“Broken Constellations” by Kendell White

Tim Blackwiedler, a senior at Brown High School, is used to being bullied. It’s really nothing new to him. Every since his father walked out of Tim’s school play in sixth grade and never returned, he has been the butt of constant ridicule. Bullied on social media and even worse in between classes, he is […]

“We’re love goes wrong” by Nicholas Beach

This book is about the life of a child, that was raised by his grand father and mother(whom also happens to be his father due to insestual rap with the child’s mother) who he (the child)later finds out is his biological father. The child goes through the journey of life not knowing one of his […]

“Journey of the Gray Ponytail” by Judy Jones

In 2008 the economy plunged seemingly overnight. Judy Jones, who over a 40-year stable work history mastered three careers, was swept along in this downward spiral. Her full retirement benefits still seven years off, and her retirement nest egg tied up in her home, she suddenly found herself in a dwindling job market with rapidly […]

“The So Solid Crew” by Kyle Dunn

Basically, this book will be four stories from 25 people that I know in some way shape or form. Some I only know from the cyber space, some I know as friend some are just people I am aware of. From being a student I’ve learned that most people have absolutely hilarious embarrassing jaw droppingly […]

“Feral But Domesticated” by Chris Love

A book about a young boy who is fatherless, and visits his mother in jail every week. A boy who raised himself off of food stamps and Kool-Aid to become the first in his family to get a college degree. To work alongside both President’s Bush and Obama and to travel around the world giving […]

“My Humble Journey” by Don Blakely

Synopsis can be seen at http://www.donsopinion.com/my-book-2/A series of over 130 song lyrics ( http://www.donsopinion.com/category/my-book/song-lyrics/ ) about my life, each one followed by an explanation.   Vote for this Book Idea Voting Status Countdown to 1,000 votes remaining 50 votes – Production self-help guide 125 votes – Platform self-help guide 200 votes – Promotion self-help guide […]

“YouTube : TheRealYouTubeStory.com” by Eric Skaggs

YouTube : TheRealYouTubeStory.com by EricSkaggs.com is the true story of how Eric Skaggs gave Chad Hurley the entire idea for YouTube from domain name to exit strategy and everything in between in exchange for a promise of one percent of the $40 billion company. Vote for this Book Idea Voting Status Countdown to 2,000 votes […]

“ENDURANCE: How I survived a lifetime of chronic insomnia.” by Rex Jamerson

This is the story of how I endured a lifetime of chronic insomnia. It is also a story of juvenile delinquency, stolen cars, high-speed police pursuits, a shooting, the Mafia, rock ‘n roll music, and a search for truth. In addition it is also a record of triumph in overcoming many health problems through diet, […]

“The Life of a Child” by Michele Aleman

Watching your mother get beaten, Molested by a family member, Stalked by a stanger, Raped by an acquaintance before 18. Lost only parent at 22, lost oldest child at 24, and shot in the head at 39 in a hunting accident. I’ve been fighting depression most of my life, been on medication, spoken to many […]


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