‘Passionately Striving in “Why”: An Anthology of Women Who Persevere Mightily to Live Their Purpose’ By Alise Cortez


Living your purpose takes some real effort and is not for the faint of heart. It requires listening for that delicate whisper and heeding the urgent inner calling that directs you, often in the most inconvenient directions. But when you’re willing to answer the call to purpose, the reward is crazy courage, vitality, and “shine” that emboldens those living it and is irresistible to all who witness and behold it. In this collection of stories, women from across the world share how they discovered their purpose, the contribution they are passionate to make by living it, and how they are striving mightily to stay true to delivering on their path. Behold the magnificence of the human spirit.

Length of Stories:

4,000 words each x 25 stories

Personal Contribution:

I will share how I discovered my own path to purpose, what it has taken to answer it and how I am living it through the work I do to awaken people across the globe to their passion and purpose and pursue it mightily, whatever it takes.

Examples of What I like:



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