‘A written account of Cleon the Grat: Mighty when least expected’ By Eric Weston

A written account of Cleon The Great: Mighty When Least Expected

Written by: Eric Michael Weston


In this time and place, there is firm faith for everyone; every man and woman exercising their faith-based walk in life’s pathways and obstacles. Everyone desires and prays for a champion, a hero, a powerful deliverer from pandemonium infesting this world. Powerful ones are bred, not from birth, not from privilege, but from rough experience, from the tides of all things crooked attempting them from every side. A week, even meeting a person, a random man, or woman not aware of the champion within, can do a wide measure of deeds about heroism.


A young man by the name of Cleon is a person who isn’t well-versed in anything revolving around power and deities; Cleon is an ordinary and silent man with a calling to assist those in his path. The world is coming to a rapid final, and times are tough for all humanity. His story comes to life in the 21st century; Cleon is attending his own business, and whatever his hands can do, he does it. Cleon’s beginning and monumental life start best on the coast of the eastern part of the United States. Violence, natural disasters, and pestilence are frequent. Cleon is sitting in his home near the coast, observing the waves; it dawns upon his being to turn on the TV; as he does, he hears pastors on the news urging all to adhere to spiritual writings, Bibles, and commentaries; Cleon is therefore astounded by the preaching of such things. He then recalls his elderly relatives attending church and memorizing scriptures for beneficial purposes. Evil is watching Cleon; the man evil dreads will take on prime evil to the tee without hesitation. Evil stirs up a violent storm, developing a dreadful and tormenting hurricane. The hurricane is embedded with spirits, violent and tormenting spirits dating back to the earliest ages of Earth’s history. Cleon, as he peruses the sacred texts, sees deep wisdom and defense against particular instances. Cleon takes the time to learn the texts according to the circumstances; Cleon comes to know and trust that all things are possible and done to them that possess courage and offense. The multitude of spirits unify in the hurricane, forming horrid faces, and cries unknown to man’s ears. In time, the evils that we are now within Cleon’s awareness. Cleon, now boosted with all virtue to illustrate it all into effect, solemnly approaches the hurricane from the coast. “Cleon, O, Cleon, young and mighty Cleon, wit and might are your hands and will, indeed it is you who shall wipe out havoc, it is unto you, O, Cleon to gird up and take it to the opposition to usher it’s defeat.” The hurricane. Is as if it knows its own. Now, a morbid face forms in the hurricane, uttering in a horrible tone Cleon’s name; the great young man named Cleon raises his head, hands to the sky, he says, ” I know Thou didst assign me with power to throw away the tempest.” The One who chooses men and women to become renown is beckoned; the face-off is the climax of this passage. Light, endowment, and might now uphold Cleon, but he’s unaware of it. The unclean spirits, even more in the horror of chosen Cleon; Cleon peer fiercely at the approaching hurricane and say, “Thou wave, lo, thou art but a matter for the time being, by ane in the name of The Command, die tempest! And come forth never again !” This, Cleon preserved a minute of lives from death when the hurricane obeyed and dissolved backwards. After this act from Cleon, the young and mighty man did more for those in his way than he’d ever believed. Witnesses on earth and heaven bear record of Cleon. On earth, his name is etched in stone, in the heavens, his name goes arranged in stars by The One. Glory and might always be attributes towards The Divine, by this will all come to the knowledge that it is He who always and perfects His ways in minimal man; renown are they who are the least expected, mighty when least expected.

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