Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions:

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How do I get started with SOOP?

  1. Read about our publishing model and our other FAQ answers
  2. Submit a book idea
  3. Learn how to get votes – start at Part I. 

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What is a SOOP Book Idea?

A SOOP Book Idea lies somewhere in between a synopsis of, and the promotional blurbs for, a completed book. It may describe a book you would like to write, one you’ve already self-published, or anything in between.  The Book Idea is the landing page within SOOP’s platform from which you can create interest and collect votes.  As the votes increase so does the attention of other readers and potential publishers.  As Seth Godin says in his Try before you buy (or buy, then try) blog, books “are almost always purchased before they are consumed.”  A Book Idea lets readers explore (try) before they replenish (buy) and helps the writer gather those future buyers in advance.  The best SOOP Book Ideas combine elements from the best blurbs and synopses, promotional in nature, true to the story, without trying to cover all aspects.  They are NOT a sample/excerpt of your writing and there is a character limit.  So put on your writing hat create an original book idea, and let the world know about it!

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What if you don’t like my Book Idea?

The good thing is that it does not matter whether we like your book idea; we will publish your book idea, regardless (as long as it’s one of the genre categories listed in the Submission Guidelines). What DOES matter is whether your social network likes your book idea and votes for it. The more votes you get, the more benefits you earn towards a publishing contract. So, go ahead, publish that book idea and start getting votes!

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Can you help me publish my raw manuscript?

We sure can! If you need help getting your manuscripts proofread, edited, reviewed and published, we can offer those services for hire through our Services Marketplace. Or, you can earn them for free by reaching 1000 valid votes through our author-driven model. Regardless of which route you choose, submit your book idea here, build an audience and anticipate orders from those who vote for your book idea(s). 

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How do I publish my book idea?

First, visit the publish with SOOP page and read the submission guidelines. There,you’ll find the link to submit (publish) your book idea. Once your book idea is online, start getting votes!

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Why vote for a Book Idea before the book is published?

Voting for a Book Idea does several things: (1) your vote simply expresses your interest in the story; (2) your vote lets you explore the book as an idea without a commitment to buy the book; (3) your vote helps motivate the writer to further develop the book idea; (4) your vote fuels this unique author-driven publishing model that exists to support ALL writers on their journey to becoming published authors.

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Can I post a Book Idea on SOOP for a book I’ve already published?

Yes, you can. And there are numerous reasons why you might want to post a Book Idea for an already published book.

  1. You are self-published and you now want to interest a publisher.
  2. You want to use the SOOP Platform to draw interest and generate book sales.
  3. You want to publish your book in a new version, geography or language.

Whatever your reason, SOOP welcomes those who wish to use our free Author Driven platform with the understanding that it is your responsibility not to violate any contractual responsibilities or the rights to your book you may have transferred to other third parties, and SOOP bears no responsibility whatsoever for any such violations you may be responsible for. (By the way, you do NOT have to remove your book from other sites to publish your idea with SOOP.)

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Can I remove my book idea later?

We recommend leaving your book idea as a historical record, regardless of where your book ends up. We believe it helps both the Author and SOOP to show the legacy of where you started. It encourages fans who voted for the book, who enjoy pointing out that “they knew you when” :)…

Having said that, we’ll be happy to remove your book idea at any time. Simply send your request to [email protected]  and we’ll take care of it for you.

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Why can’t I edit my book idea?

We’re happy to do that for you. As SOOP matures, our technology and workflow management will catch up to allow authors to edit their own book synopsis and cover art. For now, our Support team takes care of that for you. Please submit complete (edited) content and appropriate artwork for quick updates. Thanks!

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What does it cost to use your services?

That depends on which services are being discussed. To understand our core Author Driven Publishing program start by reading https://soopllc.com/publish-soop/#.VQNYT9LF-6M. It discusses SOOP’s no-obligation model and should address many of your questions about getting started and progressing towards publication.

SOOP currently has two pathways, a free, as well as a premium subscription version.  Our subscription service will give you access to professional feedback as you unlock benefits at your voting milestones.  In our free version, you will receive the homework assignments, but will work the assignments in a different manner while pursuing the same 2,000 voting milestone.

If you’re also considering other aspects of specific support needed along the publishing journey, we have some great service providers to meet your needs in a variety of ways. Visit our Services Marketplace and check out the experts there. Each service is available individually to any author (for hire as needed), or as part of a larger package for authors who are publishing with SOOP.


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What does a SOOP Publishing Contract get me?

  • A great education in growing your book idea into a published work
  • More money in your pocket for all your hard work: we charge no agent fees or percentages
  • Significantly higher royalties for you than other full-service publishing house will give you, paid quarterly
  • Typical professional services provided by full-service publishers, all costs covered by SOOP, including:
    • Proofreading
    • Cover design
    • Editing (developmental, line edit, copy edit, etc)
    • Book design
  • Distribution and sales management on six continents
  • The opportunity to join SOOP’s other titles, the last four of which have all been rated “#1 Hot New Release” on Amazon.com. (While past performance is no guarantee of future success, SOOP’s momentum is increasing.)

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What marketing and sales support does SOOP provide its authors?

As an author-driven publishing model, SOOP supports its authors’ efforts in many areas. We’ll match and outpace the author’s efforts while providing the guidance about what to do, when and where. To see what that means, look at the book ideas that have over 1,000 votes (search for the latest Top 20 blog) to see the benefits those authors are enjoying en route to publication at 2,000 votes (and see what they get for a publishing contract). In addition, we provide the following:

  • SOOP will match Author-provided marketing funds
  • SOOP will provide an Author website
  • SOOP will support your Blogging / Social Media Strategy
  • SOOP will support your efforts to build a presence in your local community through our Local Bookstore Program: http://tinyurl.com/localbookstoreprogram
  • And anything else SOOP sees fit to provide within the scope of our author-driven model.

