‘cat and mouse game’ By chinedu ichu

Milo was a lazy cat who lived in a cozy house with his owner. He liked to sleep on the sofa, eat tuna, and watch TV. He had no interest in chasing mice or playing with toys. He was bored and lonely, but he did not know how to make friends.

Max was a clever mouse who lived in a hole in the wall. He liked to explore the house, find food, and read books. He had many friends among the other mice, but he also wanted to learn more about the world outside. He was curious and adventurous, but he did not know how to be careful. One day, Milo and Max met in the kitchen. Milo saw Max nibbling on a slice of cheese and decided to catch him for fun. Max saw Milo pouncing on him and decided to escape for his life. They chased each other around the house, making a lot of noise and mess. They were not friends, but enemies.


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