when they find it their lives will never be the same.July 19, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Rapunzel Rebuttal’ By Karen Lethlean, , this is the story of Rapunzel rejecting the prince who comes to save her.July 19, 2022Votehumor-entertainmentanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Ophelia and The Tin Knight’ By Roberta Azzopardi, , In an age when women are considered vulnerable property to adorn, use and discard at will, one woman risks everything to show the world her worth.July 19, 2022Votehistorical-fictionanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘A woman in red’ By Anamika Singh, , Does love happen at first sight? It felt like that for Adeesh when he saw Elisa for the first time at the cafe. With the turn of events he becomes her savior in the rainy night helping to reach her home and then what happens after it is something he will never forget in his lifetime. Read on to find what happened between Adeesh and Elisa at that night.July 19, 2022Votehorroranthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘Breaking Through’ By Lisa Jane Hussey, , Set in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, on a sunny spring day of ‘97, a year 12 student comes to learn of an outcome no teen should face. Solely placed in this situation, she has to make the decision of her life. Whichever way she chooses to turn, she knows it’s going to be a tough journey. This story takes you on a breathless adventure of deep despair, anguish and strength. As this young lady finds her way, breaking through and transforming, you too will be moved, wanting change.July 18, 2022Votebiographies-memoirsanthology-program contest-category-motivational-inspirational short-story
‘A Different Kind of Light’ By Lorie McCloud, , A lighthouse keeper is stricken with an attack of appendicitis. The only one there with him is his 7-year-old daughter who is blind. But his wife in the spirit world knows of his distress and the 2 worlds meet.July 18, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘“Magnus The Entertainer Motivating Brandon And Others”’ By Magnus The Entertainer, , Brandon Williams had a rough start in life. He entered the foster care system in 1991, never having the chance to know his mother. His father tried to get custody of him when Brandon was put in foster care but was never successful. In an unlikely turn of events, Wil- liams studied ballet at Western Mich- igan University and developed his extroverted alter ego, Magnus the Entertainer. In February 2020 Magnus went to Los Angeles for the first round of America’s Got Talent. To get there, Williams stayed in Ann Arbor at the Delonis Warming Shelter in December and January, eventually becoming part of the Rotating Shelter program, saving money to make the trip to Los Angeles. He credits the staff and fellow residents at Delonis with imbuing his life with purpose. Williams came to dance late in life. Upset at what was going on in his foster home, he had failed a class in high school. The two classes available to him to make up that class were drama and dance. He chose dance and ended up loving ballet. Unfortu- nately, he couldn’t afford dance lessons. He aged out of Western Wayne foster care in 2009 and was placed in an independent living program for foster children to prepare him for life on his own. Instead of teaching him to do laundry, handle money and cook, his caseworker inappropriately took him into her home and did all those things for him. Eventually he got back on track in 2018 and took advantage of scholar- ships for foster children and enrolled at Western Michigan’s dance pro- gram. “A loss is really a gain if you know where you want to go,” said Wil- liams. “Pain is your friend; pain is your fuel.” He had lost two friends to violence and decided he needed to leave, which took him to Western Michigan University. “There was a time when violence kept me safe, fed and protected. Game was all I knew, until I found ballet,” said Williams. “A lot of folks in hip- hop look to WMU. I have a mean hip-hop.” He took dance more seriously at college so he could deliver the mes- sage, “It doesn’t matter where you come from or how you were raised ... Tragedy can be inspiring.” Ties to his old life in Detroit brought him to the Delonis Shelter. A child- hood girlfriend was kicked out of her home and showed up on Williams’ doorstep near Thanksgiving 2019, at about the same time that he was noti- fied that he had been scheduled to audition for America’s Got Talent on Feb. 1, 2020. He wanted to help his friend but had roommates and couldn’t let her stay. He brought her to the Delonis Center and then decided he would stay, too. “I have a large fan base at WMU but no money. I was late on my rent already. Instead of paying rent, I wanted to save for the trip to LA. ”Wil- liams said. Legally blind, he gets a small Social Security check and has a bit left over each month after living expenses if he doesn’t have to pay for housing. They stayed in the warming center together for a month, then Wil- liams convinced her mom to take her back and he refocused on dance. He found the nurturing he needed at the Delonis Center. “Delonis has been my mom that I never had, the dad I never knew. I come from a group home ... Now I have a family of 80 men. Robert J. Del- onis has given me perspective on how to be humble, if I make it,” Williams said. “This is humbling,” said Williams. “At school, fans of Magnus brought me food. Here I have to get in line , andgetmyownwhenitismyturn.I Brandon Williams, aka Magnus the Entertainer, is wearing the t-shirt, pants and shoes he designed for aspiring artists. was depressed when I first got here, until James Jakes saw me in an emo- tional breakdown and said, ‘Don’t ever stop dancing. See a therapist or whatever you have to do.’ The people at the Delonis Center help me.” Williams is especially grateful for the mentoring he received from Del- onis staff members Miss Jaz, Richard Bartha and Alexa Bartha (his see BRANDON page 11 July 17, 2022Votebiographies-memoirsanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘What Remains’ By Christopher Epley, , A traveler among the stars crash lands on an unknown planet with no memory of who he is. Now he races to survive and solve the mystery of who he is and where he crash landed.July 17, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Freedom of Sp.e..e…c… What did you say?’ By C. J. Anderson-Wu, , A short fiction based on true experience regarding the decline of freedom in Hong KongJuly 16, 2022Voteliterary-fictionanthology-program contest-category-dystopian short-story
