‘The Wise Men of the West: A Search for the Promised One in the Latter Days’ by Jay Tyson

Wise Men of the West

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Book 1—The West:
Christian communities have seen signs anticipating the return of Christ since the early 1800s. Yet, in spite of increasing evidence that Divine intervention should have occurred by now, the expectations have not been fulfilled. Is God dead? Or was there something mistaken about our expectations? Zach Thompson begins to unravel this mystery when he discovers a single misunderstood word in the earliest English Bibles. Then, starting with Jesus’ reference to the prophecies of Daniel, as unsealed by the famous preacher William Miller in the 1830s, Zach and his fellow explorer, James Lawrence, set out in 1843 on a journey to the Holy Land in search of the Promised One. They are shocked to discover that the truth of the return of Christ is just a part of a far larger story.

In this novel, author Jay Tyson takes a Biblical approach, weaving a tale that closely tracks historical facts, while also following clues which have been too-often ignored by traditional Christian writers.

In Book 2 (The East) Zach & James, responding to several clues, pursue their search eastward, leading them to Daniel’s tomb and an earth-shaking discovery that marks ‘the close of the age’. But bringing the ‘good news’ home poses a huge challenge: How will William Miller and his followers respond?

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