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Our authors are doing a tremendous job of creating great stories for your reading pleasure. How about we give them a little support in exchange for a free book?

That’s right, Something Or Other Publishing is happy to announce a Weekly Giveaway Program!

Now you can support your favorite writers AND enjoy a fresh-new reading.

How to enter the giveaway? 

That’s easy!

All you need to do is vote for a Short Story or Book Idea, which will automatically enter you into the giveaway drawing. You can enter the giveaway multiple times as long as you pick different ideas each time you vote. Find some of the most popular Short Story Ideas on our site by visiting our weekly Top 20 Blog

If you become a winner, the SOOP team will contact you to get your book choice and shipping information (Shipping available to any US address). We usually announce the winners through our social media platforms every Wednesday.

Increase your chances of winning and vote for your favorite Short Story Ideas today!

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  1. Barbara stely says:

    I’m always looking for a new interesting book for a new journey. I’m also looking to publish books as a career

  2. Katherine Perkins says:

    I love reading, I can never have enough books to read
    I would love to write a book on my own.

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