‘PAUNCHES AND FOLDS’ By RuthieEbun, , BODY GOALS! They're the only things Bisola thinks about, and being called fat from a tender age didn't help matters at all, which led her to desperation and depression. She's then left with only two options, to either keep working towards her body goals, or learn to love her body.July 16, 2022Voteyoung-adultanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘Fields of Elysium’ By Alyssa Beattie, , After the biggest world war ever documented leaves the world in absolute shambles with no plant life, no food, and no water. Sif, a brave young girl from the outlands must endure the perilous journey to the big city of New Carthage to find an ambitious scientist, Plutus, who has found a way to manipulate the elements. Unbeknownst to him, without Sif, humanity will fall. Plutus is the lock and Sif carries the key in a dirty handkerchief.July 15, 2022Votedystopiananthology-program contest-category-dystopian short-story
‘Shore Point’ By Nash Ryder, , A family travels to Downeast Maine to check on their summer cabin when, minutes before they reach their destination, they come across a moose and her calf. A rare, special sighting. These majestic animals, however, are not the only things they experience...July 15, 2022Votehorroranthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘Jared Raman – Poetry Collection’ By Jared Raman, , A collection of three poems revolving around the processes of weakening and strengthening through changes impacting health-- followed by one little sweet gay tanka, just 'cause.July 14, 2022Votelgbtqanthology-program contest-category-lgbtq short-story
‘Love One Another’ By Charlie Siegel, , To awaken in a strange world with no sense of what is going on or why you are here is a very strange way to awaken indeed. By the guidance of another stranger in this odd wonderland, you come to find a deeper sense of meaning to the entire scenario and realize what it is that you’ve been doing that has affected this strange world. A profound sense of understanding is then yours to keep as you become a ripple of kindness reaching out into the world, to help change the minds and hearts of millions on this journey called life. This trip to an unexpected world brings you the understanding you need to embrace life and move forward.July 14, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-self-help-personal-development short-story
‘The Story of the Trees’ By Charlie Siegel, , How can a boy come to know the secrets of all things? Well, the trees sure have a lot to tell him. By following his heart and listening with intent, he can come to find great wisdoms, all with the guidance of a profound elder teacher to show him the way. But is the teacher more than what the boy thinks he is? Do the trees have an even greater message to show him that he has not seen yet?July 14, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-motivational-inspirational short-story
‘Fallen Flowers’ By Samman Akbarzada, , The Princess fond of pink discovers that life isn't a Disney movie nor a fairytale live.July 14, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘The Confession’ By Beatrice, , "Bless me Father for i have sinned." were not the dangerous words Father Ilesanmi thought it would eventually be. After getting murdered in his own Confessional, the mantle has fallen on his assistant to become an amateur detective and find out who could have held a grudge against the seemingly perfect priest. What his assistant did not expect in the course of this investigation was unearthing secrets everyone would rather bury forever.July 14, 2022Voteliterary-fictionanthology-program contest-category-detective-mystery short-story
‘Nine-Thirty’ By Beatrice, , Hearing one's death sentence should not be a cause of joy, but for Amaka, she wonders if it is the freedom she craves that has finally been given to her. After a violent assault on her by two Policemen, Amaka slowly descends into insanity and eventually takes the law into her own hands. This is a story about actions and consequences, and how sometimes, even the most violent of killers, has a backstory.July 14, 2022Voteliterary-fictionanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘The Warrior Princess of Roopnagar ‘ By Abhijit Chakraborty, , This is the story of a kingdom, its king and its warrior princess. It is the story of approximately 2000 years ago. A terrible war was fought where numerous people died but neither told nor written in history. It was buried with time. It still exists in folklore.July 14, 2022Votehistorical-fictionanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘The little things’ By Celine Elizabeth, , The intricacies of God and how He cares about things things one may think is significant. Based on true events. The author in what appeared to be her lowest and loneliest time, was able to find out the full extent of God's interest in every aspect of mankind's life.July 14, 2022Votebiographies-memoirsanthology-program contest-category-religion-spirituality short-story
‘Good Riddance’ By Bianca Meske, , A deaf girl is the only witness to a murder... except she wasn't looking.July 13, 2022Votemystery-suspenseanthology-program contest-category-detective-mystery short-story
‘Tell No One’ By Angelique Souris, , He's unsure when the voices first started clawing into his dreams, but he's certain he won't forget what they whisper in the dark: Almost. Be ready. Tell no one.July 12, 2022Votehorroranthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know’ By D Grant Smith, , Everyday had been the same over and over again following behind and doing what being done in front of him. Until one day Peter looks up and sees something fly directly into the sun and keep going. This incredible sight stirs a deep curiosity within him that leads him to venture up into a realm he'd never known existed before to discover a whole new world in the process.July 12, 2022Votemiddle-gradeanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘SOCIAL CANCER BREAKOUT ‘ By HAMXAAXISM, , This collection of poems was meant to critisize the internatinal and the national issues, also as a writer not be indifferent at the stuation, also even if you cannot contribute to the soluition you ought to be contributing to the motivation for a greater Nigeria and the yearning for internatiional peace and prosperity.July 12, 2022Votehorroranthology-program contest-category-positive-social-transformation short-story
