‘Perfect Strangers’ By Justin Marlowe

‘Mountain Santa ‘ By Jennifer Herron

‘Potential Realized: An Action Guide to Self-Actualization’ By Alise Cortez & Stratton

‘Cook Stove Hands’ By Valerie Davis

‘Into the Furnace – A Brief History of the British National Party and my Journey Through the Winning Years. 2002 – 2012’ By Julian Leppert

‘GOOD CAR, MA’ By alan hurst

‘And Then She Persisted’ By Kenisha Coon

‘The Broken Road: The true story of 10 years of abuse’ By Stephanie Bradshaw

‘All The Way To Santa Fe’ By Jackie Ferrell

‘Coloring Life: The Experience of Learning Lessons from Losing the People We Love the Most’ By Alise Cortez


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