Author Platform Support Packages

The above overview is for illustration. Please review package details here, as they are subject to change.

SOOP Works for You

Something Or Other Publishing offers a variety of marketing packages to suit your needs. In order to reach your audience best, you have several options to choose from, depending on how much help you desire. From Twitter retweets and mentions to the monthly blog updates, we want to help you meet your goals and develop your following as quickly as possible.

Bronze Marketing Package

Bronze PackageSIMPLE PLAN, BIG BENEFITS! That is how we define our NEW BRONZE PACKAGE! We help you extend your reach on both Twitter, where we have reached 1 Million followers and Facebook, where we routinely reach over 1 Million interested readers and publishing industry participants. Check out the package page for more details and subscription information. 

Silver Marketing Package

Our Silver Package doubles your social media shout-outs on Twitter and Facebook over our Bronze Package, and adds reader reviews to the mix. Check out the package page for more details and subscription information.

Gold Marketing Package

GOLD SPARKLES BRIGHTER THAN SILVER AND BRONZE! This package is ideal for serious authors on a budget! Check out the package page for more details and subscription information.  

Platinum Marketing Package

Platinum Package The Platinum Package includes all the perks from the Gold Package, including improved frequency and reach on twitter and Facebook, as well as the opportunity for a quarterly LinkedIn Pulse and Blog/Newsletter. Check out the package page for more details and subscription information.  

Premium Marketing Package

premium_banner-300x300 We challenge you to find a better value on a serious marketing package than SOOP’s Premium Marketing Package! We use Twitter as a powerful tool to create traffic for you. We will also reach more than 2 million members across Facebook Groups to maximize your social media exposure. This plan is also packed with additional features designed to promote your product/s or services.  

Customized Marketing Package

For those who have some marketing experience and are serious about getting noticed, talk to us about your needs and SOOP will hear you out! We will customize a plan that will meet your needs with satisfaction guaranteed! Email us at SUPPORT@SOOPLLC.COM for a FREE consultation.  


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