‘Saddle Shoes and Sparkling Lights’ By Jodie Toohey, , In the sparkle and flurry of downtown Clinton, Iowa, Marie eyes a pair of brand-new black and white saddle shoes for her daughter, Ginny. Will she be able to start her daughter off in kindergarten after the holidays with the perfect pair of shoes?July 12, 2022Votehistorical-fictionanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘The Voices of Nature’ By Ashley Lynn, , A five poem collection from the new book, Find Me in the Forest - Poems and Ponderings of Nature, Consciousness and Self by Ashley Lynn. The Voices of Nature are a few poems written from the poet's point of view about metaphors and analogies experienced in nature. The poems in this collection are called: Rudbeckia; Mother Nature is an Artist; Fear of Cities; The Day; and Naked Showers. These poems are for nature lovers, forest bathers, and free spirits who love and cherish our Mother Earth and want to be her caretaker. They encourage and inspire one to ponder the current state of the Earth, what our impact can look like being a drop in the ocean, and visions for the future of our human race here.July 11, 2022Voteyoung-adultanthology-program contest-category-motivational-inspirational short-story
‘Choices’ By Ashley Raquelle, , Eve is just like any other 16 year old girl. Trying to navigate high school, decide what college she's going to, and balance her FIRST crush on a boy AND a girl. On that first Friday of the month, it all came to a head. Stuck between the musician and the athlete, who will Eve choose?July 11, 2022Votelgbtqanthology-program contest-category-lgbtq short-story
‘White Walls’ By Ashley Raquelle, , Rebecca was scared. She was alone. And she didn't know what to do. No 15 year old should have to make this decision. But this was her only option. As her life was the prime example of what could happen if she didn't do this. And no matter what the government said, it was her body and her choice. Rebecca never thought her life would turn out this way....July 11, 2022Voteyoung-adultanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘A Writer who comes back from the dead’ By Keith Burkholder, , This writer comes back from the dead. He comes to life in spirit form.July 11, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘The Girl who is always there’ By Soha Saeed, , A girl who is always there for everyone but her own self.July 11, 2022Voteyoung-adultanthology-program contest-category-motivational-inspirational short-story
‘Forever and Always’ By KARLA MOHTASHEMI, , Geocaching. It's fun and sometimes profitable. Trapsing through the Southeast Kansas plains to locate hidden gems can be a challenging adventure, full of hope and enchantment. Claire was intrigued. AerialElvinMagick seemed to create the most interesting geocaches. Global treasure hunts like these feel like a more mature hide-and-seek! What happens when the cache has an unexpected 'treasure", and something returns with you?July 11, 2022Votehorroranthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘Learning to love ‘ By sairathepoet, , This is a self-love piece based on learning to love yourself, believe in yourself, and show up every day for yourself.July 10, 2022Voteliterary-fictionanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘Never Misconcieve my struggle’ By Christopher Lovelace, , This is about what my life was like growing up in foster care . This breaks down what struggles and obstacles were thrown in my way daily that were intentional to break me down. Dealing with death in the family and all types of stuffJuly 10, 2022Votebiographies-memoirsanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘Candy Crushes’ By Robert Vaughan, , Protagonist reflects on several same sex childhood crushes.July 10, 2022Votelgbtqanthology-program contest-category-lgbtq short-story
‘Realizations that are hard to understand’ By Keith Burkholder, , Connor is realizing different concepts. They are realizations that are hard to understand and comprehend.July 10, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘The Year of Freedom ‘ By Londen Underwood, , Can you believe this girl was in bondage, wholly broken? Mentally in the depths of despair. If self-destruction was a person, this is what she looks like. It was always a smile, the most fun person in the room, but a prisoner in my mind. My joy was stolen long ago, and I was stuck in a negative mindset. Twenty years plus, trapped in the feelings of hurt, continuously fighting to be free from my thoughts, and constantly beating myself up. I blamed myself for things that were out of my control, at the same time, sabotaged the things that were in my power. "I'm dumb," "so stupid," "too fat," ran rapid in my head daily. I did not deserve good things because I looked a certain way (as if my physical appearance determined my personality and worth). I used any excuse to stay in a place of complacency. "If bad things keep happening, then what is the point." I became comfortable with mediocracy. My mindset was that if I stayed under the radar, people wouldn't expect anything of me, and I wouldn't have to expect much of myself. Then one day, I had had enough. I was exhausted and just wanted more for my life, my future. I tried to stop suffocating myself in pain. Finally, I realized and declared that this was not the plan for my life. God did not promise a life full of pain, especially self-inflicted pain. He promises abundant life for his children, even me. At that moment, I chose to be free!July 9, 2022Votebiographies-memoirsanthology-program contest-category-self-help-personal-development short-story
‘Wrong Side Story ‘ By Karim, , Life was crazy after this story of love fail; bad things no always happen to bad people, they also happen to good people. Beautiful family, two floor house and three cars on the garage, you see dad was a lawyer and mom a realtor, and one only daughter, everything was perfect no problems seem to affect this world, where three hearts make one. But one day the sky became dark, dad lost his job and mom the same and the daughter couldn’t understand so she became broken hearted after the divorce and everything went down the drain. Now dad is a drunk and mom let her few dollars go trough her nose and the daughter now is living on the wrong side of this story.July 9, 2022Votemystery-suspenseanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘Toit Time Adventures’ By Jakia Wilson, , This is the beginning story of a little boy who was given up for adoption. it begins with a look at his mother and what she had to do to sacrifice for his new adventurous life.July 9, 2022Votechildrensanthology-program contest-category-childrens-fiction short-story
