SOOP Review: Rising Petals by Ashwini Rath

Rising Petals is a timely book that will resonate with those yearning for a better, more just, more peaceful world. The poet’s note gives insight into the author’s purpose, pointing out that the world is an unjust place with much suffering but that the slow march of history is one of progress, improvement, and hope. His message in his poet’s note couldn’t be more timely.

I particularly enjoyed “Coffee”. I think it’s a great poem that points out that some of the smallest, seemingly insignificant parts of our day are the most important because they ground us in the present when thousands of things compete for our attention.

I also really liked “Evening”. The poem transports you to the experience of taking a walk in the evening, focusing on the sounds and your own thoughts. For many people today, moments like these are the only times we get to enjoy some solitude and quiet.

Overall, I really enjoyed Rising Petals and would recommend it to those looking for digestible poems that provide calming feelings.

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