‘Miracles are waiting for you once you set yourself free’ By KaJa

Life always brings us exactly what is needed for our soul’s growth. Our stories can hold us hostage to a past that no longer serves us. Memories that live in the cells of our body will trigger palpable fear.

The world is changing, and to be a part of its glorious unfolding, you are being invited to be rigorously honest about the areas in your life. If you are being triggered to remember the past, instead of resisting difficulties, try to see them from a higher perspective for what they really are — an opportunity for growth and learning. This is a very auspicious time to dig deep to uncover your unconscious biases and triggers, to dismantling your old self and making space for who you want to become. Miracles are waiting for you once you set yourself free and allow your memories of the past to lead you to the truth.

In this moment, do the work of decluttering your life. You no longer need to hold on to those past memories simply because they once seemed to have value for you. Thank them for what they did for you, and say goodbye to the emotions, relationships, and situations that you realize do not belong in your life anymore. All that you release will take new form and serve the greater whole. Authentic healing and joyfulness will be yours if you stop rekindling the emotions of the past. Know that you can begin co-creating a better reality right now.

Still your mind and find your silence within. Let go of your attachment to how you thought things had to be. Be more receptive to the Universal Light that permeates all things. This will help you to see clearly and find peace and harmony with the Universe. Focus on the light and you will illuminate the darkness that you feel surrounds you. Know that everything is working out beautifully for the greater good. In trust, you surrender yourself to this presence and transform the darkness to ever greater light.

When you look with awareness at the wisdom and the gift from the obstacles and challenges you face, you progress further along your path and can move on to new experiences. When you are at one with the Universe and gratefully receiving its blessings. You are able to embrace all parts of yourself and the full expression of Life. You will move into a newfound sense of balance and peace by welcoming all experiences with wisdom, which will lead you to your inner divinity.

Embrace the transformation and dance with the Universe. Strength is gentle. Sometimes you may find yourself in a stagnant state where nothing seems to be moving. A lull in the action offers a chance for you to dream even bigger than before. We are all learning, growing, and building collaborateively. Trust this powerful process and be patient. It is your highest good to see the truth regardless of your temporary discomfort. Disappointment and sadness will wash through you if you simply let them flow. You are so much more than you allow yourself to be. Allow the truth to demolish your defenses. Only good will come of your growth. Then you will be set free.

Trust that Universe has many ways of responding to your desires, and what you seek can take a variety forms. Allow yourself joyfully open up to the magic of life, and welcome every situation with simplicity and flexibility. Let humor fill your heart with rainbows. Let fun fill your soul with stars. Acknowledge the luminous being that is your true self and celebrate the eternal light that shines within you. Feel honored by your choices and find fulfillment in pursuing your destiny.

Although you will experience unfamiliar and unexpected things, you will find an opportunity to flow around a bend you have not discovered yet. You will attract various people and experiences that match your commitment to being empowered. Relationships will become rich with potential, and all your natural choices will no longer fall into old patterns that are not serving you. Give freely for only good will come of it. This is a wonderful time for all manner of connection and collaboration.

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