Anthology Idea Submission


Are you a writer who is also an avid reader and lover of great literature? Do you have an aptitude for storytelling and providing developmental editing feedback to aspiring writers? Then, you might be a great candidate to curate a SOOP Anthology!

Curating an anthology is an excellent way to boost your name recognition, materialize your knowledge and increase your visibility across new audiences. 

Our company has developed a program that gives curators creative control of the project by reviewing and selecting the best contributions to our platform and helping arrange and describe the content in a book format. At the same time, our team provides guidance and support to coordinate the authors and manage the publication details. 

Curators are responsible for selecting and organizing the best contributions for a book, including “front and end matter,” such as dedications, acknowledgments, and author biographies. On the marketing front, curators will also work closely with authors to complete and promote the book, ensuring it meets the highest quality standards.

Our Anthology Program is an exciting opportunity to be part of a dynamic team passionate about discovering and promoting new talent while gaining additional recognition for your contributions and a share of the royalties generated by the book.

Fill out the form below if you wish to get started!

After you complete the form, our website will generate an Anthology Idea page (see example) that you can use to gather initial interest in your vision. Your goal is to get 50 people to express initial interest by gathering votes, which translates to people genuinely interested in submitting a Short Story Idea to your anthology once that option becomes available.

Your anthology will become open for submissions once you’ve completed the preparation work in consultation with SOOP executives.

Submit Your Anthology Idea

  • Please provide your first and last names.
  • This is for our internal use only and will not be shared.
  • What is the title of your Anthology?
  • A brief summary of your Anthology
  • Note that the maximum word count of your book should be 100,000 words or less. Please keep that in mind when deciding this.
  • A prompt can be a question, an invitation to create a story based on a few pertinent details, or a call for the author to relate his or her personal experiences with your theme. Remember to strike the right tone. If your Anthology Idea is for a horror collection, your tone could be ominous. If your Anthology Idea is themed around self-improvement, your tone could be professional but warm and encouraging. Please keep your writing prompts short, simple, and direct—aim for something tweetable.
  • These can be Short Story Ideas that you find via our website or links to stories that you have read elsewhere. The goal here is to simply provide those who are interested with a more specific idea of what fits your vision.
  • You may view the Anthology Program Terms and Conditions at:

*Submission of this form does not guarantee your book will be published by Something or Other Publishing, LLC. All interactions and statements related to the SOOP Anthology Program are bound by the SOOP Anthology Terms and Conditions.


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