‘Feminism’s Betrayal of Women’ By Anne Marie Waters

It’s vital that feminists like myself (“second wave”) openly challenge so-called “third wave feminism”. In Europe and beyond, third wave “feminism” has continually and persistently prioritised the interests of men (including economic interests) over and above the fundamental rights of women. This can be seen with regard to mass migration and the transgender issue. Feminists across the board now defend the ability of men from countries with appalling human rights records in their treatment of women to migrate to Europe, despite the evidence of the threat this poses to European women. On the trans issue, “feminists” have completely excluded those women who do not accept that male-female transsexuals qualify as women. “Feminists” have insisted that self-ID transsexuals should have full access to women’s dressing rooms etc. This is despite the evidence that this placed women in danger. Therefore, “third wave feminism” is not feminism at all, and true feminists (who put women’s rights first) are being sidelined, and even accused of “hate”, “transphobia” and “racism” merely for prioritising the rights of women.

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