#SOOP on Sunday: Top 30 Book Ideas for October 2019

Midway through autumn, SOOP writers are in the heart of writing season. In the northern hemisphere, the foliage is hibernating until spring arrives, leaving a blank slate for both winter’s snow and for a writer’s tale. As the days grow shorter this season, SOOP collaborations grow in size and number from the increasing collection of SOOP anthologies to the flourishing count of authors promoting their completed works. We are glad to share with you this past month’s TOP 30 Book and Story Ideas for October as a “coming attractions” for future promotions. 

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” — Richard Bach

The SOOP community can help you stay motivated in your writing with a variety of methods starting with homework assignments. By learning to market and promote your work and testing your methods via SOOP’s weekly Top 20 and monthly Top 30, you can build an audience while simultaneously completing your project. SOOP can help you transition from a beginner to professional by keeping you inspired with challenges, as well as with support. Consider submitting a Book or Story Idea for a start and allow the following ideas to further inspire you as the fall season lures us into writing.

Please take a look at these Book Ideas and Short Story Ideas that highlight how our model works. Please vote for the Ideas you like. It only takes seconds to vote while bringing an author closer to their dream.


In Defense of Democracy By Anne Marie Waters



THROUGH IT ALL’ By Catherine Athieno



The Lonely Onion By Bob Ladewig

Genres: · · 


Antes de Dormir’ By o remetente

Genres: , ,



From Both Sides Now” By Patrick Zavorskas

Genres: ,


Dinner at Grandma’s’ By Eric Mondschein

Genres: , ,


When The Bell Tolls’ By S. Cooper

Genres: , ,


Anna’ By Dreamer

Genres: , ,


Night Walking’ by Guy Ricketts



The Gift of Friendship’ By Renee Marski

Genres: , ,


Passionately Striving in “Why”: An Anthology of Women Who Persevere Mightily to Live Their Purpose’ By Alise Cortez

Genres: ,  


‘Feminism’s Betrayal of Women’ By Anne Marie Waters


‘To Curdle the Blood and Quicken the Beatings of the Heart: Tales of Gothic Femininity ‘ By Chimen Kouri

Genres: ,  


The Wise Men of the West: A Search for the Promised One in the Latter Days by Jay Tyson

Genres: · ·


Screams Of Help’ By Riya S



Waves’ By RomeoCano

Genres: · ·


‘Miracles are waiting for you once you set yourself free’ By KaJa

Genres: , ,


Stuff by Edna White

Genres: , ,  


The Opium Lord’s Daughter By Robert Wang

Genres: · · 



Genres: · ·


The Rod of Iron – Kindle Edition by Wade Fransson



Black Kids Are In The Band’ By Tionna Martinez

Genres: , ,


Ideal Marriage ‘ By Rihanna Demetrius

Genres: , ,


‘Dead or Alive ‘ By T.A Mahlase

Genres: , ,


‘A story of survival and triumph over adversity’ By Julie Post

Genres: , ,  


‘Renatta Schneeblume’ By Amehime

Genres: , ,

27 Sky Written’ By Nahal Naib



A Splatter Paint Rose By Hailey Garrison

Genres: · ·


Shackles Freed’ By Temitope840

Genres: , ,


This Month At A Glance

Boasting three curated anthologies on this past month’s TOP 30, SOOP’s Anthology Program is growing exponentially. Accounting for more than half of the ideas on the list, SOOP Anthology Program Story Ideas provide an avenue for authors to access new and varied audiences. 

You may click HERE to see how our Anthology Program works and where you can join this list to obtain the courtesy promotion that accompanies securing a spot in the anthology.

How do I Make the Top 30?

The Top 30 is our monthly culmination of the Hot 20 lists. By formulating the number of votes a Story Idea or Book Idea receives and how quickly the Story Idea or Book Idea received those votes, along with a few more details from the past month, we are able to determine the order and placement of the Top 30. There are a few ways to help you make it on both lists.

For DIY authors, SOOP hosts Marketing Monday, a series of posts chock full of tips and tricks for boosting your audience from the ground. For those looking for interactive help, SOOP offers several packages designed to help with your Marketing Plan. Take a minute and check them out. Plus, the Service Marketplace connects you with people who can help with your Product, Platform, and Promotion.

We Want to Work With You

Everyone at SOOP will help you work toward your success. When you submit your Book Idea, you can choose one of two ways to reach your publishing goal: Free or Premium Levels. At each stage of the voting process, SOOP’s Free Level assigns homework, which helps you not only make substantial progress in marketing your work, but also helps you develop the best book possible. SOOP manages your homework in phases and returns your homework on a pass/fail basis.

SOOP’s Premium Level also assigns homework with a required 85% passing grade, ensuring you understand the curriculum before proceeding. In addition to a higher standard for your homework, our panel of experts provides personalized feedback, arming you with more information and allowing you to adjust course when necessary.

For more information on the Free and Premium Levels, please read the FAQ, including information on costs. And also feel free to contact us with questions.

Our Services Marketplace offers proofreading, editing, reviewing, and publishing for your manuscripts. If you reach 2,000 valid votes via our author-driven model, you can even earn Services Marketplace offerings free of charge. Submit your book idea here, and regardless of the level you choose, you can build your audience and anticipate orders from the participants who voted for your Book Idea(s).

Explore our site to learn about our publishing model, to read additional FAQ answers, or to submit a book idea.

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