Author Spotlight: Introducing Andy Murphy

We are happy to reignite our Author Spotlight blog series by introducing Andy Murphy, an author, independent musician, songwriter, and law school graduate. Originally from England but having lived in […]

Uncovering Forgotten Horrors: Aleksandar Veljic Discusses “Genocide Revealed” in Exclusive Interview

Meet Aleksandar Veljic, an author whose latest work, “Genocide Revealed,” sheds light on historical atrocities often overlooked in mainstream narratives. In this exclusive interview, Veljic shares insights into the inspiration […]

Unveiling the Hidden Tragedy: The New Revised Edition of “Genocide Revealed” is Available for Pre-Order

Something Or Other Publishing is proud to announce the pre-order availability of “Genocide Revealed” by acclaimed author Aleksandar Veljic. This revised edition, released in commemoration of the 82nd anniversary of […]

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of “Life at 12 College Road” by Eric Mondschein

Something Or Other Publishing is delighted to celebrate a remarkable milestone by one of its core Authors.  As we celebrare the 10th anniversary of Eric Mondschein’s “Life at 12 College […]

Unveiling the Pre-Order Phase for “The Last American Editor Volume 2” by Ken Tingley

Brooklyn, WI – Something Or Other Publishing (SOOP) is delighted to officially announce the beginning of the pre-order phase for the highly anticipated “The Last American Editor Volume 2” by […]

Something Or Other Publishing Announces the Amazon Release of “The Business of Wellness” by Sebastian Hilbert

Brooklyn, WI – Something Or Other Publishing, an innovative publishing house committed to sharing captivating stories and valuable knowledge, is delighted to unveil its latest book, “The Business of Wellness,” […]

Tom Hampton Releases Highly Anticipated Book “Chasing Dreams,” Soaring to #1 Hot New Release Status in Multiple Categories

Brooklyn, WI – Tom Hampton, a renowned entrepreneur and expert in financial literacy, has released his groundbreaking book, “Chasing Dreams,” which has rapidly climbed to the #1 Hot New Release […]

The Healing Connection: Rebuilding Trust in Healthcare Through The Doctor-Patient Relationship

In his groundbreaking book, The Healing Connection: A Partnership for your Health, Dr. Drew Remignanti delves deeply into the importance of the patient-physician relationship and how it can revolutionize healthcare […]

Unlock Your Financial Success With Tom Hampton’s Chasing Dreams

Something Or Other Publishing is proud to announce the forthcoming release of Chasing Dreams: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Finance, a guidebook by Tom Hampton that teaches you the essential financial […]

#SOOP on Monday: Top 20 Short Story & Book Ideas for March 20, 2023

Generating attention is relatively simple, yet keeping people engaged can be challenging! That’s why we are excited to begin this week’s journey uncovering the Top 20 books and short story […]


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