Heart of SOOP

SOOP_heartHere at SOOP, we want to help authors publish terrific, successful books — whether they ultimately publish with us or not. But that’s not our only goal. We also want to focus on the human element of publishing —  the heart of the matter.

For starters, our approach to publishing is decidedly different. Our democratized selection process seeks to shift power toward the author and his or her readers and fans, and away from a small group of editorial decision-makers. It’s not a complete shift, as we must continue to ensure that our books meet certain standards of quality and professionalism. But it is a major shift nonetheless. It opens up all kinds of new possibilities for enterprising, aspiring authors to be published and marketed. Our hope is that our model will provide a platform for a new generation of authors and rich diversity of voices.

In addition to our revolutionary publishing model, we also aim for our company and our authors to keep engaged in our local communities. Here are a few programs we sponsor or support:

Student and Senior Discounts

Student and Senior Discounts

SOOP Library Program

     Local Library      Program 


  Local Bookstore Program


Love in Madison Program



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