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Submit your book idea to publishWe meet authors and author hopefuls all the time who not only want to get published, but find sustainable success thereafter. Technology has made achieving the first of those two goals easier than ever, but the second one is a lot tricker. That’s where we come in. Whether you have a manuscript or just an idea, whether you’ve decided to self-publish or have a publisher in mind, Something or Other Publishing, LLC (SOOP) can help you achieve your goals as an author. SOOP’s goal is twofold: 1) In pursuit of our unique Author-Driven Book Publishing model, we provide a wealth of information, ideas, resources and advice that is useful to all authors — whether you are planning to self-publish, improve your manuscript for submission elsewhere, or are targeting SOOP as your publisher of choice. 2) We are a full-service commercial publishing company for authors whose book ideas have the potential to draw an audience of at least 1,000 readers. Does your book idea fit the bill? Here’s a great blog to use to help you answer that question. If you think your idea has what it takes, by all means, please take advantage of our unique free crowdsourcing model.  Post your idea, and invite your fans and potential fans to vote for your book. As the number of fans increases, SOOP and other publishers will become increasingly interested in you and your work. Before long, you will have more options available to publish your book according to terms that you’ll be in a position to determine.  SOOP’s site is designed to be an ideal launching pad for authors just like you. Please fill out the form below as completely as possible. Here’s a link that will help you write or tweak your book description. If you need help with a book cover, try our partners page. We will post your new book idea so you can drive votes to it. We drive lots of traffic to our Top 20 lists so the sooner you get your book into the list the better. Generating interest in your book idea will benefit you in numerous ways, whether you choose to move forward with SOOP or not.

*submission of this form does not guarantee your book will be published by Something or Other Publishing, LLC. 


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