Interview with Author Khalilah Salley

Today we’re honored to interview Khalilah Salley, author of Passion to Profit: Turn Your Side Hustle Into A Side Business

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I was born in Bremerhaven, Germany to military parents and eventually went to join the military myself. I served 7 years, with 3 tours to Iraq. Currently I am a wife and mother to 3  wonderful daughters residing in the small town of  Orangeburg,  SC. My day job is an Information Technology Support Specialists.

Who is the greatest influence on your writing? 

My greatest influence on writing is my family. Everything I am pushed to do is because of them. I want them to see me striving and know that they are capable of doing the same thing.

What inspired “Passion To Profit: Turn Your Side Hustle Into A Side Business”?

I was inspired to write Passion To Profit due to the economic hardship I know those are facing due to the COVID-19 situation. I want individuals who have hobbies to know that they can profit from that, and I want others to know there are multiple ways to make money on the side. In this day and time having multiple streams of income is a NECESSITY to survive, and I want everyone to take take advantage of these opportunities rather than settle and struggle. 

How long did it take you to write “Passion To Profit: Turn Your Side Hustle Into A Side Business”? 

It took me about a month to write Passion To Profit. I already had ideas and material written down from course and coaching I had received. 

What writing project(s) are you working on now?

I am now working on a project that explains step by step how to start a business from include obtaining tax id, resources on setting up a website, merchant accounts…etc.

Do you enjoy the marketing aspect of publishing?

The marketing aspect is a bit tough, but I love a challenge.

What surprised you most after publishing your book?

I wasn’t too much surprised about the publishing portion of it, being that I knew upfront what to expect. 

What is the best part of publishing a book?

The best part of publishing a book is just accomplishing it and getting your work out there!! 

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