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SOOP’s Author-Driven Publishing Model is revolutionary. It combines the best elements of both traditional and self-publishing, while taking advantage of social media and crowdsourcing, to educate and empower authors to gradually master the “3 P’s” of publishing: Product, Platform, and Promotion. As a result, authors come to understand the process of landing a publishing contract and the chances of earning much higher royalties than traditional publishing.

Unlike traditional commercial publishing, SOOP authors control the process and decisions at each step of the journey, ensuring the fair distribution of risk and reward to all parties. Authors who submit their ideas to SOOP can walk away at any time before signing a contract, and they will take the benefits and publicity they’ve earned with them.

Publish a Book

SOOP has three options for you to publish your book in our Author-Driven Model.

  • Basic (Free) Program: Use our platform and its self-service offerings to obtain a publishing contract.
  • Premium: Work at your own pace to obtain a publishing contract using our Platform and our premium tools and personal coaching for as little as $99 per month. 
  • Custom / HybridWork with one of our Certified Book Consultants on a custom program to accelerate your path to a published book. Select from among an a-la-carte offering of everything you will need to produce a quality manuscript, build your author platform, and crowdsource your readers.

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Publish a Short Story

Publication in an anthology is a fantastic way to show your work to a wide range of readers who might not yet be familiar with your work. In addition, anthology readers are consumers of literary gems, and a chance to sparkle in front of them gets competitive among rising authors, especially with our Annual Short Story Contest.

SOOP’s Anthology Program focuses on bringing together groups of 12-25 proven writers with the common goal of working together to make the book a success and a timeless collection.

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Become an Anthology Curator

Do you have a network united by a common cause or a community of fellow authors whose works complement each other? Then, you might be a great candidate to curate a SOOP anthology!

Something Or Other Publishing has developed a program that gives curators creative control while helping them guide authors’ energies more productively. SOOP also manages publication details for our curators while getting their valued input at every step. Curating an anthology is an excellent way to boost your name recognition and propel acknowledgment of your expertise in a particular subject to new heights.

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Marketing Gigs

SOOP has built considerable social media marketing capabilities in support of its traditionally published authors. We have a network of nine book focused Instagram accounts that have served over 100 authors, a network of Twitter accounts with over a million followers as of January 2019, and membership in hundreds of book-related Facebook groups. We also are highly skilled at managing paid social media ad campaigns focused on selling books.

Our gigs offer authors the opportunity to work with us with a low budget during a set period of time to test us out. If you’re interested in our marketing services, we’d highly recommend starting here! 

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Marketing Packages

Something Or Other Publishing offers a variety of Marketing Plans to suit your needs. In order to reach your audience best, you have several options to choose from, depending on how much help you desire. From Twitter tweets and Instagram posts to Influencer Features, we want to help you meet your goals and develop your following as quickly as possible.

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