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Something Or Other Publishing offers a variety of Marketing Plans to suit your needs. In order to reach your audience best, you have several options to choose from, depending on how much help you desire. From Twitter tweets and Instagram posts to Influencer Features, we want to help you meet your goals and develop your following as quickly as possible.

Bronze Marketing Package

Bronze Package

The Bronze Plan ensures that authors on a budget can still get their books in front of relevant audiences on social media and via valuable Influencers. SOOP has built a network of over a million followers on social media and has established relationships with many Influencers who can bring a heightened level of awareness and credibility. Please click “View Package Details” to learn more.

Silver Marketing Package

The Silver Plan expands an author’s ability to reach targeted audiences via enhanced social media abilities and additional Influencer Feature opportunities. This plan more fully leverages SOOP’s extensive social media network and Influencer contacts. Please click “View Package Details” to learn more.

Gold Marketing Package

The Gold Plan leverages huge efforts on social media, regular high impact Influencer Feature opportunities, and powerful giveaways, one on and one on Goodreads. Both of these giveaways can reach thousands of potential readers and reviewers. Please click “View Package Details” to learn more.

Platinum Marketing Package

Platinum Package

The Platinum Plan leverages the highest possible level of SOOP social media promotion. Additionally, each year of the subscription is capped with a Three Month Author Focus that channels a massive amount of promotion, including a Book Blog Blitz, into ever building momentum. Please click “View Package Details” to learn more.


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