‘An Adventure with time travel in the mix’ By Keith Burkholder, , Time traveler who goes back in time. This person sees the past this way. It was amazing for this person to see who it could.July 9, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘The Field’ By R.F.Greer, , A sunflower witnesses a crime so grave he relents his only purpose.July 9, 2022Votehorroranthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘The Way of The Unknown Blackman ‘ By Stephan Hester, , I Stephan James Hester am a Black man, former athlete, author, investor, and business owner. The Way of The Unknown Black Man is a story of how I grew up as a young Black man in the inner city of Houston, Texas. I was raised in the hood but came up with instrumental figures that provided guidance that took me from being shot down in the streets as a teenager to becoming a self-made man in my twenties. This book sheds light on my story, but it also sheds light on the giants whose shoulders I stand on today. This story breaks down how knowledge, wisdom, understanding, leadership, discipline, and work ethic can create a structured life that you can have ownership over. I authored this book for the reader to gain inspiration but, most importantly, information to help the reader gain understanding. It gives the reader the life and times of me being young and raised in the 5th Ward in Houston, Texas. Overcoming adversity from running the streets and being shot as a teenager, to becoming a college graduate, real estate owner, and entrepreneur. by gaining knowledge of self and using discipline to control my actions. This book is written for the future; the future is close to my heart, and authoring this story is a way of projecting and creating the future. Also, the one who records their history controls history.July 9, 2022Votebiographies-memoirsanthology-program contest-category-memoir-autobiography short-story
‘The Ride’ By Karen Mooney, , Synopisis: Peter spends one afternoon visiting his niece Connie. He tells her an amazing story of an adventure he had when he was the same age as she is now. His story begins as a sickly boy, with no friends other than his older sister. His father is determined that his son will get better and buys him a bicycle to help build his strength. Peter with his father’s help learns to ride and feels a sense of freedom he has never known before. When he proves to his father that he is a capable rider he’s given permission to go to the park a few blocks from his home alone. His parents hope he will meet new friends and begin to have a normal life. What he does find is the exact opposite. Peter is confronted by the local gang of trouble makers that want to take his bike. He is able to break free of them and rides off away from his tormentors. During his escape he is somehow transported to another place in time and finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime It’s a great story with endless potential for other adventures to follow. Take a chance and go for a rideJuly 8, 2022Votechildrensanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Human Behavior Being Controlled by Imaginary Force from the Heavens’ By Keith Burkholder, , Humans being controlled by forces from heaven.July 8, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘The Birthmark’ By Ashleigh Underwood, , Stacy is the new girl in town. This isn't her first move but she is hoping it would be the last. She quickly makes friends and even manages a date to the Sadie Hawkins dance. The first thing people notice about her is her tattoo-like birthmark, the number nine so clear on her wrist. There would be no reason for a birthmark to change, would there?July 7, 2022Voteyoung-adultanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘A Hero Emerges Pt 1’ By Greggory Dickerson, , A young boy must find the courage to become the hero he's always wanted. Even if it means sacrificing those he loves.July 7, 2022Voteyoung-adultanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘Therapy Sessions’ By Z. Alexa, , Eric Lincoln Cage, plagued with dread, guilt, and memories of his lost love, bares all to his very attractive, very attentive therapist, Dr. Adrian Davis.July 7, 2022Voteyoung-adultanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘The SpaceX Accident’ By Z. Alexa, , It’s the year 2030, November 6, 2030, to be exact. The SpaceX program released the list of accepted participants in their “Race To Space” program and everyone was on edge. Millions applied, but only five would be chosen. The application process was rigorous, consisting of a triple background check, multiple interviews, a CV, a 1-page Statement of Purpose, and a month-long training program, and took months to complete. The winners were emailed with specific instructions on what to do next as well as congratulations on being accepted into the program. Then things took a turn for the worst. This is Jasmine's story.July 7, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Empowered by spirits unknown to him’ By Keith Burkholder, , These spirits are able to help Larry defend against bullies in high school. They have no chance against him. The spirits make sure he is protected.July 7, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘His Deadly Obsession ‘ By Minaal Maan, , "Vengeance can turn the best of us into psychopaths." There were rumours going around about a man sneaking up behind unsuspecting victims and slashing their throats, leaving them to bleed to death. Some claimed that they had seen this person looking into people’s houses through the windows while others claimed that he snuck into the bedrooms of little girls at night. He almost laughed at the absurdity of the claims and told himself that someone would surely have to be a psychopath in order to be capable of those things.July 7, 2022Votemystery-suspenseanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘Skin Deep’ By Lawrence Christon, , Combat veteran helps a ballerina with car trouble. Falls in love with her, follows her to Rome. She lets him down, gently. But rather than succumbing to bitterness and trauma, he feels liberated by the emotion she has stirred in him.July 6, 2022Voteliterary-fictionanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Capstone’ By Chad Adams, , ProphecyJuly 6, 2022Voteliterary-fictionanthology-program contest-category-religion-spirituality short-story
‘They Love Me There’ By Pastor Dale, ,

When a young black child decides to join an all-white church in rural South Carolina, will God’s people love and accept him as one of God’s precious children or will old prejudices ruin an opportunity for God’s blessing. Marion wanted women pallbearers, “None of the men in church asked me out living, so they aren’t carrying me out dead!” Was the Lizardman a monster or hero? Join God’s peculiar people in Leesville as they discover that God’s love is larger than our differences.

A chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people.

1 Peter 2:9KJV

July 6, 2022Votebiographies-memoirsanthology-program contest-category-religion-spirituality short-story
‘This Tidal Wave Brings this town to a new dimension in the universe’ By Keith Burkholder, , This tidal wave brings this Japanese town to a new dimension. The people live elsewhere other than conventional planet Earth. This is how it is for them now.July 6, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Why I chose to fight back against stress’ By Professor Pete Alexander, , According to the World Health Organization, Stress is the number one health epidemic of the 21st century. Yet those with workaholic tendencies often ignore the clear signs of stress. Learn how one Type-A workaholic's epiphany moment lead to a change in direction and focusing on what is truly important in life.July 5, 2022Votebiographies-memoirsanthology-program contest-category-self-help-personal-development short-story
‘The Vault’ By Tobey Alexander, , London 1938, a secret order known as the Benedictine Brotherhood, charged with protecting humanity from a world of dark curses are vulnerable. Forced to relocate the secret contents of Ad Firmamentum, a prized collection of mysterious antiquities known as The Vault, everything must go according to plan. Under the cover of night on New year's Eve, two men are charged with transporting the sacred contents only to find their journey ambushed. Fighting to protect their cargo, there is more at play as a mysterious figure seems intent on retrieving a single artefact from the mysterious cargo, the key to an ancient evil locked away for centuries. Could this be the events that sets the Iceman's resurrection in motion?July 5, 2022Votehistorical-fictionanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘Chess Moves ‘ By Michael Walker-Thomas, , It was on his mind most of the time, a time when most will go left or right. Young Lamont Barker will have to make that decision. Lamont is an 18 year old senior, and in the fall he will be attending college, “Which one shall I choose” says Lamont to himself. Lamont has a group of friends consisting of the cool crowd and the “smart crowd”. In life we all have to make big decisions, this story is Lamont’s. When Lamont was younger, he would always com- pete, whether it was in sports, game shows or racing 1 Michael Walker-Thomas with his father. Lamont grew up with his two parents, but no siblings, so he leaned on making new friends or just hanging with Mom and Dad. “Hey Lamont remember in fourth grade when you had to decide which club you wanted to be in?” his Mom said. “Yes Mom, but this is college. This is the biggest deci- sion of my life.” Lamont says. As Lamont’s Dad walks in, Lamont starts to huff and puff. “Mom, Dad, you two don’t get it. There is a lot of pressure on me. Half of my friends are going to Prep University and the other half are going to State University.” Lamont says. “Well son, I can tell you one thing, me and your mother did not go to college, but we worked so hard for you. It is a blessing that you even have this deci- sion to make.” his Dad says. “Dad, I love Prep and I love State, but Prep is the top school in the country and that would be a great 2 Chess Moves opportunity for me.” Lamont says. Lamont has been a straight A student since he was young. He never received anything lower than an A. “At state I can keep playing chess and also get into a great Doctoral program.” Lamont says. Lamont’s dream is to be a medical doctor, like the ones he sees on TV. “Chicago Med, The Good Doctor, Grey’s Anatomy, I just want to be like them but better.” Lamont says. Prep University is the number one school in the coun- try. Prestige doctors, lawyers and many political fig- ures have gone there. Lamont got in to Prep and he is ready. Prep is known for its tough classes, but you also have to get almost a perfect on your SAT. Lamont got a perfect on his SAT and Prep accepted him. The only problem with Prep is that it is considered the “nerd school” to his friends. Only three of Lamont’s friends are going there. The other seven of his friends are all going to State University. 3 Michael Walker-Thomas State is a good school, but it’s no Prep. State is a school most get into and it is considered the party school. Lamont knows he has a big decision to make. Should he go to State and be like most of his friends, or should he go to Prep, be looked at like he is perfect, but also receive the best education in the world. This is Lamont’s decision, this is about Chess Moves, this is his life. Welcome to Chess MovesJuly 5, 2022Voteyoung-adultanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘While asleep on a beach, a homeless man approaches him, and asks for a sandwich and a soda’ By Keith Burkholder, , There is this person who is approached by a homeless man. Steven is approached by this man on the beach. Steven helps the man out. Then in the end Steven is rewarded for his efforts.July 5, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘He wakes up in a completely different world’ By Keith Burkholder, , Noah went to sleep one night. Then he found himself in a different world. He was amazed by this situation. A new world was his domain.July 4, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘The Closet’ By Chima Ugokwe, , I know yet another answer, maybe a solution to this whole issue. We just had to kill overconfidence and being too trusty. We just had to reach out. We just had to keep religion in its place and face the reality of the pressure the abuse of drugs is putting on young ones. We just have to kill pretense and face the reality that abuse of drugs, self-medication, and prescription drugs are realities and, in our faces, they stare