Author-Driven Publishing: Own Your Story with SOOP LLC


Unleash the author within. At SOOP LLC, we empower you to take control of your book journey with our unique Author-Driven Publishing model. From refining your idea to reaching readers, and then closing the sale, we offer tailored support for every stage.

Here are our three Author Driven programs:

  1. Basic (Free) Program: Use our platform and its self-service offerings to obtain a publishing contract.
  2. Premium: Work at your own pace to obtain a publishing contract using our Platform and our premium tools and personal coaching for as little as $99 per month. 
  3. Custom / Hybrid: Work with one of our Certified Book Consultants on a custom program to accelerate your path to a published book. Select from among an a-la-carte offering of everything you will need to produce a quality manuscript, build your author platform, and crowdsource your readers.
  1. Free Your Creativity with Our Basic Offering: Cost – Free
  • Product: Sharpen your manuscript with expert feedback and interactive workshops led by industry professionals. Hone your plot, characters, and writing style through engaging assignments.
  • Platform: Build your author brand with a dedicated profile page on our vibrant platform. Generate buzz and connect with potential readers through community engagement and reader feedback.
  • Promotion: Gain valuable insights into your target audience through reader votes and social media integration. Learn marketing fundamentals with free online resources.
  1. Supercharge Your Success with Premium Author-Driven Publishing: Cost – $99 per month or $999 per year
  • Product: Elevate your manuscript with personalized editorial support from seasoned editors. Access genre-specific guides and manuscript evaluation tools for a polished, publishable work.
  • Platform: Maximize your online presence with professional website design and social media management assistance. Connect with industry experts for personalized coaching and strategic guidance.
  • Promotion: Craft a winning marketing plan with our in-house marketing team. Launch targeted campaigns and leverage our network of influencers to reach your ideal readers.
  1. Craft Your Masterpiece in record time with Custom Hybrid Publishing: Cost – Starting at $2,500
  • Product: Work one-on-one with a dedicated book consultant to tailor your publishing journey. Receive comprehensive editorial services, including developmental and copy editing, to ensure your manuscript shines.
  • Platform: Gain access to exclusive design and marketing resources to build a captivating author brand and website. Benefit from our team’s expertise to cultivate a loyal readership community.
  • Promotion: Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy with our experts, leveraging targeted advertising, book tours, and media outreach. Reach new audiences and maximize book sales.

No matter your publishing goals, SOOP LLC empowers you with the knowledge, tools, and support to succeed.

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