The Basic Concepts of SOOP’s Voting Program

Something Or Other Publishing has developed a unique Crowdsourcing Model that benefits our writers in their goal to build their group of fans and close supporters from the start. 

Our voting program is an interactive component of SOOP’s Author-Drive Publishing Model to create more emphatic and authentic connections with prospective readers by collecting votes, representing a sign of interest and curiosity to learn more about the publication process of your stories and receive exclusive offers about your books. 

Authors can benefit from this program to collect supporters, measure their expectations, and set goals when the time of publication arrives. 

Getting Started

It’s easy to generate attention, but the tricky part is keeping the interest. 

Building a fan base is something that every author needs to do even before they start writing a new project. Your most loyal supporters will always ensure the initial success of your books and generate the required buzz to attract new readers. Turning interest and attention into engagement takes work, but it’s achievable through engaging content and a suitable platform.


Creating a fan base is about giving your most loyal supporters a reason to stay connected.

Content creation is the initial step to displaying your writing expertise. Sharing your work will help you generate interest in your stories, build momentum, and transform their attention into tangible benefits. Feel free to start with content that makes you feel comfortable and topics related to your genre.

Here are some topics to consider for your content: 

  • Story Excerpts
  • Book Recommendations
  • Bold Takes on Authors/Genres
  • Daily Tips for Writers
  • Opinion Columns


Everybody needs a center stage to showcase their writing skills constantly!

Your platform is crucial to formally present your stories and deliver an experience that gets you closer to your prospective supporters. Once your readership grows, consider expanding your communication channels by setting up a monthly newsletter or even a YouTube channel to increase your scope of potential new readers.

Explore the following options to create your platform or set up a blog to publish your writings:

  • WordPress
  • Substack
  • Blogger 
  • Tumblr
  • Wattpad
  • Commaful
  • Ghost

Collecting Votes

Follow these principles, and you will be on the right track to getting your stories published with a fan base of engaged readers:

Craft a Captivating Description: Write a descriptive story pitch that will draw the attention of potential readers and supporters. Make sure you accurately convey the idea of your book and entice readers to give it a try. Moreover, including an attractive cover image to illustrate your vision will significantly boost the success of your book idea.

Pick Your Niche Audience: Be sure to know the specific audience you aim to target with your story. Understanding your niche reader’s preferences and behavior will increase your chances of success at marketing your story and getting potential readers engaged. 

Improve Your Online Presence: A noticeable online presence is crucial to establishing yourself in today’s publishing industry. Having a connection point with your followers will help create an interactive community around you, and using SOOP’s voting program is an effective way to start.

Stay True to Yourself: Risk-taking is necessary to reach a wider audience. However, authenticity is critical to transitioning from a talented writer to an established published author. Our writers are encouraged to express themselves and present their best works of art. We invite you to break away from the traditional conventions and challenge yourself to reach the next level of your storytelling.

Click here to learn more about our publishing options, and stay tuned to our weekly news for marketing tips on promoting your story.


  1. Ruby Smith says:

    I was told to send the name of my short story to [email protected] I tried but couldn’t get in. My short story is Delay is not Denial. But my problem is my story is not in a file. So will you allow me to email my story to your com ? My book is already published on Barnes n Noble website. It is on sale for $9.99 my book title is Ruby Smith welcome addresses for various occasions. On different pages it shows different acts for my votes. On one page it shows I only have 3 votes. But when my friend voted for my story it showed I had 19 votes. That’s why I paid $15 to enter the contest. I am lost because I don’t know how to get my story to you. The description I wrote for my book was on the page last week now it is not showing. Can someone tell me what the problem is

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