at us. We just need to know the cost of human lives and the loss of one single soul is a loss to humanity. These assets need not continue to go. We owe them so much. Such a loss could have been avoided if only we took the time to care and ask. Above all, the answer, I realized which we all must accept is that anyone – no matter how smart they are, no matter how promising their future – can succumb to addiction. I was never taught in school that drug abuse kills. I was never taught in my church that drug abuse is a deadly plague. I was not taught at home that a drug abuser is like someone sitting in a keg of gunpowder seeking to explode at any moment. Even if I was taught these, they lack all seriousness they deserved. It was still subject that the surface had only been scratched. It should be exploited.July 3, 2022Voteyoung-adultanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story
‘Tiny Hearts Bleed’ By Bryan Laesch, , After buying her dream house, Ellie wastes no time in moving in. But her dream quickly becomes a nightmare when she is haunted by several female ghosts asking where their babies are and one sadistic abortionist.July 3, 2022Votehorroranthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘The Invisible Planet in the solar system’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about a planet that is invisible to the naked eye. It is located between Earth and Mars. This is unique to know about as well. This is the reality of this planet.July 3, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Life from Pluto that manages to reach Earth’ By Keith Burkholder, , Life from Pluto that reaches Earth. Pluto is the planet that is furthest from the sun. This is something that is amazing. Never underestimate the power of life in the solar system.July 2, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘A Timeless Tale’ By Mark Pirkola, , An advanced alien species encounters a unique and amazing phenomenon while mapping the galaxy for gravitational anomalies. A naturally occurring time loop. Something they speculated might be possible. But what would happen if you injected a sentient life form into this environment?July 2, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Spirit Ranger’ By Jerry Blanton, , Danny's father, a dedicated Christian, wants Danny to be friends with Winston, the son of Reverend Walker. However, Danny discovers that Winston is a devil in disguise, and is fooling everyone else except him. He recruits his mother to help protect him from Winston, but she is careful not to disillusion Danny's father.July 1, 2022Votetravelanthology-program contest-category-families-relationships short-story
‘Dead Man in cemetery comes back to life as a straight man’ By Keith Burkholder, , Gay man has a transformation while reincarnated. He comes back to life as a straight man. He has new life and a different sexuality.July 1, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘The Mouse Patrol’ By Laura Corbino, , It was a dark and stormy night and the mice in my house thought they were going to win.July 1, 2022Votehumor-entertainmentanthology-program contest-category-humor-entertainment short-story
‘Su Mirada ‘ By Kika Alvarez, , Qué decir de esta historia. Todo comenzó con un accidente. He querido contar esta historia, siempre he sido una persona tímida, de ideas locas, de semblante serio pero espíritu sereno. Esta historia es real a cien por cien. Esta es una de esas historia de amor que tanto añoramos los humanos. Pero no te quiero engañar, no es un relato ñoño de esos que están colmados de gestos, encuentros y frases bonitas. Más bien es un relato de una belleza extraña, esa que subyace de una simple mirada. ¿La típica historia de amor en donde el chico choca con la chica accidentalmente, se miran fijamente a los ojos y es amor a primera vista? Primero: no chocamos. Segundo: todo empezó con un accidente de mi amiga. Y tercero: no creo que haya sido amor. Él, un chico ordinario, con una mirada dulce como la misma miel al igual que el color de sus ojos, amable, simpático, eso y más es Jungkook. Él es esa clase de chico del que, con solo mirarlo podrías enamorarte sin siquiera notarlo. Ella, una chica ordinaria, pésima en matemáticas, torpe, algo idiota, un desastre y por mas ingenua…si, esa sería mi definición perfecta, así soy yo, Kika, pero por un accidente el cual me gusto, caí sin pensar, y ahora estoy en busca de SU MIRADAJune 30, 2022Voteromanceanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘The Wrath of Selene’ By RS Morrison, , Jack the Ripper suffers the wrath of Selene, the moon goddess, after he murders one of her followers.June 30, 2022Votehistorical-fictionanthology-program contest-category-historical-fiction short-story
‘About my Grief’ By Chuck Choate, , A father's journey through the grief of the loss of a child.June 30, 2022Votebiographies-memoirsanthology-program contest-category-humor-entertainment short-story
