“Divine Target” by Christine Fabros

Serena Woodsen, who grew up in an orphanage was always bullied in school, that she started hating her life as well as her existence. In time she learned to accept her life, and vowed that one day she will make a difference. On her 10th birthday drastic changes started to happen which includes flooding the […]

“A Guide For a New Manager Young and Old (Are they born, or are they taught?)” by John Baker Jr

Based on my actual experiences of 30 plus years, which have been wide ranged, I have seen arguments in trying to determine “are managers born to be managers, or can they be taught?” The difference with my book is that I have taken examples (short antidotes) of my growing up years in poverty (which all […]

“Don’t Let Me Go” by Andrea Cisneros

Evan Moore, the definition of perfection. Luna Desai, the definition of… Well… Girl. Luna is tired of home schooling, she misses being surrounded by people her own age, even if she was the laughing stalk at her old school. In a crazy attempt to live a normal high school life Luna goes back to public […]

“Those Supernaturals Who Love” by Tayla Gray

Its about two men Neil and Ryan. Ryan is Neil’s Boss, Neil has feeling for his boss. Learning that Ryan has a girlfriend, who Ryan has mixed feeling about, Neil being a shape shifter he thinks that witchcraft is at work.    Vote for this Book Idea Voting Status Countdown to 2000 votes remaining 50 […]

“My Possessive Mate” by Monique Potrzeba

Trixie’s Mate Tom gets mad at every guy she talks to. EVEN HER TEACHER (Which is so HOT) Vote for this Book Idea Voting Status Countdown to 2,000 votes remaining 50 votes – Production self-help guide 150 votes – Platform self-help guide 300 votes – Promotion self-help guide 500 votes – Author Assessment 700 votes […]

“Treating Reactions and Emotions Associated with Trauma: A Parenting Program for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma” by Meghan D

In the wake of child maltreatment and abuse, parents are often left to wonder what they can do to best support the healing of their child. Both parents and children can be affected by trauma. Typical parenting techniques that were used before may become ineffective or make a situation worse. The Treating Reactions and Emotions […]

“Winged Warriors: Angel of Darkness” by Kerry Yang

Angel of Darkness introduces the Caelestis and the warring sides of the light and dark angels. At the center is Hunter, a dark angel who finds himself conflicted about either side when he meets and falls in love with a human girl, Caleigh, and breaks all rules by not fighting for either side, causing both […]

“Seduction” by Kimberly Burks

Marlinda is a small town girl from North Dakota, who has always suffered due to the death of her father. After graduation, she moves to Cambridge Massachusettes to live with her twin sister, Marlina Devore. During her stay there, She meets Frank Monroe, who she mysteriously falls in love with. After several months of dating, […]

“Storm” by Sierra Dougherty

It is a story of a girl named Nina (Storm) Taylor. She is raising her 5 year old half brother, Toby, all on her own. She took him from her father, to save him, because their father is an abusive drunk. One day, he is kidnapped by their father, Nolan Taylor. Storm then has to […]

“And I Am the Enemy” by Colten Zacharias

A creator of mundanity. A shaper. A stonecarver. I live in the grey shades and the crumbledust. Chisel. Is my name. Seventh of the Fifties. My rank. I cut the rock. I love the girl. I save the earth. I end the world.Where the trees reach stratospheric, where the winds, waves and waters war with […]


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