‘Past the Dead End Sign’ By Michael Shanks

This is the true story I’d a trip I took hitch hiking across the country. Kicked out of the Navy before bootcamp, fresh out of 6 months in county jail, I bought a bus ticket from St Louis to Salt Lake City to find a new perspective on life. With only a small backpack, a few jars of peanut butter, a kids tent that was so small that I had to put my head and feet in the corners to fit, and a red fleece sleeping bag, I headed out in hopes to find the answers to life’s mysteries. My curiosity led me through Native territory and I got to meet some very different people. I barely made it out of the Grand canyon alive after squatting in my hidden camps. Dodging possible skin walkers and hunkering down to keep from being blown away by hurricane force winds while trying to avoid being being found camping made it all the more harrowing. I didn’t find any answers but came home with a thirst to keep looking.

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