soop Welcome to SOOP, a new concept in publishing and features a groundbreaking model to connect authors and readers. The traditional publishing industry was suited to serve the few, the talented, and the fortunate. But the internet revolution turned that market on its head, introducing e-books and print-on-demand technology—and with them came a self-publishing explosion. In fact, the world of self-publishing has become such a crowded field that many great ideas are simply going unheard among the clamor. And readers are suffering for it, too, with few tools and little power to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Enter SOOP. To bridge the gap created between traditional publishing and self-publishing, we identify what readers want and publish the authors who can deliver. We are NOT a Vanity Publisher.  Our revenues come from selling books to readers. 

Here’s how it works: Authors submit their book ideas and solicit feedback, while readers pledge support and vote for their favorites. As authors achieve various voting milestones on the path toward 2,000 votes (and publishing contract eligibility), they receive guidance and benefits and complete related check-in activities. Our process focuses on educating and empowering authors to master what we call the three P’s: platform, promotion, and product, even before their books are finished. This approach also helps SOOP to make the right investment choice with every author we publish.

We call it Author-Driven Book Publishing. To leverage that analogy a bit, we have built a car, and we’re letting you test-drive it.  We’re in the passenger seat, as you take it wherever you want to go.  But by the time we would enter into contract, we’ve already built your initial audience together.

In addition to publishing authors who work through our program, SOOP also offers independent author services (editing, design, marketing, and more) a la carte to anyone, via our services marketplace.  This is of primary interest to those who wish to self-publish.  None of SOOP’s revenues come from the services marketplace.  Any transaction you conduct with any provider is solely between you and the provider.  SOOP makes no representation about the services you will receive, and earns no commission or advertising revenue from the providers featured there or any transaction you may conduct with them.

Publishing today uses a wider variety of diverse ingredients than ever before but we like to think our SOOP recipe is as simple as possible with the goal of delivering the best self-service and catered options. If you’d like to find out more about us, please spend some time at our blog, drop in on our forums, or send us an email. And, most of all, whatever part you play: thanks for being a member of the SOOP community!


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