A vote for a SOOP book idea is more than a passive “Like.” It is an indication of genuine interest in the book or the author and a request to receive updates. There is no commitment to purchase, but it does express a willingness to receive an offer to purchase the book when it becomes available.

‘Cycles: Two EPs’ By Alejandro Hirsch Saed

‘The Mind’ By Lakshan Seneviratne

‘King of the Globe’ By James Ekunode

‘Cook Stove Hands’ By Valerie Davis

‘Weeds & Wildflowers: Art, Meditations, and Poetry on Nature and the Soul’ By Ivy Wren King

‘Moonborn’ By Luca Post

‘Au Toons’ The Stickman’ By Kai Stenerson-Gilliam

‘PS: The Journal I wrote from me to you ‘ By Kaylee Sullivan

‘Into the Furnace – A Brief History of the British National Party and my Journey Through the Winning Years. 2002 – 2012’ By Julian Leppert

‘Reclaim’ By Robert Hunting


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