“Feral But Domesticated” by Chris Love

A book about a young boy who is fatherless, and visits his mother in jail every week. A boy who raised himself off of food stamps and Kool-Aid to become […]

“My Humble Journey” by Don Blakely

Synopsis can be seen at http://www.donsopinion.com/my-book-2/A series of over 130 song lyrics ( http://www.donsopinion.com/category/my-book/song-lyrics/ ) about my life, each one followed by an explanation.   Vote for this Book Idea […]

“YouTube : TheRealYouTubeStory.com” by Eric Skaggs

YouTube : TheRealYouTubeStory.com by EricSkaggs.com is the true story of how Eric Skaggs gave Chad Hurley the entire idea for YouTube from domain name to exit strategy and everything in […]

“ENDURANCE: How I survived a lifetime of chronic insomnia.” by Rex Jamerson

This is the story of how I endured a lifetime of chronic insomnia. It is also a story of juvenile delinquency, stolen cars, high-speed police pursuits, a shooting, the Mafia, […]

“The Life of a Child” by Michele Aleman

Watching your mother get beaten, Molested by a family member, Stalked by a stanger, Raped by an acquaintance before 18. Lost only parent at 22, lost oldest child at 24, […]


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