The Basic Concepts of SOOP’s Voting Program

The SOOP team emphasizes the need for methods and techniques that allow our writers to take their work to the next level. The voting system is a friendly and interactive way to build more emphatic connections with your followers. This approach can also give you a general idea about the validation and acceptance your work […]

Author Success: The Meteoric Rise of Ken Tingley

The promising career of Ken Tingley began in 1988 when he became an editor of his local newspaper, The Post-Star, in Glen Falls, NY. His decision marked the beginning of a meteoric rise for one of the most relevant local journalists of all time. During the onset of the pandemic, Tingley saw the perfect opportunity to […]

The Last American Editor is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon!

What a time to be part of the SOOP family! Something Or Other Publishing (SOOP) is pleased to announce that The Last American Editor by Ken Tingley is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. In this piece, Tingley gathers the best of his columns when he was part of the Post-Star in Glens Falls, N.Y., […]

Interview with JP Brome

Today we’re honored to interview JP Brome, author of “The MisAdventures of Zyria: The World’s Smallest Superhero”. Check it out on Amazon and! JP, how are you doing in these difficult times? We first met you in December. How has life changed for you since then? A: When we first met, I had just […]

Interview with Author Roland Sato Page

Today we’re honored to interview Roland Sato Page, the author of “Eating the Forbidden Fruit”, a gritty novel loosely based on the events of his life! What would you like readers to know about Eating the Forbidden Fruit?   It’s a journey into my past life as a St. Louis police officer convicted of federal […]

Anne Marie Waters

We wanted to share with you one of the video clips about our Author Anne Marie Waters’ book “Beyond Terror” Western democratic societies are built on an open exchange of ideas. In recent decades, however, all criticism of one particular topic has been so consistently labeled as ‘racism’ or ‘hate’ effectively sabotaging any dialogue on […]

#Wednesdays are for Writers: Author Meredith Mast participated in Sauk City Library’s Local Author Event!

Today I was fortunate to be a part of Sauk City Library’s Local Author Event! The library had a great turnout! There were 7 local authors, myself included, and we each had the opportunity to share our books, our backgrounds, and our publishing stories. Thank you to the Sauk City Library staff for hosting the […]

#Wednesdays are for Writers: A Goodbye Post

GOODBYE!! SOOP I WILL MISS YOU!!  My name is Nina and I have been the blog manager for the past year here at SOOP. Yesterday was my last day. I just wanted to say goodbye to all of you and to Wade, Jessica, and the rest of the SOOP team. It has been a pleasure […]

#SOOP on Sundays: Top 20 popular book ideas for July 15th, 2018

Another week of promised storms with no payout. The sky threatened us all week, but we only saw a few drops here and there. While you enjoy you warm weather take some time to look at our top 20 if you would.  Please scroll through our top 20 and choose your favorite. Make sure that […]

#Wednesday are for Writers: Teaching Kids Values & Morals with Jon Michael Lawrence

It is very important for children to grow up in healthy homes where they are loved, cherished, and where they feel important. It is important for parents to give their children the tools they need to face any adversity they may come against. When children are taught values and morals then they grow up to […]


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