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Do you charge to publish in paperback?

No, we don’t charge for our services. SOOP’s approach is unique. See “What does it cost to use your services?”

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How can generate reviews for my book?

Please review the principles for having a book reviewed ( https://soopllc.com/book-review/#.VRQFAfnF8uc) and feel feel free to reach out to reviewers listed in our Services Marketplace to generate reviews for your book.

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How do I get my book voted on using your website?

By submitting your book idea, you have created the means to gather votes. Just share the book idea page with your social network and start getting votes.

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Why did my vote count go down?

A vote count can go down when a previously submitted vote is removed. We send a confirmation of every vote, and some people reply with a request to have their vote removed (perhaps they didn’t fully understand the voting parameters). As explained on the Vote page, each vote equals a willingness to receive an offer to purchase; one vote per person. If someone changes their mind about that, the vote count goes down. I hope that helps.

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Why is nobody voting for my book?

After you submit your book idea and SOOP posts it on a voting page, your next step is to share the link for that voting page with your social network to earn votes. SOOP’s model is Author Driven so you get to generate the votes by sharing the link to your voting page as widely as possible. We’ll support your efforts in various ways (as described elsewhere). We find that vote-getters have a perfect title, a great synopsis (well-written, creating curiosity), and an eye-catching book cover. Those book ideas that get into our Top 20 get even more exposure to the growing SOOP community and beyond. To get votes, do what vote-getters do, start by sharing your link!

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The Book Idea I’m voting for is no longer available

From time to time, for a variety of reasons, Authors request to have their Book Ideas withdrawn from our site, and we accommodate their request. Please check our Blog to see the latest crop of Hot Book Ideas – we’re sure you’ll find one of interest to you to place your vote.

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Unique to Short Stories / Anthologies

  • Does SOOP compensate authors who have their work included in its anthologies?
    • SOOP pays the authors featured in its anthologies up to a 1% royalty on the book’s gross profit, – essentially the list price less the retailer’s cut and the cost of printing the book. 
  • How many short stories are included in each anthology?
    • Our first anthology, 50 Servings of SOOP, will have fifty short stories and pieces of flash fiction. The composition of future books may vary at our discretion.
  • Are multiple Short Story Ideas from the same author allowed?
    • Yes, but we will only be publishing one piece per author per book.
  • Will multiple short stories from the same author appear in one book?
    • No, see above.
  • What rights am I giving SOOP?
    • Submissions to our anthologies via a Short Story Idea are more formal than a book submission via a Book Idea. In submitting, you are giving us the right to publish your complete short story or flash fiction piece and agreeing that you will not publish it elsewhere prior to asking for and receiving our permission to withdraw your submission. Once we have a publishing contract in place with you, you may not publish your short story or piece of flash fiction for the duration of the contract’s term, and SOOP will retain the right, in perpetuity, to publish it in all existing publications at the time the contract ends. We have this stipulation because we want our authors fully committed to working together as a team to promote the book and achieve success, and to protect all contributor rights to future royalties on these collections.
    • If you submit to us via a Short Story Idea and ultimately do not sign a publishing contract with us, you may formally give us notice that you intend to not sign with us, and we will relinquish our provisional rights. 
  • What will SOOP do to promote its anthologies?
    • SOOP uses a variety of promotional methods with a focus on social media. SOOP has well over a million followers / readers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn in addition to a growing reader mailing list. We are also developing a subscription program to ensure a growing readership.
    • SOOP also expects all contributing authors to promote the anthology as well, and SOOP will coordinate efforts to ensure that it reaches as many people as possible.
  • What are the homework assignments I’m expected to complete?
    • All homework assignments are formatted as Google Forms, making returning the homework very easy.
    • Passing each homework assignment is a prerequisite to publication as well as for being able to complete the next homework assignment regardless of votes accumulated.
    • The Milestone Zero is a very basic assignment that asks you for links to your social media accounts so that we can begin supporting your Author Driven promotional efforts. It also asks you a couple of simple questions related to who will support you and your Short Story Idea. We ask these questions so that you’ll be thinking like an entrepreneurial author throughout this process.
    • The 25 Vote Milestone Homework is the Platform Homework. It helps you to explore your Author Platform and look for weaknesses to shore up and strengths to use to your advantage.
    • The 50 Vote Milestone Homework is the Product Homework. It gives us a chance to read through your short story and offer advice. It is also where we ensure that your work is in keeping with our Editorial Standards.
    • The 75 Vote Milestone Homework is the Promotion Homework. It helps you to think through how you can use your Author Platform that we explored in the 25 Vote Milestone Homework to get the word out about your short story both prior to and after publication.
    • The 100 Vote Milestone Homework is the Publication Prep Homework. It’s where everything comes together in preparation for a successful pre-order launch and publication.
  • How do I get help if these FAQs don’t apply to my question?
  • Does getting 100 votes guarantee my publication in an anthology?
    • 100 Votes and completing the homework assignments guarantees you a contract offer. Fulfilling your mutually agreed upon contractual responsibilities is required to be published in an anthology.
  • Can I post a Short Story Idea for a short story I’ve already published?
    • Because of the rights that are granted to us when a Short Story Idea is submitted to us, no.
  • What are the Additional Benefits?
    • These change from time to time. If you have questions, please ask us via email. 

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