‘Really?! A rapist ancestor slave trader?!’ by John Q. Public

‘Are We Energy Parcels’ by Michael Don Fess

‘The Fallen: Chains of Fire (Book One)’ by Monica Fowler

Since she was a kid, Marie Mitchell has been plagued with dreams of foreign lands, visions of another period in time and floating handwriting that appears from nowhere, but none […]

‘Living Legends’ by God’s power Uyegbeni

It is a book that gives details of the accomplishments of popular pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets and apostles with integrity all over the world who have made significant impact. Unlike […]

‘Wind Shear’ by Bruce Henderson

John and Benny had known each other since elementary school. John became the quiet dependable family man while Benny continued his childlike life of adventure. While they kept in contact, […]

“Book of Sigils” by William VanBeek

Sigils, seals, and signatures play a prominent roll in many esoteric works. Through many hours of compiling and careful cataloging, I have gathered several sigils, seals, and signatures, and am […]

“HipHughes Teacher Tips” by Keith Hughes

  I’ve tweeted out over 1k TeacherTips on Twitter and have received a lot of media attention. I am also a huge YouTuber with 5 million views as well as […]


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