‘The Adventures of Stripey the Fish! ‘ By Sarah Hinkes

Starlight, a blue fish that shone bright like the stars, swam over to see what’s the matter with her friend Stripey. She listened and agreed that something must be done to help him. Starlight called the other fish together for a fish emergency meeting. Stripey spoke about how sad it made him feel that all the other fish in the tank had a brother, or sister fish that was of their kind. Stripey also explained that he was all by himself, and we wanted to believe that somewhere out there, his family was waiting for him. With his fin, he pointed to the sky up above Lewis’s fish tank that expanded out over a vast, big, and new world. The meeting was very promising, all the other fish promised to help Stripey find his family. All through the week the fish saved bits of fish food for Stripey, Starlight helped to make a sack out of seaweed for Stripey to carry things in. One very big problem remained. Once Stripey was out of the tank, he couldn’t swim in the air, what was a fish with fins, gills, and fishy eyes to do?

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