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Aleksandar Veljic, translator, researcher, and writer, was born in 1971 in Belgrade. In 1990, he graduated from Sixth Belgrade High School with a Librarianship major. While staying with relatives in London, who offered refuge and support during the civil war in the former Yugoslavia, he studied at Francis King School of English in 1992. He later attended Ambassador College in the United States, majoring in English literature.

Upon returning to Serbia in 1996, Aleksandar embarked on a close examination of the little-known World War II crimes committed by the Nazi Germans and their allies in the former occupied Yugoslavia. His painstaking research has resulted in several works on the genocide against Serbs, Jews, Roma, Slovaks, Ruthenians, Slovenes, Russian emigrants, and anti-Fascists of German, Hungarian, and other descent. In 2008, he and the members of the Holocaust Memorial Society discovered a forgotten Holocaust site in the Serbian village of Perlez.

Aleksandar Veljic is also the author of a successful handbook on basic English grammar for Serbian students. He is the founder and president of the Holocaust Memorial Society. In March 2023, Aleksandar Veljic founded the Hope of Israel Worldwide Church of God to spread the good news of supernatural deliverance from the current trends of antisemitism and conflicts in humanity that are coming to all nations.


Genocide Revealed

The untold story of the massacre named “Razzia” (Raid), which took place in January 1942, was committed by the Hungarian Nazi forces in an occupied part of northern Serbia – Backa. This book unveils the most important details of the massacre, implicating the Hungarian regent (governor) Miklos Horthy. Besides murdering Serbs, Jews, and Roma, Horthy had also committed numerous crimes against Ukrainians, Romanians, Ruthenians, Slovaks, Russians, and Hungarian antifascists. 

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Genocide Revealed New Revised Version

In commemoration of the 82nd anniversary of these horrific events, the revised edition of Genocide Revealed by Aleksandar Veljic sheds light on the heinous crimes committed by Hungarian Nazi forces in occupied northern Serbia during World War II with updated data and facts.

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