‘Mandy & Mia’ By Jenni Laplow

‘Mommy, Daddy, Where Did I Come From?’ By Debby Samuel Looby

‘Parenting Grandchildren in a Time of Meth, Opioids and Jail’ By Mary Madison

‘Moira – The Happy Mom’ By Sakshi Damele

‘Freddie Spaghetti’ By Gwen Leigh

‘Memories of Today’ By Lisa Hendricks

‘strom’ By ERG√úL YILMAZ

‘Claire’ By Alya Khomenok

‘Your Travel Bucket List: The Ultimate Guide and Workbook to Plan a Lifetime of Journeys’ By Estee Gubbay

‘Spirituality in Learning, a Motivation for Youth Education’ By Abdul-Rahim Iddrisu


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