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SOOP has two levels of participation in our Author Driven Publishing Program: Free and Premium. 
Free Level participants submit their assignments for evaluation at key milestones and are assigned a Pass/Fail grade. Premium Level members submit them immediately and receive a numeric grade and feedback from a panel of experts. 
In addition to having a team of experts educate you and keep you on track, there are many other valuable benefits available to you as a Premium subscriber. See the “Additional Information” tab above for more detail. 
This isn’t intended to discourage our Free Level participants. Everything you need to progress to a publishing contract is available for free – the Premium level, however, helps you get there faster, with valuable tools, benefits, and assistance from experts.
This investment will help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently. The advice of experts will do wonders. 

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Premium Package Includes

In addition to the items on the free package, when you pass the homework related to the vote counts below, you will receive valuable benefits. The chart below is for illustration purposes, the actual benefits will be decided in consultation with the SOOP Success Coach when you pass your first homework assignment:

Special Handling & SOOP Success Coach/Roadmap Consultation
50 votes – Author Spotlight Blog – "passed the first milestone"
150 votes – Digital SOOP Author Business Cards
300 votes – Book Idea Trailer – Votes Bounty Program
500 votes – Free Giveaway Incentive Program
700 votes – 12 Month BI Marketing Plan
900 votes – Free Sample Edit
1,100 votes – Featured in SOOP Newsletter
1,300 votes – 50% off Coupon for Marketing Package
1,500 votes – 50% Discount on guaranteed 500 Vote Sprint Package
1,750 votes – 3 Sample Edits for review and Editor Selection

Please note that not all benefits are available in all regions. Where this is the case, we will work with you to provide an appropriate substitute.


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