‘Seeing is believing, but what the heart feels truly tells the whole story’ By Mickey

Actual events of my life that include gifts of God’s greatest blessings. The interaction of animals and God’s will.
A trip to pet store for snake food ended up buying a puppy for a 9 year old boy who just lost his father. By the end of the evening the true reason for buying puppy is revealed. When you hear the Lord speak and obey it changes everything. Had a hand raised parakeet, personally picked out, a male according to breeder of bird. Started to lay eggs, and then seizures. Calcium deficiency from laying sterile eggs. Confirmed by vet bird was female, not male, depleting calcium from egg production.
Became so attached to this feathered miracle.
She was Michael, then Molly. Loved to do turkey calls, bath drink coffee. Very effectionate. Wonderful blessing, smart, comforting to all.

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