Best of the Best: Book Recommendations

We’ve all been stuck at home for what seems like years now, so being a little bored and possibly  stir crazy is understandable. Need a good book? We’ve curated a short “best of the best” list of book recommendations using reading lists put together by some of the world’s largest publications and companies.  “Grace for […]

SOOP Review: Rising Petals by Ashwini Rath

Rising Petals is a timely book that will resonate with those yearning for a better, more just, more peaceful world. The poet’s note gives insight into the author’s purpose, pointing out that the world is an unjust place with much suffering but that the slow march of history is one of progress, improvement, and hope. […]

Wednesdays Are for Writers: Eric Mondschein Author Profile

Dr. Eric S. Mondschein has taught law and education and published and edited numerous articles and books in the field. He has worked for the US government in various capacities and directed an award-winning education program for the New York State Bar Association. He served as an advisor for an international NGO in Haifa, Israel, […]

Interview with Author Khalilah Salley

Today we’re honored to interview Khalilah Salley, author of Passion to Profit: Turn Your Side Hustle Into A Side Business!  Tell us a little bit about yourself.  I was born in Bremerhaven, Germany to military parents and eventually went to join the military myself. I served 7 years, with 3 tours to Iraq. Currently I am […]

Interview with Author Roland Sato Page

Today we’re honored to interview Roland Sato Page, the author of “Eating the Forbidden Fruit”, a gritty novel loosely based on the events of his life! What would you like readers to know about Eating the Forbidden Fruit?   It’s a journey into my past life as a St. Louis police officer convicted of federal […]

Best Hashtags for Authors in 2020: How to Use Hashtags As an Author to Sell More Books

The next time you post something promoting your writing on one of your social media accounts, be sure to include several hashtags. What is a hashtag? The hashtag was born on Twitter and spread like fire on Instagram. It’s a simple word or phrase followed by the “#” symbol. Hashtags are searchable on most social […]

Jay Tyson

Jay Tyson grew up outside of Detroit, Michigan and graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Civil Engineering in 1976. Shortly thereafter he married Eileen Cregge. They spent four years in Liberia, West Africa, where Jay worked on road construction projects. They settled in Haifa, Israel for seven years, where he assisted with historic […]

SOOP Announces Giveaway Program

SOOP is feeling generous this holiday season and is happy to announce a monthly book giveaway program! How can you win a free book? Every vote for a Short Story Idea automatically enters you to win. You can even enter multiple times—just be sure to vote for a different Short Story Idea each time. You […]

How to write effective short stories in a world of short attention spans

In a world where people’s attention spans seem to be getting shorter and shorter, it’s hard getting an audience to actually read your story from start to finish. In fact, recent studies suggest that this shortening attention span is occurring globally and not just with young generations like many have previously believed. After all, we […]

Curated Anthology Milestones

Thank you for submitting a Contribution to one of our curated anthologies. We hope that you enjoy the process and find success in it. To provide an overview of what lies ahead, there are six major milestones to meet along the way between a Curator launching a SOOP Anthology and the book being published. Each […]


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