‘Testament of Sikarra Reficul (Arrakis Lucifer) backwards’ By Hahaiah Pinnoculus

The story begins in the “heavens” when the last 3 kingdoms remain. Venus is currently married to the god of light, however has a extramarital affair with the god of war. Unbeknownst to Venus, Her husband, being omnipotent, the Most High god had already warned his brother and said if he continued to sleep with his wife there would be dire consequences. Needing him not, just one more time, right? The affair ceases as Venus comes contritely whole of heart to her husband “I have had an affair, I am sorry.” More than happy to take her back, he is moved by her overwhelming honesty and is saddened because the god of war is still his brother and he knows his brother loved her very much, as does he. Everyone loved Venus, she is the goddess of love after all. But within weeks she falls pregnant, and intuitively the Most High God of light knows the babies are not both his. He vows to raise them both anyway and says to his wife the affair is over let us not anger the god of war now. It is best we keep this to ourselves. However, the day the babies are born, Venus’s sister Artemis, in a fit of jealous rage because she has never been queen anywhere not even once, not only has her sister assassinated, but orders a nurse by the name of Reficul, to take the female baby to the woods and see to it no one even knows she was born or she will end up just like her sister. However, the nurse feeds the newborn goats milk, and in the morning brings the baby to the God of Light and tells him the whole truth of the incident. He takes the baby from her and says “thank you nurse Reficul. You will be honored forever because of this deed of bravery. If ever Artemis questions you in the future say you did just so. He then brings the baby to the kingdom of the Essene, to the orphanage, and leaves an anonymous note. Here is my daughter, Sikarra Reficul. Please take care of her, one day she may save us from each other. Within a short time, the god of Light marries Artemis, never revealing only to better keep an eye on her evil designs. She becomes the queen she wanted to be so badly. The book then picks back up when Sikarra is 10 years old as an orphan who will become greatly skilled in war despite her tiny stature, and will follow her through adult hood, even to the fall landing her in the garden of Eden. She falls in love with her half twin brother, never knowing until age 26 that they were related this entire time, in the tremendous coverup. Everything is okay until she finds out he has agreed to be the Christ sent to earth. Then their lives are turned upside down. In the garden of Eden she is Adam’s first wife, and they nickname her Beast because she loves the animals aka Beasts of the field more than her “husband” who treats her with much emotional cruelty. Initially her memory is wiped, and she cannot even recall how she got there. Letting it be known she hates the name Beast, the other woman, Adam’s second wife, whom they called Beauty, asks, “how about Lilith?” And the beast told the Beauty that she loved that name very much.

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