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Our platform offers an exciting process for any emerging authors who not only want to get published but find sustainable success and careers as full-time writers.

Today’s publishing world can be harsh when it comes to measuring expectations and turning them into a reality. The Internet may provide you with the basic tools to become a self-published author, but the truth is that launching a successful Best-Seller requires a great amount of knowledge, planning, and experience.

We can help you achieve your goals as a writer in several ways:


We are a full-service commercial publishing company for authors whose books and short story ideas have the potential to draw an audience of at least 2,000 readers.

Marketing Resources

With our unique Author-Driven Book Publishing Model, SOOP provides a wealth of information, ideas, resources, and advice to guide authors towards marketing success. It doesn’t matter whether you’re published traditionally or self-published, we can create a marketing plan to help you reach your goals and drive sales to your book.


When you work with SOOP, you take advantage of our unique Crowdsourcing ModelIt focuses on marketing and promoting your Book Idea to invite close supporters and potential readers to vote for your story through a customized voting landing page. 

People can find your idea on our Voting Page, where our Marketing team will support you by targeting broader groups of readers through our social media channels. 


Your Book Idea must achieve the voting milestones to receive a contract offer, proving your appeal to readers and commitment to promoting your book. SOOP will become increasingly interested in your work as your vote count increases and you market your Book Idea accordingly.

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