‘The Dead Bring Back Treasure from Underground’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a story about how the dead bring back treasure from the underground.June 30, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘CALL ME ‘ By TAI CHUNN, , "CALL ME " is an organization that was formed during WWII to train male soldiers and undercover agents the art of subduction in order to gain secrets and strategies from the wives of World Leaders , Diplomats and High Ranking Soldiers (Generals). Now three generations later, the granddaughter of CALL ME’s founder, Natalia, has her own unique way of running the organization and usurping her control of the men of "CALL ME " for her own devious gains in political, social and economic arenas.June 30, 2022Votemystery-suspenseanthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘Pirate Island’ By Keith Burkholder, , A place to travel to via time travel. This is out in the South Pacific. This is time travel at its best.June 29, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Wintertide’ By K. Klein, , A powerful, dark cultivator carries out a murderous task on a brisk winter day only to be surprised by the result. A young boy, one so inconsequential his words shouldn't have affected Qian Meng in the least, asks a stunning question. “Are you the God of Justice?”June 28, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Don’t [email protected]%# the Reaper’ By Misako Yamazaki, , In a world overrun with human immorality, crime, and murder, there must be someone--or something--out there with the power to balance out the scales of injustice. Sometimes that something is God, and other times it is the Devil. Still other times, it is a vigilante hero like Batman. But this time, in this story, it is a Grim Reaper, and he has come to reap what humans like Ruth sow, for it is their delicious malice that feeds him just as much as the flesh on their bones. Don't be seduced by what first meets the eye, for it might be Death in disguise.June 28, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Mental Illness and Creativity and dreams about time travel’ By Keith Burkholder, , John is mentally ill. He loves to have dreams about time travel. Time travel interests him greatly. This is how he is as a person.June 28, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Alador’ By Jean Martin, , A vampire prowls the hills and valleys of Western Pennsylvania.June 27, 2022Votehorroranthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘My First Love’ By Ty, , When you look for love, you’re searching with more than your heart. If your first love isn’t yourself, you won’t find a true love anywhere. You’ll search and learn lessons until eventually, you’ll realize you had it in yourself the entire time. No love is worth losing yourself, and no love isn’t worth having if you don’t have any for yourself.June 27, 2022Voteyoung-adultanthology-program contest-category-self-help-personal-development short-story
‘Words are enough to describe life’ By Saalim, , 4 lines are enough to describe a poetJune 27, 2022Votebiographies-memoirsanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘Stranger at Emmaus’ By Paul Gossett, , Jesus reveals himself as risen to His followers. Historical account with literary licence and background, fleshing out the eventJune 27, 2022Votehistorical-fictionanthology-program contest-category-religion-spirituality short-story
‘Return to Existence’ By Vinci Filio, , A poem that was written to help sort out our desire to travel again. I wanted to highlight the roller coaster of emotions we all felt in the last 2 years as we coped with the immediate and long-term effects of a global pandemic.June 27, 2022Votetravelanthology-program contest-category-travel short-story
‘Am I really dead?’ By Akshay Nair P R, , Have you ever thought about how your last breath would be? Would it be like it's shown in the movies or would it be different? Thomas's experience was completely different from what he had always imagined. But the question is was out really his last breath?June 27, 2022Votemystery-suspenseanthology-program contest-category-detective-mystery short-story
‘Collecting Dust’ By Lauren Parisi, , The things we shed don't just disappear. Every fallen hair, bad habit, discarded nail clipping, and forgotten childhood fear collects under the bed and in the nook between the couch and the wall. That old box under the bed next to the old tissue is where they wait. They grow in size and power until they've become monstrous creatures. If left unchecked, they'll consume the very person that created them. There are a few poor fools who have the job of those that clean these dust bunnies. Veri, her younger brother, Callidus, and their friend, Saxum, are three such of those fools.June 27, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-fantasy short-story
‘The Macaroni Ghost’ By Robert Pettus, , Robert Pettus is an English as a Second Language teacher at the University of Cincinnati. Previously, he taught for four years in a combination of rural Thailand and Moscow, Russia. He was most recently accepted for publication at White Cat Publications,, Tall Tale TV, The Corner Bar, A Thin Line of Anxiety, Schlock, Black Petals, Inscape Literary Journal of Morehead State University, Yellow Mama, Apocalypse-Confidential, Mystery Tribune, Blood Moon Rising, and The Green Shoe Sanctuary. The Macaroni Ghost is one of the stories he recently wrote. The piece submitted for your consideration, titled The Macaroni Ghost, is a story a breeze blowing a creaking antique rocking chair. Thanks, Robert PettusJune 27, 2022Votehorroranthology-program contest-category-horror short-story
‘dead*ication – The Love story’ By Eclectify, , Some say it’s the most beautiful thing and some define it as a curse for themselves. But the tragedy is I’ve seen all the beautiful falling and the sinned once being ultimately blessed, All in Love! I said I don’t know love but in the journey of learning to love I’ve gathered some specs and packed it together as a story. A story filled with immature but pure emotions and thoughts. A combination of heart of fantasies and a dead savage heart. And our story’s pretty girl was a victim of love too. Trying to move on from a relationship she trusted to last forever. A relationship which was ruined by a Realisation. A story of after-hours. A story by my heart for your heart. You will imagine, enjoy, admire and learn what I did while creating and writing with every word. See you on the other side!June 27, 2022Voteromanceanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Humanity and its