‘Mika’s Leap of Faith’ By Jasmin Collado

Mika is a determined 19-year-old Japanese girl training to compete in a dangerous skyscraper climbing competition called Best Gecko Pads: Tallest Tower. The winner will receive a scholarship to help achieve their dreams. Mika has trained relentlessly for this competition on August 14th, 2037 and is confident she can win, despite the other ruthless competitors like Joshua who will do anything to sabotage the competition. On the day of the event, Mika double-checks her gear and prepares to make daring leaps up the tower. She almost slips to her death but is saved by her safety ropes. Joshua struggles at first but it’s a bluff to get Mika to help him, and when she does he pushes her off. Though frustrated, Mika gathers her courage to keep climbing. She makes another bold leap up the tower, nearly catching up to the treacherous Joshua. Despite the setbacks, Mika is determined to out-climb the others and win the scholarship for her engineering dreams.

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