‘Cultivating Conspiracies’ By Bethany Hargrove

In a world grappling with a fertility crisis, Thomas and Elizabeth McCarthy, desperate to overcome infertility, discover a deadly genetic predisposition threatening both mother and child. Moving to the geothermal hub city of late-1945 Grand Junction, Colorado, they pin their hopes on a groundbreaking gene therapy. However, the newly established Global Reproductive Council enforces a global sterilization mandate, complicating their quest. Whispers of a government conspiracy arise, suggesting a synthetic hormone additive concealed by authorities is the true culprit behind the fatal defect. As the McCarthys resist the oppressive council, they uncover a resistance movement challenging the corrupt system. In “Cultivating Conspiracies,” personal struggles intertwine with political intrigue, exploring themes of resilience, love, and rebellion against a world shaped by choices made in the pursuit of power. Join the McCarthys on a journey transcending fertility woes, unveiling a clandestine truth that could reshape their reality.

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