‘AMALGAM’ By Macabre Romanticist

This novel chronicles the psychic roller-coaster of a man removed from his one-time soul mate; a woman he once shared an impassioned, loving relationship.

Bereft in her absence, he suffers two existences.

From nights before, when his eyes open to the mental prison he’s been sentenced, his daily anguish nears no end. While asleep, he luxuriates in the blossoming of a reinvigorated love for that very same woman in a world behind closed eyelids.

Alongside this amalgam of sorrow and enjoyment, he and life-long friends participate in an intriguing confluence of events.

By novel’s end, he’s drafted a letter that begs forgiveness, hoping a fortuitous wheedling of it into her hands provides a response in accord with the long-overdue, heart-wrenched words he’s chosen.

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