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How to write effective short stories in a world of short attention spans

In a world where people’s attention spans seem to be getting shorter and shorter, it’s hard getting an audience to actually read your story from start to finish. In fact, […]

Curated Anthology Milestones

Thank you for submitting a Contribution to one of our curated anthologies. We hope that you enjoy the process and find success in it. To provide an overview of what […]

How To Write A Landing Page That Generates Interest In Your Book

A well organised and well-written landing page can generate interest in both you and your book. If you get a potential reader to visit your page, you increase the chance […]

Wednesdays Are for Writers: 10 Ways to Get 100 Votes

Happy Wednesday, everyone! We’ve been thrilled with the level of engagement our Book Idea and Anthology Programs have gotten lately. We have dozens of new Book Ideas from #PitMad, a […]

Political Opinion Piece: For Britain Founder Anne Marie Waters on Boris Johnson’s Election

Anne Marie Waters is the Founder of the For Britain political party and author of Beyond Terror: Islam’s Slow Erosion of Western Democracy. Ms. Waters’ views have sparked controversy in […]


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