Interview with Author Roland Sato Page

Today we’re honored to interview Roland Sato Page, the author of “Eating the Forbidden Fruit”, a gritty novel loosely based on the events of his life!

What would you like readers to know about Eating the Forbidden Fruit?  

It’s a journey into my past life as a St. Louis police officer convicted of federal crimes. I share my              deep dark secrets with the audience, revealing trials and tribulation of being a cop. It takes a dedicated individual to wear the badge. I did my job well, but the conflict was my loyalty between my childhood friends involved in unsavory conduct and the oath I pledge to uphold the law. A law enforcement official has an obligation to report any criminal activity regardless of who engaged in it, even a family member. I could not turn my back on my friends, who I considered family, because they were individuals who would never judge me or turn their back on me regardless of if I was right or wrong. My story begins in the courtroom on my sentencing day. I begin to reminisce back to the good days searching for answers for my demise. 

Where did you get the title and the idea for the cover?

In the Police Academy during constitutional law, recruits are informed of  Fruit from the Poisonous Tree, a term in reference to when a law official indulges in unethical or criminal acts. The forbidden fruit is sin. I combine the two thus creating “Eating the Forbidden Fruit”. A tale of sin, karma, confession, and redemption. 

The cover was my artistic vision from the few days before my sentencing hearing. My bedroom nightstand looked identical to the cover without the badge, of course. That was confiscated upon my arrest.

How did your wife feel about you revealing personal information about not just your life but hers as well? 

She was supportive and was also my proofreader. I definitely thought about opening old wounds, but everything happens for a reason.  My past was instrumental in making me into the man I am today—a better person, a better husband, and a better father. She said some parts were difficult to read, but as it progressed, the story certified my love for her. Anything in the past is the past. She’s all about the future. I actually dedicated the book to her and my mother who recently passed in 2018—something I have yet to recover emotionally from. 

Was your mother’s passing a distraction? 

A distraction and a motivation. I was spiraling into a deep depression. Therefore, my family encouraged me to find a way to distract me from my woes. I though it would be great to tell my story reflecting on the good memories of my father, mother, and family. Fumi, my mother, always told me to finish what I started. Years ago I planned on writing a book about my life. I stopped because the statue of limitation was not up from my conviction. I didn’t want anything to come back and haunt me, so the idea simply diminished as the years went by. Upon her death, I motivated myself to finish what I started. Writing was treatment to manage my depression. 

Lastly, what would you like readers to get out of your novel? Or what would you like readers to know?

Well, the launch date is March 30th . The book will be available on Amazon, and you can subscribe to my newsletter at There are lots of neat images and pieces of information on there. I even have some future projects in the works. 

Eating the Forbidden Fruit” will comfort readers to understand we all fall from grace—sometimes more than once. What defines your strength is how you rebound. It answers questions like “why do some men cheat?” “What are some of the temptations of being a cop?” It’s not just drugs. Tt’s unethical acts that may lead to criminal acts. I put my heart and soul into it with total transparency. 


Eating the Forbidden Fruit is a gritty fiction novel loosely based on true events in Roland Sato Page’s life. The newcomer writer delivers a personal journey into his rise and demise as a St. Louis Police Officer. He takes the readers on a roller coaster ride of good ole family memories to the nightmarish reality of being a police officer indicted on federal crimes. During his trial, he wrote memoirs as a testimonial of redemption. Roland’s case stems from the conflict of his childhood affiliation and his oath to uphold the law. What is certain is one can’t run from sin for karma is much faster.

You can find “Eating the Forbidden Fruit” on Amazon here.

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