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Publication in an anthology can be a fantastic way to show your work to a wide range of readers who might not yet be familiar with you. Anthology readers are serious consumers of literary gems, and a chance to sparkle in front of them is something authors have long coveted. SOOP is compiling a short story anthology called ’50 Servings of SOOP’, which will be an opportunity to get your work in front of readers who may very well love you and follow your career with great interest. Specifically, we’re looking for short story and flash fiction pieces in all fictional genres other than erotica and fan fiction as well as non-fiction memoir pieces. Pieces should be 100 to 2,000 words in length.

SOOP’s publishing model is an interactive one. We call it Author Driven Publishing. In order to earn a spot in our ’50 Servings of SOOP’ anthology, you’ll need to prove your short story’s appeal to readers as well as your commitment to promoting it alongside us and your fellow authors in a team orientated effort by gaining 100 votes.

Does your story have what it takes? We invite you to find out. Post your idea, and start inviting potential readers and fans to show their support by voting for your story idea, for inclusion in our anthology. Please fill out the form below – and let’s get started!

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