Interview with JP Brome

Today we’re honored to interview JP Brome, author of “The MisAdventures of Zyria: The World’s Smallest Superhero”. Check it out on Amazon and!

JP, how are you doing in these difficult times? We first met you in December. How has life changed for you since then?

A: When we first met, I had just published my first book and my only concern was getting it out into the hands of as many kids as possible. I would have never thought that our lives would have changed so drastically.  We are experiencing some unprecedented times in our world today with a coronavirus that has taken the lives of over 800,000 lives worldwide to date, racial tension and unrest across our nation while trying to maintain some remnant of “normalcy”.

When did you decide to become a writer? Do you feel that you inherited your great-grandmother’s story telling skills? Or did you acquire them somewhere else?

A: I have always been creative in writing poems, plays, and songs as a young girl and decided a couple of years ago that I wanted to write a book. I used to love hearing stories told by my great-grandmother because she was such a great storyteller. Her stories came to life as she told them, and I wanted to create that with this book.

What is one of your favorite stories that your great-grandmother told?

A: One of my favorite stories that my great-grandmother told was about how our ancestors lived and survived in the deep south in the 1800s. It took a lot of faith and courage to survive during those tough times.

The topic of bullying is one of the most important that you could address in a book written with  pre-teen audience. What is your mission for the book?

A: My mission is to inspire pre-teens to come together, be creative, and find ways to end bullying. Pre-teens today do not only have to deal with social bullying but also cyberbullying which is a whole new level of bullying. It has to stop.

How have your own experiences shaped that mission?

A: I experienced bullying when I was a kid because I looked different so I was picked on. I also taught fourth-graders at a Chicago Public School and I saw the same bullying taking place. It was disheartening to see that nothing had changed since I was that age.

Do you have any tips for writing realistic characters that are children? Given that adults tend to forget some of the things that they experienced as kids, we could see that being challenging.

A: My tip is to stay current which means get or stay involved with the lives of your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc. Their experiences in life, even at this point, are so different from what you may have experienced. I believe that this allows your characters to become realistic and relevant.

Your author bio mentions that you have written poems, songs, plays, and screenplays! Are you still working on these art forms?

A: Yes, I am working on two screenplays at this time. Once completed, I would like to continue the sequel to “The Misadventures of Zyria”. Zyria’s story is just beginning!

What future plans do you have for your writing career?

A: As stated earlier, I would like to write a sequel to “The Misadventures of Zyria”. I also hope that I am granted the opportunity to write a screenplay for this book. I would love to see Zyria on the big screen! 

Where can readers go to learn more about you and interact with you?

A: Readers can go to my website “JPBrome” and leave comments. I can also be reached via email at jpbromeauthor@gmail. com.

Any parting advice for aspiring authors?

A: My parting advice to aspiring authors is “If you have a story to tell, write it!


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