‘Nightmares of Nyx’ By Syren

Nyx used to be a lost soul, wandering through the land where dreams are, angry and alone. She was known throughout the dreamscape as a savage warrior, a bringer of chaos, and a powerful sage. With no memory of who she was or why she possessed her strong abilities, dreams used to be scary, confusing, and lonely. Nyx finds her purpose in the carnage of a burning battlefield when she stumbles upon a crying child. The child is the spirit of a dreamer, who finds himself in a nightmare each time he falls asleep. Nyx knows she has to help him, and she begins a journey teaching more and more children as she goes how to defeat their nightmares and navigate through the dream world. Based on wickedly deep nightmares I’ve had myself, Nightmares of Nyx is a story that is not only captivating and deep, but also engaging in a way that it’s readers can use Nyx’s dream world strategies of manifestation, focus objects, awareness, and thought re-direction in their own dreams. Nyx gently guides each small soul she encounters through their darkest struggles- mental illness, trauma, bullies, parents, and more – and helps them understand the terrifying monsters they face in their dreams are important indicators of the ways our daily challenges are really affecting us. And of course they also kick it’s butt! Someday I hope to be able to encourage young readers to write letters to Nyx if they are struggling with a nightmare and then be able to read along as she defeats it.

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