‘Seventeen years asleep and the awakening’ By Deana Kiser

Meet me: the real life Rip Van Winkle. No, I wasn’t literally asleep like him but I was asleep for many parts of my life for nearly two decades after an accident followed by debilitating chronic pain. It was not a painless restful slumber. In addition to pain it was filled with: opioid addiction, immobility, weight gain and obesity, clinical depression, and an reclusive existence … and then a single moment in time awoke me and propelled me to reclaim time and life. It’s been a physical and mental transformation while coming to acceptance that this nerve/pain disease is an unwanted companion in life I must co-exist. This is a journey of reconciling what was and dreaming new old dreams again versus the nightmare of the dark slumber now that I’ve fought and clawed my way back into the light of day Like Rip I tell my tale of the many years of sleep to all the village. I invite you in…

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