‘FROM MEMORY’ By Temitope Omamegbe

In a gripping tale of mystery and supernatural intrigue, the story unfolds with a young woman experiencing a sinister act. The setting is a meticulously locked house, ensuring that no one escapes. The assailant revels in her dark actions with excitement growing with each second.

The protagonist, Lanre, and his partner Beko, respond to a distress call and a seemingly straightforward murder investigation becomes increasingly complex as they uncover a series of gruesome deaths seemingly linked to a couple, Debo and Sewa Alison, who have defied the passage of time and appear unchanged over the years.

As the investigators delve deeper into the case, the true nature of their case becomes more evident revealing the supernatural nature entities from another realm engaged in a rituals. The investigators, joined by a mysterious expert, are tasked with unraveling the dark secrets behind the ritual and stopping the malevolent beings.

Unexpected twists abound surrounding Iluyomade who has no memory of his past. As the investigators grapple with many revelations, they embark on a perilous journey to uncover the truth.

From Memory blends elements of horror, suspense, and supernatural intrigue. As the investigators confront the unimaginable, they must navigate a world where myths come to life and the boundaries between the human and supernatural realms blur.

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