‘Sophia and Cassius’ By Anna Canić

‘In Those Golden Times’ By Jerry Carrier

‘A Last Look in the Water Mirror’ By Seosamh Ó Riain

‘Escaping Transylvanian Vampirism To America’ By OLGA Andrei

‘Born to Wear the Rags of War’ By Tom Sheehan

‘The Butterfly witch of Bodmin Moor (Cornish Mist 2)’ By David Lenderyou

‘Slowly, slowly catch a Frenchman (Cornish Mist 1)’ By David Lenderyou

‘A Story of Yesterday and Today’ By John Forgette

‘The World That Might Have Been’ By Jay Tyson

‘The Wise Men of the West (Kindle version)’ By JAY TYSON


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