Press Release: New Epoch Prepares for Launch

Astronaut’s visionary work slated as forward-thinking publication company’s first book

Madison, Wis., Oct. 24, 2020 — Discover how one man’s incredible journey carries a profoundly
important message for all of humanity in the upcoming autobiographical allegory, Floating in
Darkness: A Journey of Evolution, by Ron Garan.

As an Air Force fighter pilot, veteran of the first Persian Gulf War, and NASA astronaut, Garan
has seen and experienced things only a select few ever will. Garan has experienced life through
an array of settings and circumstances – from the fury of war, to the serene world beneath the
ocean’s surface, and the stunningly beautiful, yet perilous realm of Earth orbit. 
Throughout his outward journey through all these experiences and events, Ron found himself on
an equally amazing and challenging journey through inner space, as he reflected upon the human
condition, how we treat one another, the planet we all share, and the very nature and meaning of
our existence.  

The conclusion he reached is simple, yet world-shaking in its implications: We must evolve to a
new, more compassionate, and higher consciousness – rooted in the truth that we are, as a human
race, truly one. And it is only together that can we ensure our peace and prosperity, and the
wellbeing of the Earth and all life on it. 

Floating in Darkness: A Journey of Evolution, set for publication in May, is the first book to be
published under New Epoch Publishing, a joint venture between Ron Garan and Something Or
Other Publishing (, the mission of New Epoch Publishing is to create and introduce
content that will help nudge the trajectory of our world toward a positive and restorative future.
New Epoch will feature works by some of today’s most forward-thinking authors. 

On this project, New Epoch and SOOP are partnering with Dundurn Press, one of Canada’s
largest and most-respected publishers of adult and children’s fiction and non-fiction. Dundurn
will provide distribution in Canada, as well as to bookstores in the US.

New Epoch will also soon publish Garan’s Railroad to the Moon, his first children’s book, which
encapsulates his message in a format which budding readers can understand and enjoy.

For more information, contact SOOP’s Marketing Manager, Jesus Bracho, (213) 952-
9557, [email protected]

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