changing aura on planet Earth’ By Keith Burkholder, , Humanity is changing on planet Earth. This includes the aura of the human race.June 27, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘The Messenger’ By Snunit liss, , A young messenger. In a near futuristic urban world, delivers multiple things to clients that order his services via an application: break ups, friendships, companionship, test dating and more. During the story the messenger orders another messenger as a friend. At the end of the story, the messenger’s girlfriend brakes up with him, using another messenger to deliver the news. The main character then orders a dog via delivery to lift his spirit, but the two fail to bond. “The messenger” is a short story that opens Snunit Liss’s second book: “Nine Ways to Separate”, that will be published in Israel in September 2022. The story was first published in the renowned Israeli magazine “Moznaeem” and was critically acclaimedJune 27, 2022Voteliterary-fictionanthology-program contest-category-dystopian short-story
‘Elevator Cat’ By Nathan Lewin, , As a strange man with sharp green eyes rushed towards the elevator, Ennis Hathaway holds the doors open for him. The man gets in and presses the button two floors beneath Ennis', bemoaning that the one directly below is out. When the elevator reaches its first stop, the man walks out, leaving Ennis thankful to be rid of the strange passenger. Something about his appearance feels 'off', as Ennis envisions him as a malevolent Cheshire Cat. His intuition is justified, as the man turns around before leaving the elevator, wearing an evil smile and holding a pistol out in front of him. "I'm going to kill you," the man explains patiently to a mortified Ennis, "but not on this floor. On the next. I'll be waiting for you there." And with that he vanishes, rushing up to stairs to catch the slow-moving elevator two floors up. Ennis stands frozen in the elevator, unable to stop it, unable to alter his course, hardly able to think clearly. The voices that suddenly appeared in his head argue and stammer, trying to find some way to prevent this seemingly inevitable demise. Time seems to slow down, giving Ennis time to think – but is thinking what will help him in this situation? He tries stopping the elevator, considers climbing out of it, but all is in vain. In the extreme situation he was thrust into, a part of him already accepts his fate – what other choice does he have? With no clear options to aid him (and the limited ones he could find fruitless), and with part of his mind succumbing to the inevitable, the chaotic mess that is his own thoughts grows and consumes Ennis – the arguing voices, his own fear and anguish, the laughing face of his killer taunting him in his mind. They grow and shift, suffocating Ennis as he tries desperately to fight off their debilitating effects. With an effort. he manages to awaken from this mental tidal wave, still moving slowly towards the killer, realizing that this is the end. He cannot change the course of the elevator, nor that of his life. His life is nearing its finale, and although unprepared for it, part of him accepts this verdict. He contemplates the short, uneventful life that he had lived up to this point, wondering if losing a life that had no bigger meaning isn't better that an eventful life cut short in its prime. He hadn't left any big impact on the world, and so it wouldn't be derailed by his premature passing. And even those who would morn him and his death, they would do so without him, as he passed on to whatever happens after (if such a thing exists). Now that death and fear were out of his hands, what reason did he have to fear it, to fight against it? One small voice still calls out that he cannot die, that he must fear his death, that he must refuse to accept it, but Ennis feels at peace. It is out of his hands. If he dies today, he dies. If. The elevator reaches its destination, and with a small 'ding', the doors begin to open.June 27, 2022Votehorroranthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘Sea Breeze’ By Tejasvee Prasanna, , Finding love and beauty in the ocean and ocean waves, and how that feeling reminds us of the person we loveJune 26, 2022Voteromanceanthology-program contest-category-romance short-story
‘Experiencing Extra Terrestrial Life on planet Earth’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about other life on planet Earth. It is unique to one and all as well.June 26, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Daylight and its power to bring this one person back to life’ By Keith Burkholder, , This person comes back to life when it is daylight outside. This is how the story goes here.June 26, 2022Votescience-fiction-fantasyanthology-program contest-category-science-fiction short-story
‘Casey’ By joe quandt, , What's the back story on the most famous strikeout in history? What happens when heroism is reduced to nothing but a memory? Whatever became of Casey? I've moved the action from 1888, the date of the original poem, to 1980. And Casey is now fifty-five, a man besieged by his own past. But perhaps he's got one more game in him...June 26, 2022Voteliterary-fictionanthology-program short-story who-will-save-the-hero-tales-of-chosen-ones-slaying-the-demons-within
‘Randonautica Short Story’ By Riley M, , A group of kids download the app to have some fun, but they made the mistake of wanting to see something creepy. They definitely got what they asked for... "You hide and I'll find you"June 26, 2022Votehorroranthology-program contest-category-thriller short-story
‘Thoughts of Creativity’ By Keith Burkholder, , Joshua and his great writing abilities at a young age.June 25, 2022Voteyoung-adultanthology-program contest-category-young-adult short-story