Best of the Best: Book Recommendations

We’ve all been stuck at home for what seems like years now, so being a little bored and possibly  stir crazy is understandable. Need a good book? We’ve curated a short “best of the best” list of book recommendations using reading lists put together by some of the world’s largest publications and companies. 

“Grace for President” by Kelly S. DiPucchio – from the New York Magazine’s The Best (Strategist-Approved) Children’s Books list.

This book shines a light on the importance of feminism in a way that kids can understand, featuring a prepared and diligent girl facing off against a boy whose only qualification is that he’s…a boy. 

Recently SOOP published “The 5 Year-Old Lawyer and Her Frog by Gloria Elizabeth Kadry Parra, which teaches girls that they can become any profession that they want (just like boys)! This book also teaches children to appreciate the privilege of receiving a good education.

“Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin” by Clifford Gaddy and Fiona Hill – from TED’s 101 books to dive into this summer list.

This book provides a detailed profile of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been regularly identified as one of the great geopolitical villains of the 21st century by Western governments. Putin’s background is fascinating and provides insight into his ambitions and his methods.

SOOP’s first book was “Genocide Revealed by Aleksandar Veljic”, which examines the Holocaust as perpetrated in Serbia under Hungarian leader Miklos Horthy, who was an inspiration to Adolf Hitler. Like “Mr. Putin”, this book provides valuable insight into the actions of one of history worst men and calls us all to protect our democracies against forgetting the great tragedies of the past.

“The Light of the World” by Elizabeth Alexander – from TED’s 101 books to dive into this summer list.

This book is an emotional memoir detailing the death of the author’s husband the impact that trauma had on her. 

SOOP is the proud publisher of “The People of the Sign” trilogy by Wade Fransson. The first book in the trilogy describes the traumatic childhood of the author and follows him through early adulthood as he copes with his past and forges ahead towards a more promising future.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte – from The Reading Lists’ The Greatest Ever Romance Novels list.

This book describes a wildly passionate romance that of which many would be envious.

SOOP published “RED: A Love Story” by Nicole Collet. “RED” is “a thinking woman’s 50 Shades of Grey,” that doesn’t sacrifice an elegant plot when describing an exciting love story.

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