‘Until we met.’ By Alex

We see from the inside the windshield of a car, with a closed but transparent hood. The
Increasingly colorful route and women’s hands leading to SHE sticks her hand out the window while
making waves. The sun begins to hide as The voice of the protagonist, a woman of about 45 years
It counts almost as a thought that escapes.

They say that before entering the sea, the river trembles with fear…
look back, the winding road that crossed and go towards ahead an ocean so vast,
that entering it is like disappear forever…
the car advances on the road and after several zigzags slows down and stops abruptly. Something
metallic and sharp bounces off the bottom of the auto.la naphtha spills on the road.

But there is no other way. The river can’t come back. Nobody can return. Going back is impossible
existence. only when entering in it, fear will disappear and you know it’s not about disappear into it, but become ocean.

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